“The Gold Mine Of Secret Prayers”

When Jesus said the words, He said something that was so profound that many times we ignore the elephant that is in the room. By this I am talking about when Jesus said, “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward openly.”
Wow! What an incredible position this puts all of us into. Where, if we talk to God secretly, even about the most desperate situation ~ He answers our prayers openly. This is incredible because it actually happens! And I have seen the miracles occur daily in my own life. Wow! It’s like having a connection to an Internet that is linked to every answer that you could conceive. Then, instantaneously a FedEx man comes with your package to deliver the miracle. But of course the Fed Ex man is one of God’s heavenly host.
A realization of the power of secrets came to me just this week when I was praying. God reminded me of a prayer my family had been praying for, and we saw the phenomenal hand of God-answered prayers for months and months and months. Then one day I inadvertently publicly shared this prayer with my congregation. As soon as I shared the prayer, instantly the trouble started back up all over again. And this time it was much worse. For four months I thought in contemplation and asked myself, “What happened?”  This week God spoke to me and said, “I told you not to share this with anyone, and you broke heaven’s secrecy. That’s why the prayer is unanswered.”
It seems that there is a communication protocol between heaven and prayer warriors, and the protocol depends upon secrecy. What Jesus was teaching His disciples was the protocol of heaven’s power, that when you keep your prayers secret you empower heaven to answer your prayers unobstructed. You know how dangerous it is when a leader of a nation lets secrets go public. Since the enemy knows our plans, think how dangerous this is in the spiritual world. If you can just take a moment to think about it, do you keep your prayers secret? The amazing thing about secrecy is that you can also pray concerning that embarrassing situation that you don’t want to tell anyone about ~ and God will even fix that situation!
Next week I want to deal with the power of prayer in agreement.
By gazowsky

“Don’t Listen To Emotions, Listen Only To God’s Word”

Almost daily I am attacked by emotions that are constantly in the bowels of my flesh, and these negative emotions wish to get into my heart, and of course come out of my mouth. Just yesterday I took time and explained this troubling situation to Gershom Sikaala. After a few minutes of contemplation while we were walking around the beautiful complex that he lives in, he placed his hand on my shoulder and said, “Don’t listen to emotions, only listen to God’s word.”
As soon as his words went through my spirit I suddenly felt a release of all the built up emotions that were trying to explode in my heart. We know that out of the heart can proceed a lot of ugly things. It is the heart that God tries. Look how God tried the heart of Moses when he was with the children of Israel in the wilderness. Moses was in a very vulnerable position after he had just buried his sister Miriam. Then the Word says, “And there was no water for the congregation: and they gathered themselves together against Moses and against Aaron. And the people chode with Moses.” The word choded means that they were complaining making arguments against God.
We know from the Scripture that this moment is a very defining moment in the life of Moses. I also personally realize that the moments I’m going through in my own life are very defining moments of my life. You may find yourself in the same position. So you see, that is the reason I am taking a very detailed look into the emotional response to activity that is occurring around a person that is in the perfect will of God.
 My brother-in-law reminded me recently of the importance of biology in the Scripture. In the book of Philemon the word “bowels” (which was used three times), in Greek the word refers to the body’s spleen. Normally the blood is filtered by the kidneys before it comes to the heart. But in cases of extreme stress the spleen can interject a high concentrate blood that heals the heart in case of an emergency. In Philemon’s case he was looking for clemency for a runaway slave who was in Paul’s care. But as you read the Scripture, Philemon was praying that his heart would not speak against the Lord because of the runaway slave’s predicament.
For Philemon said, “I beseech thee for my son Onesimus, whom I have begotten in my bonds: Which in time past was to thee unprofitable, but now profitable to thee and to me:
Whom I have sent again: thou therefore receive him, that is, mine own bowels.” What Philemon is revealing is how deep the wound would go into his heart if this slave was not treated correctly.
When Moses was facing the people, their complaints went deep into his heart because of the wound that he was experiencing, the loss of his sister Miriam. Apostle Paul explains why Moses failed in his task, “But the word preached did not profit them, not being mixed with faith in them that heard it.” It comes back to the simple act of your spleen feeding blood to your heart. Is it based on God’s word or on your current situations?
This morning as I woke up, the present situations began to surround my mind and heart. They were like fiery darts of the enemy trying to stick to me, trying to catch fire in my thinking and reasoning. But by subduing them I suddenly remembered this truth that I just shared with you. At that point I began to do what Gershom Sikaala said and I rehearsed the word of God that had been spoken over me.
God told me through the Prophet Timothy, “Do not pray about your own situation, but instead pray for America and God’s concern for the world.” I also remembered that God had told me, “You know I am classy. I will take care everything so do absolutely nothing.” I then began to giggle and laugh because it is true God has taken care of every single detail at this point of my life, and everything is perfect. He is so classy. Wow!
By gazowsky

