The Key To Having A Magical Day

The purpose of Jesus having us pray is because God answers our prayers. So when He taught us to pray the Lord‘s prayer, “Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven,” literally He was saying you can have heaven on earth if you pray that prayer. So now I want to give you the keys to having a magical heavenly day.
Just do these three things:
One. As soon as you open your eyes and wake up in the morning go immediately to worship, praise, and prayer ~ loving Jesus. You can set your phone on worship music and pray along with it, this will help you get into that peace that passes all understanding every morning.
Two. This stuff is a little more complex because it is about hearing the voice of God for today ~ by this I mean today only. Please read the instructions I’m giving to you carefully, because if you look for a sign (or especially on something you’re wanting to do) no sign will be given to you and you will definitely not see heaven on earth. Jesus said, “It’s a wicked and perverse generation that seeks for a sign and no sign will be given it.” God, as the gentleman Good Shepherd, wants us to hear His voice only: “My sheep know My voice and another they will not hear.”
Now comes the mystery, because the voice of God is whisper-quiet, almost an impression. That is why king David said, “Thy gentleness hath made me great.” I am so amazed by whisper-quiet impressions ~ which lead to the miracle wonders that turn an average humdrum day into heaven.
Three. Do what God asks you to do today. There is a clear reason the Bible says, “Today if ye will hear His voice, harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness.” Remember, Jesus told us a parable about this so we’d see how important it was for the seed to fall into good ground, which is our heart. “The word of God is the seed,“ Jesus said. The voice of the Good Shepherd is the seed that goes into your heart. When you obey, it creates a moment that literally lasts forever, and this is your heaven on earth.
Believe me, when you go to sleep tonight you will sleep so good because you obeyed His voice today. That’s heaven!
By Gazowsky

But While Men Slept

For a period of time I kept waking up early in the wee hours of the morning ~ and I would just sit up in my bed. At one afternoon lunch after church, I asked the great prophet of God from Africa, Victor Emenike, if there was some reason for God waking me up or was it just restlessness. He immediately shared with me this parable of Jesus:

“A man sowed good seed in his field: But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way. But when the blade was sprung up, and brought forth fruit, then appeared the tares also. So the servants of the householder came and said unto him, ‘Sir, didst not thou sow good seed in thy field? from whence then hath it tares?’ He said unto them, ‘An enemy hath done this.’ The servants said unto him, ‘Wilt thou then that we go and gather them up?’ But he said, ‘Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, “Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.”’”

I have spent a lot of time praying and interceding about the truth that Jesus lays out in this parable. One is that tares are sown only at seedtime and once they’re sown we cannot remove them until harvest time. Another is that even at harvest time only angels can do the removal and separation. So this puts a monumental importance upon our activities at seedtime. Which I might add is right now!

America is going through a transformation process like it has never faced in all of its history. The ancient prophet called it a time when, “The plowman shall overtake the reaper.” But let us, as laborers in the field, be watchful that we do not sleep and let the enemy sow more tares among the wheat. This seems simple: you just check the seed and make sure it does not have any tares among it.

Many times when Jesus was trying to warn us in parables of not making very dangerous and long-troubling mistakes, He referred to people as being sleepy, lazy, or drowsy. For example, the five foolish virgins slept and let their lamps go out. This means that you become so excited about getting a new vision for new seed (new money), that you don’t pray as a vigilantly when you were in poverty. The time for vigilance in prayer is now, because we are coming into a new seedtime. And Jesus said the seed was not money, but the word of God. It is so important that you make sure the word of God, that you are basing your future upon, is pure and has no fly in the apothecary’s ointment.

My word to you is slow down! Test the prophet, test the seed! I have seen this happen literally hundreds of times by Christians that make the mistake of being excited about a new job, venture, marriage, or opportunity. They have such zeal about the new thing that they start looking for signs to confirm to them that it is from God. This is one of Satan’s oldest tricks. This is how he sows tares among good wheat.

