An Act Of God That Is So Quiet It Is Imperceptible

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By Richard Gazowsky
There is something that God does in my personal life that is so valuable to me that I cannot compare it to monetary wealth or even the close and intimate love I receive from my sweet incomparable soul mate and wife, Sandy. The valuable asset that I am referring to is the daily hearing of God’s voice and His instructions for the simple tasks He desires me to do each day. If I obey these instructions, it can only be compared to finding the pearl of great price. And obviously, if such a treasure were so valuable to me, like any wealthy person in the world today I would do everything in my power to protect my asset. It is in my desire to protect, that a great mystery was revealed to me about God Himself.
The mystery is, once God quits instructing you He is so quiet when He exits you cannot even perceive when He left. This basic truth I have recently discovered is so critical to understanding the nature of God, and also how pure His love is for His creation. I have also seen that this truth is very important to the understanding of scientific inquiry involving advanced physics (but I will deal further with that subject in my Monday Morning Blog). Continue reading

The Art Of Catching God’s Blessings

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By Richard Gazowsky

I have found that when it comes to the issue of receiving blessings from God it is more than a task or a job, and that it is best to approach it with the skill of a refined artist bathed in the innocence of a little child.  For God’s gifts are always like presents you received when you were young.  If you think about it, His gifts always hit the happy buttons, like the ones that turned you on when you were a little tot.  The wonder and surprise of it all would spin you around as you danced on your feet in joy.    Continue reading