“Jesus Is Coming To America Bearing Gifts”

This week I saw a vision of the Lord and He was carrying so many gifts. He said He was ready to give out so many wonderful blessings to every single person on the earth. I was utterly overwhelmed with amazement at both the abundant supply, and His willingness to provide everything! But I also realized that it was requiring an extreme capacity of faith in my heart to believe that God is this good.
As I prepare to lead the prayer on Periscope, it many times requires me to spend much time in preparation for His presence and His expectations ~ just as a farmer must prepare the soil with all the proper nutrients, fertilizers, and moisture so that the plant can grow at its fullness and most bountiful production. The farmers that I know locally in Stockton, California, have been able to increase their production per acre of land by 3,000%.  The amount of acreage hasn’t changed. It’s because they have learned how to better prepare the soil.
The same truth applies to your spirit. God wants to plant the seed of His word, which is His promise of your blessings in the soil of your heart. If your heart is truly prepared to receive God’s word with the proper faith, love, and joy ~ than your increase will be 3,000% and more!
The Lord told me to deliver gifts to all of you in the church. We will be doing this Thursday and Friday nights from 8 o’clock until 9 o’clock. Allow your heart to be prepared with the proper faith, love, and joy to receive exactly what God wants to give you!
Pastor Richard Gazowsky
By gazowsky

“Disney’s Play Frozen ~ A Parable For America”

The play opens with the question, “Will a nation be saved by summer, or will its heart be frozen by the corruption of winter?” At the center of the story is the relationship between two sisters ~ one with great power in leadership, the other with nothing to offer but love.
Anna is the sister with love, and all she wants is love. She is the symbol of America’s church. Elsa is the other sister, and she is an allegory of the government, the powers, and the system of justice in our Constitution of America.
A young man, who has all the support of twelve brothers, and has great plans for her future, courts Anna. But she doesn’t realize the plot that is behind it all. He makes a series of promises based on her current needs. As he sings a song, love is the open door he uses to drive a large truck full of promises into her heart.
Elsa, the sister in charge of the government, begins to realize her true power. Before she knows it, she freezes out her own nation and brings the people into a stoppage of all business. The nation’s power is frozen.
In the middle of this deep freeze Anna runs into a snowman, called Olaf that was made by her sister ~ and all he dreams about is summer. He then sings a song about summer (which is something that is impossible for him to be in), but it shows his level of faith and belief. You must believe that even the most impossible great thing will occur in America.
Anna faces her sister Elsa and tells her the truth: the whole nation has been frozen and no one in the country can work anymore. Elsa is in a great quandary because she herself doesn’t know how to stop the magic.
Anna runs into a young man in the forest who works with ice, and also knows some prophets. So they go to the prophets and tell them the only thing that can save the nation is true love. Anna runs to the prince that she thought loved her, and finds out that he plotted a conspiracy of lies. Everything he did was only to gain power for himself.
She finds out that the evil prince has taken her sister Elsa and has put her in prison ~ from which she escapes. Anna leaves to find her sister in a blizzard, and later stands between the evil prince and her sister Elsa. There she gives up her life, and is frozen to death by her sister’s legal power. Jesus said that no one loves more than he who is willing to lay down his life for his friend.
When America was founded our nation was built on trust for each other, and not the government regulating everything we do. Jesus said that evil loves the law and that’s why it uses the power of legalism to make you afraid and feel that you must trust it. But it’s a lie, as this Disney parable shows us so clearly. This nation was built upon trust. And the Constitution was designed to limit the ability of the government to control us! That is love! To give us freedom!
Olaf the snowman is the epitome of this truth, because he needed the confines of cooling in the frozen environment to exist. So what Elsa did was create a small snow flurry just for him, so he could live in the impossible world of summer.  Yes, there are some people who need legalism to exist so they don’t hurt others. And the local Church can help those people who need special attention in this wonderful freedom of summer!
By gazowsky