Jesus said, “An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas.” This is something that is so clear in the Scripture ~ but very rarely understood by Christians. If you are looking for a confirmation or a sign, one will never be given to you. But if you’re not looking, just going about your business, and suddenly God speaks to you or confirms that whatever was said to you was His direction ~ then you know it’s from God. But you must have the honesty in your own thoughts, and the intents of your heart, to know you were not looking for it.

I must be honest and confess that I’ve had many bad seeds ~ ideas and words that I thought God had given to me. Under the test of time, as well as acid-accurate confirmations, and being vigilant not to sleep, they were proven tares. As the family of God in the kingdom of God let us look for a field in 2018 that is ready to harvest and has absolutely no tares.

God is cleansing America from the tares in its field. He is also cleansing your city, your house, company, and church. In fear and trembling, and with a watchful spiritual eye, I will not slumber or sleep during this time of harvest and reaping. I am praying for you daily, that our field of San Francisco has a bountiful harvest!

By Gazowsky

Sometimes Saying Nothing ~ Is Saying Something Great!

To set up this scenario appropriately, the situation must be filled with quiet expectancy. Matter-of-fact, the louder and stronger and more intense the expectancy is, the more that silence screams loudly with the thunderous impact of an earthquake.
If you have been reading my blogs consistently, then you know I am obsessed with learning the ways of God. One of the reasons for my extreme curiosity on this subject comes from the comment that Apostle Paul made in Hebrews about God’s observation: “They do alway err in their heart; and they have not known My ways.” Here, God identifies a common human error, an error in the heart. It is a deep-rooted misunderstanding about the ways of God.
Isaiah explains the difficulty in understanding the ways God: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Apostle Paul comments upon the complexity of this contradiction: “For consider Him that endured such contradiction of sinners against Himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.” He is simply saying the ways of God contradict everything the human flesh desires to do.
So it is almost on a perpetual scale ~ when the pressure increases to say something, silence then speaks volumes. Did not this occur when Jesus Christ was facing the judgment of His life concerning His own death, and Pilate asked Him a question in order for Him to defend Himself? And Jesus answered him not!
It is the power of silence that concludes the arguments, and becomes the evidence for one element that can turn heaven in your favor: “Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.” This belief is not something you say out loud, but it is the confidence that is in the intentions that come from a pure heart. And God can only discern that in your silence.
Now let me give you a practical parable to illustrate the divine importance of how the ways of God are found in keeping silence. God promised a young beautiful godly woman, who is at the perfect age to marry, that the perfect husband is coming and will overtake her. But each month she is tempted by little attacks that tell her the opposite. Her friends and family make jokes, and laughingly say things like, “Where is he?” or, “What about this one?”
Family pressure becomes so great that she finally realizes the only thing she can say is ~ nothing! At first, friends and family are offended by her lack of response. (Didn’t Jesus say, “And then shall many be offended”?) The silence month after month becomes almost unbearable for her. Then, on the day she is least expecting it, her dream man overtakes her, he is the perfect match, and all she has to say is, “Yes!”
This is the way of God.

By Gazowsky

Just a Word…

The Lord spoke to me today to declare a fast for the next 7 days. Listen for the voice of God; He’ll tell you what to fast. We want to be in agreement with Heaven. When Daniel did his 21 day fast, he was in agreement with Gabriel and Michael, who were fighting against the prince of Persia. The Lord told me that there is a war going on in Heaven. Its very important that prayer warriors are in agreement with Heaven, in the war going on concerning America and Europe. This battle is raging right now, and the Lord said it helps Heaven that you and I are in prayer agreement and are fasting during this time. The only purpose of your fast is to be in agreement with Heaven, saying, “Not my will, but Thine be done.” We stand in the place of perfect agreement. Hallelujah!

