“An Open Letter To The Prophet Timothy Snodgrass”


Good morning! After having woken up and started my morning prayer, I thought I would write you this letter.

I first would like to take time to thank you personally for coming to San Francisco when it felt like we were at the lowest point any church in history was ever at. You never complained about the offerings you received, about the lack of attendance, or even sometimes our inability to understand what you were prophesying about. Instead, you just came kept giving the word of God to us no matter how ridiculous and wonderful that word might’ve sounded.

Now those great words of God are coming to pass before our eyes! Each day my personal life experience is full of more pleasure than the previous one. Here is just one example to explain how wonderful things are for me. I recently had my eyes professionally examined and new glasses fitted for me. I had one pair of the new glasses for about a week when this last Tuesday night, Sunny, Gershom, and I were driving back from Los Angeles on Highway 5 after having booked a prophetic conference (which is to be held on October 27, 2014, at the California Grand Hotel at Disneyland).

While we are driving on a lonely stretch of highway, I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. We drove for a few minutes looking for a gas station, but like I said, it was a lonely stretch of highway. I had to go so badly I asked my son to take the next exit and had him pull over on a deserted roadway. I walked out to the middle of a field and went to the bathroom (as it was so dark no one could see me). I then looked up to the sky with my new glasses and to my amazement I could clearly see vast areas of the millions of dots of stars in the massive Milky Way over my head.

As I stood there alone in the field I was in awe because I had never seen such majesty before. My vision had been so fuzzy that I didn’t know what I had been missing! My new glasses made everything so clear that I could see the tiniest pinpoint lights of stars. Suddenly I was a little boy, and for 20 minutes I ran around the field in the chilly night as I studied the glorious night sky. It was stunning how beautiful and wonderful it was! I wanted to travel into outer space immediately! I hadn’t comprehended how much there was up there waiting for us.

As you might’ve imagined, Gershom and Sunny just laughed at me when I told them my experience. But Timothy, it was so wonderful that Jesus has opened my eyes. I felt like a blind Bartimaeus who said, “I can see! I can see! I can see!!” But for me the story even got more amazing because yesterday, which was Wednesday, we took my mother to the eye doctor to see about her eyes getting operated on.

The doctor explained something to me that literally sent chill bumps down my back. He said that the cataracts in her eyes had made her vision so fuzzy that she could not see people’s faces clear enough to see who they were and it had caused her to shrink back into a dark world. He then told us to look closely at my mother.

It was then we noticed that she never looked right at somebody. So many times she did not enter into a conversation because she felt like she was in another world and could not see what was going on in our world. I realized that when we give her the operation her eyes would suddenly be opened, she would see everything more clearly and begin to communicate to us so much more. Yesterday we saw my mother walking to the kitchen. She was holding onto the counter as she tried to get around the house on her own without a wheelchair or anybody’s help.

Through all of this I realized that God is beginning to open up everybody’s eyes and we will all see the glory of God. The things that you, Timothy, have prophesied about are not only coming to pass, but our eyes are being opened so we can see the bright and beautiful tomorrow that God has for all of us! I wish to thank you again for coming to San Francisco, for becoming my brother, praying for us, for allowing such a wonderful family to also be our friends, for being patient, and most of all for carrying the word of God to our beautiful city.


Your brother in Christ, and brother in the flesh, and fellow goofy friend,

 Richard Gazowsky

When God’s “No Is Misconstrued To Be A Yes

The Monday Morning Blog: Are you willing to go to the unknown…
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By Richard Gazowsky

There is the paradox I constantly face; my listening to the voice of God is constantly muddled by me hearing my own self-will. To clarify the point in question, let me explain that I am not talking about the times when I mistakenly stumbled down the wrong way.   Many times in those instances I would feel a sensitive check or darkness and my spirit that would tell me, “You’re going the wrong way”. In this instance I am referring to the point in time where I have many decisions that appear to be right, but I want to know which one is God’s perfect will. Continue reading

God, You’re My Greatest Distraction

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By Richard Gazowsky
I’m sure the word distraction is not the appropriate word, but it is the truth. I desire God to speak to me daily and to lead me in even the littlest of my decisions.  But every time He does so ~ I often act like it’s a distraction. What I am facing here is the perfect internal storm. My personal ego and desire is facing my unquenchable love for God. Oh, believe me, I’m wanting the Lord to win this battle.  But internally I constantly fool myself by masking my personal will and desire, in my misconceived thoughts that I am doing His perfect will. Oh, what a wretched man that I am! Continue reading