A Network Of God’s Angels Covering The Earth

This week our periscope prayer meetings twice broke a thousand people agreeing with us in prayer. But the thing that really shocked me was that there were people from all the countries of the world: Ukraine, China, Indonesia, Iceland, Yugoslavia, Africa ~ and more importantly a miracle of mustard seed that happened in France (the full story will be in a yet-to-be written a blog). Wow!
As these prayer meetings were going on I suddenly I saw a vision of the planet earth surrounded by a bubble, or a cloud-covering of His Spirit. In this vision I saw the 24 elders around the throne, which represent the 24 times zones on the earth. In this incredibly simple vision I could see the periscope prayer meeting was becoming a link for prayer warriors to agree in the Spirit around the world at one time.
As the vision continued over the next few days, I constantly saw more progressive scenes of the glory of God. It was like a tsunami wave covering the globe and subduing all of the anger and threats from terrorists and activists across the earth. The angels were literally finding them and throwing them into the fire, while God was preparing for the good harvest of good clean prosperous wheat. What I was seeing was nothing that man could do, organize, or accomplish. It was totally done by the will of the Spirit.
The Scripture says, “No flesh should glory in His presence.” I am now seeing how complete this word is. God literally wants us to turn all of our activity over to heaven, so the first sentence in the Lord’s Prayer is fulfilled: “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.” All of my life I’ve tried to prepare to be a good and prosperous leader ~ not knowing that what I really needed to do was turn the leadership over to God and follow His will, and what He and heaven were doing on earth.
“Now God has us where He wants us, with all the time in this world and the next to shower grace and kindness upon us in Christ Jesus. Saving is all His idea, and all His work. All we do is trust Him enough to let Him do it. It’s God’s gift from start to finish! We don’t play the major role. If we did, we’d probably go around bragging that we’d done the whole thing! No, we neither make nor save ourselves. God does both the making and saving. He creates each of us by Christ Jesus to join Him in the work He does, the good work He has gotten ready for us to do, work we had better be doing.”
Pastor Richard Gazowsky
By gazowsky

“The Day You Hear His Voice, Harden Not Your Heart”

This famous quote by the apostle Paul, in Hebrews, has taken on a new meaning when I heard the recent prophecy by the prophet Timothy Snodgrass. Timothy prophesied at our church that we should take one day at a time and not try to plan the future, or set up expectations for tomorrow because it might look like an impending disaster. You can’t let tomorrow’s expectations influence today’s obedience.
In Apostle Paul’s instructions he uses the term, “hardening of the heart.” This hardening of the heart is a dangerous activity that you can go into when trying to save yourself. Many times I have had people come to me and say, “Pastor, there is nothing else I can do! I can’t wait on God. I must have it now. So I can only do the thing that makes sense ~ I have got to fix it myself!”
Statements like these might sound reasonable to an intellectual person, but to someone who is trusting in God completely, it means the hardening of the heart against the will of God. Oh what a dangerous place that is to be in. For Israel, it meant they would have to spend 40 years in the wilderness ~ burying a whole generation of people who did not have faith. 
At the beginning of this year the Lord told me that the crisis our church was going through was like Moses walking with the people of Israel through the parting of the Red Sea. I never thought how awesome it must have been for this man to lead literally thousands of slaves through the most fearful passage any human has ever made. According to some historians and archaeologists, they walked through a wall of water that was 450 feet tall!
Just yesterday Sister Yvonne, who works at our Christian school, told me the Lord had given her a dream. “Pastor Richard,” she said, “I was walking with Israel through the two walls of water on either side, and the people of Israel were perfectly silent with their hands in worship. Not one word was spoken, not even an animal made a sound. It was like the awe and splendor of what God was doing, in the miraculous event of holding back the water, was too great for them to even utter a comment about.”
God is miraculously preserving our church at 1970 Ocean Avenue, San Francisco, CA. Many of you may hear confusing messages about the condition of the church and school, but you must know that all is secure. Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!
 Richard Gazowsky
By gazowsky

“Some Things You Can’t Teach”

Today proved to be a mixture of extreme difficulty, blessing, and opportunity. I was trying to explain to someone, a person I really care about, how I am making it through an impossible situation. In trying to explain this I wanted to describe the relationship I have with God, but no one can really understand God’s intimate personal relationship with me. So, at that moment, I realized that some things cannot be taught.
I remember a country preacher once saying, “Some things can’t be taught; they’re just caught.” I have learned over the past years of research that this is especially true when it comes to sophisticated concepts and ideas, but I also realize it has to do with relationships. Nothing is more valuable, than your special secret relationship with God your Creator!
I can only give hints on how to receive this. As a friend, I will try to draw you closer in your relationship with God. Honesty with the Lord is a big key to closeness and often leads to tears of emotion and a certain vulnerability, too. This is important because it cleanses your spirit. This cleansing leaves you in a state of purity that becomes your protection from any evil influence. You will notice even dark conversations suddenly feeling uncomfortable, and you can just walk away without paying any more attention.
This is the beginning of a perfect life: intimacy with the Lord that puts you in a bubble of protection so that you can enter into all the blessings that He has planned for your future. Soon dreams, visions, and prophecies will be given to you to indicate a roadmap for your future. God personally loves you so much He wants to give you a personal plan wherein every single day of your life is an adventure of joy and happiness. By this I mean that you will actually not have one single day of sorrow.
Pastor Richard Gazowsky

By gazowsky

“This One Thing Is So Precious”

I remember years ago, when I began to walk on my journey to find the perfect will of God for my life, the world-famous radio preacher of the Assemblies of God denomination, C.M. Ward, came to speak at our church in San Francisco ~ which at that time was averaging close to 1,000 people. After his public message, he asked to speak privately to the ministers and members of our staff~ about 40 people. We all assembled in our television studio to hear him speak.
He said, that to those who seek to be successful in life, there are many options ~ they can seek for money, power, fame, pleasure ~ or just Him. By this we all knew he meant the presence of God. We knew that the other things were also wonderful, but he probably was going to tell us to only seek His presence. He then went through the list of things that motivate powerful people.
We were all amazed because he shared his message and experiences from first-hand observation. And, his conclusion had a little surprise twist to it, because he said if you seek God’s ever-daily presence, you would actually get all of the motivating items on the list in their most achievable abundance. Wow! That’s the jackpot!
Now to be honest with you, he didn’t actually say it in precisely those words, but he implied it in his message. I just was not ready, at my young age at the time, to understand what he was really saying. Today I get it. It is as plain as the nose on my face. God’s presence is the Super Lotto winnings to everything that man can desire.
King David, who was the most successful king in history (to the point that even Jesus called Himself the Son of David), left his son Solomon to become one of the wealthiest men to ever live. I would certainly call David successful, a man who was motivated appropriately. But listen to what he said: “As the hart pants and longs for the water brooks, so I pant and long for You, O God.”  Why this statement is so unique, is that the deer has a sixth sense that allows it to find the water brook through the most difficult of natural obstacles.
What makes this so special to me now, is that I find myself in the midst of the most difficult obstacles that I have ever faced, and it would appear that any one of the previously mentioned motivators would satisfy my needs. But instead, I am panting like a deer after only the presence of God and His favor. It is hard for me to describe the insight that one sees at this level of desperateness, but I am sure it is what David saw and longed for ~ and made him so special to God that He called him a man after His own heart!
Pastor Richard Gazowsky
By gazowsky

“Why Would I Do It For Everybody?”

Last Sunday in church I said publicly, “I believe God wants to give a home to every person in our church ~ paid for free and clear.” For the next 2 ½ days Satan tormented me and said, “God won’t do that! You can’t promise people something that is totally impossible and can never happen!” I took this dark cloud of evil reasoning to the mountain every day, praying that the Lord would remove it from my mind.
Then, Tuesday evening, as I was praying for Chris Rossetti and anointing his ministry, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Of course I will give a home to every person in the church, free and clear with no mortgage. Don’t I give a home to every pigeon, every raccoon in the city, and every fowl of the air? As a matter of fact, I even give homes to the bees and mosquitoes in San Francisco.”
I started laughing because I realized how obvious it was ~ that God’s good intentions are to provide every human being on this planet with a beautiful place to live, worship, work, and a safe country to live in. This is God’s plan for the whole human race. The thing that He needs is people to have faith to believe Him that He will do exactly what He promised in His Bible He would do. Matthew 19:29 says, “Every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.”
Not only does God want to give you a home, but also He wants to make every day of your life exciting, joyous, and full of adventure and accomplishment. And it is just as simple as you doing His will, His way, every day.
By gazowsky

“Why I Trust In God So Much”

This week I had to make a decision of trusting God that caused every fiber of my DNA to seek harmony with the presence of God. What makes this experience so primeval, is that it calls me back to the moments of my childhood when I first felt the presence of God and called it “cosmic”. I was just 11 years old and for the first time I wept and cried and gave my heart to Jesus.  Suddenly I felt something come from outside of me into me that was so warm and comfortable that it made me feel completely safe.
Of course what I felt at that time I have now learned to call His glory and presence. At this present time I must admit I am still like that little 11-year-old boy hugging the most cuddly teddy bear and experiencing that safe feeling! As an adult I say, “Oh, the utter extravagance of His work in us who trust Him~endless energy, boundless strength!
“All this energy issues from Christ: God raised Him from death and set him on a throne in deep heaven, in charge of running the universe, everything from galaxies to governments, no name and no power exempt from his rule.”
This summer all of us are going on our dream vacations. Your vacation is God’s courtship with you, to introduce you, by divine courtship to your new life in Christ. This is the New Renaissance; a renewal of life, vigor, and interest. It’s also rebirth and revival: a moral renaissance. Oh how wonderful and splendid your new life will be in Christ! This is why I trust God so much. His goodness draws me to Him.
By gazowsky