The Delicate Word Structure Of God’s Instructions

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By Richard Gazowsky
For those of you who read this blog weekly, I am sure that you remember me saying that God has been changing His way of communicating with me and that He is speaking more quietly.  At the beginning I was not completely sure what He was actually meaning but now, after three weeks of experiencing this new spiritual technological development between God and my communication with God, I now realize that what was actually occurring was that God was training me to be more precise with my listening ear. Continue reading

At The Start, Before Anything, There Was God’s Talk, And The Talk Was God

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By Richard Gazowsky
My mother, Marilyn Gazowsky, is 91 years old, and the task she has labored on for the last years of her life has been the translation of the Bible for children called the Cow Bible. I have essentially waited 59 years of my dreaming life for this day to happen.  Yes, it is New Year’s Day, 2014, when I can quote this Scriptural reference from the Cow Bible ~ and it means exactly what it says and it’s going to happen today ~ “At the start, before anything, there was God’s talk, and the talk was God. At the start, God’s talk was inside Him. So that is how it all started with God. Then He talked, and all around Him everything was made by His talk.  And without Him saying it, nothing happened.” Continue reading

Spoken Words Become A Disney-Like Reality

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By: Richard Gazowsky
I’ve had so much fun pastoring my church in San Francisco because it is full of real-life Disney characters.  We have got everyone from Goofy-types all the way to a whole series of princesses.  One unmarried sister in our church is involved in a business career, yet she has been operating like Princess Jasmine from the Aladdin story (I’ve decided to keep her identity confidential).  A few weeks ago the Lord gave me a personal prophesy for her that she was going to be in charge of a whole new department in her company (which is a member of the Fortune 500).  A short time later she was promoted, totally unexpectedly, to a higher position and, just as the word of the Lord said, “She would not know anything about the skills that are required to do the job because the Holy Spirit shall give her the training.”  She is now working competently in her new position.  I told you that story because I am talking about God fulfilling dreams and visions right before out eyes ~ just like something out of a Disney fairy tale! Continue reading

Just-In-Time Downloads

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By Richard Gazowsky
God is promoting people like you to positions that have increased in power and responsibility. Yet such enlarged duties have a tendency to cause us to become more cautious about what we do or say. But I am finding an unusual occurrence in “just-in-time” delivery of God’s word. To make it clearer to you, I must explain that God will give you exactly the words you should say at just the right moment.  This is what I mean by just-in-time delivery. Continue reading

Can’t You Even Let Me Spit In Peace?

The Monday Morning Blog:  “A Child-Like Mind, Key To Cool Inventions Through Just-In-Time Downloads”
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By Richard Gazowsky

The title of this blog is actually a quote from the Bible, and it is telling us how wonderful God is.  The words are spoken by the ancient man of God, Job.  But you must understand the context of this quote and realize how important this statement is, because I believe it is an ancient revelation on the character of God Himself.  According to biblical scholars the book of Job is the oldest book in the Bible. So Job wrote these words without having any other reference concerning the character of God and His relationship with the man. Why that Job is shocked, and the reason for his outburst, is that he begins to realize that God is watching and loving him so closely that He is even concerned about Job’s spit! Continue reading

Riding The Roller Coaster Of Life ~ Hands-Free!

The Monday Morning Blog:  “Activating The Search Engine Of The Holy Ghost In Your Tummy. ”
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By Richard Gazowsky

Since I live in San Francisco, going up and down the many steep hills of my city can sometimes be a precarious event. It is the same way for the person who reads the Bible to calculate God’s will, and then tries to figure out each hill and turn in life, and how much risk to take to still make it out alive. But wait a minute!  There’s even a better way to do it!  Ride God’s roller coaster of life by simply doing His perfect will every day. And like a child at Disneyland, you’ll become so confident and trusting in Him that you will literally throw your hands in the air and scream for joy, as you safely whip around the perilous corners and hills of life.  Continue reading

An Act Of God That Is So Quiet It Is Imperceptible

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By Richard Gazowsky
There is something that God does in my personal life that is so valuable to me that I cannot compare it to monetary wealth or even the close and intimate love I receive from my sweet incomparable soul mate and wife, Sandy. The valuable asset that I am referring to is the daily hearing of God’s voice and His instructions for the simple tasks He desires me to do each day. If I obey these instructions, it can only be compared to finding the pearl of great price. And obviously, if such a treasure were so valuable to me, like any wealthy person in the world today I would do everything in my power to protect my asset. It is in my desire to protect, that a great mystery was revealed to me about God Himself.
The mystery is, once God quits instructing you He is so quiet when He exits you cannot even perceive when He left. This basic truth I have recently discovered is so critical to understanding the nature of God, and also how pure His love is for His creation. I have also seen that this truth is very important to the understanding of scientific inquiry involving advanced physics (but I will deal further with that subject in my Monday Morning Blog). Continue reading