By Gazowsky

Praying for 2018

An excerpt from Pastor Richard’s prayer on periscope on New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year!
Everything is going beautifully for our family, and we pray that everything is going beautifully for yours. My heart cries out in joy for what the Lord is doing!
Here we are in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. Wow! What a beautiful way to welcome the new year.  We thank God for St. Peter. He was the rock the church was built upon.
Lord, we thank You for this new year, for the joy that You’re bringing to all of us. We ask for Your presence to be with us. Lord, I want to seek Your face. We want to enter into Your glorious ways. We’re asking you to be with us.  We enter into Your wonderful presence.
Keep us in Your beautiful way, Your blessing upon this new year. We want to walk in Your power, into Your glory. We don’t want to calculate our own ways, or our own desires.
We see His mighty hand in all that He does. The church bells are ringing. Only because of Your great mercy, are we not consumed. We praise You Jesus! My life is 100% dependent upon You, God. We love You, Jesus. How holy You are.  How wonderful it is to praise You God!
I pray that everyone of us will come into that perfect union with the Holy Spirt. I pray for that perfect syncronization.  You are bringing a new day for everyone.  We are coming into 2018 with new compassion and new mercies every morning.  We want to stand on what You say. In 2018 we will stand on what the Lord has said, and only what the Lord has said. We want to hear Your voice!
Every single decision we face, we must stand totally upon the Lord’s word. The Lord gave me Deuteronmy 32 for the new year.  Moses said,  “For their Rock is not our Rock”. This song of Moses is so powerful. His vengence is not just anger ~ it’s recompence and reward for you and your family. God is looking at you and He is honoring you in this new year. This is the year when everything you have believed God for is going to come to pass. This is the year of God’s greatness. We’re entering into a new day, a new year!

Here is the simple word for the new year: 2018 is the year to plant. Plant what God’s word is in your life. In the Bible Jesus talks about how a sower went out to sow some seed. He talks about the different types of ground. Most of the ground on a farm is good soil. The rocky, bad types of ground are only on the edges of the farm.  When you talk to people in the center of God’s will, living Godly lives, they are good ground ~ with good jobs, good families, good schools. We want to be good ground!
This is the year where great things are going to be planted, great accomplishments, great things.  I’m asking you this year to make a covenant to pray every day. This is the year to plant deep roots.  The seed is His word. It’s not money; it is the word of God. God is doing the same with you. When God gives you dreams and visions, you can’t make the word of God twist into what you want it to be. He wants you to come into His perfect will. God’s ways are going to be different than your ways.
God, guide us now into that perfect direction. We ask You, Lord,  show us how to move into Your perfect ways. Show us Your greatness in this new year. We’re walking into  2018 clean. Lord, it is Your blood that is making us clean.  Let the whole earth be washed clean by Your blood. Bring us into that purity, a purity only Your blood can bring.
God does not speak to us for tomorrow; He speaks to us for today, to be completely obedient to just His perfect will.  On new year’s day, we are waking up to a fresh new season in 2018!

By Gazowsky

The Greatest Gift Is His Presence

Sometimes I’m amazed to discover how precious and great a gift is when it costs absolutely nothing. By this I am referring to my family’s presence. Today I heard the soft voice of my wife, Sandy, caressing my heart with her kindness.  Then Rocki and Misty came into the living room where we were staying, and Sunny joined them.  We all shared another precious story about God‘s miracles that He is doing in Europe and America daily.

As I looked at my family, right then and there I started to cry tears of joy about this precious gift! The complete love and unity we were all experiencing was causing an unexplainable peace to rest upon us. All of the normal worries and fears were washed away as we suddenly realized this was the place of His perfect will.

As a family, we all know there are still things that need to be resolved.  For this moment, they were all gone, because we had put that list of unanswered questions at the feet of Jesus. His presence had replaced them with a confidence that let us know everything was going to be all right. I had experienced this level of peace and confidence, but only when I was alone.  Now as a family we were experiencing it!
I would love to be able to dissect this and try to explain how others might come to this place of confidence and peace in Christ, but it is so spiritual that it cannot be broken up into parts by some literary or mechanical explanation. It is simply the phenomenon of “His presence.”

To understand this you must take on the mindset of a child. As Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”  The simple trusting of a child is the secret to receiving this incredible presence. His presence will cover the multitude of difficult decisions that are complicating your carnal reasoning and plugging the pathways to your victory. And only approaching it as a little child will get you there.

This brings us back to the title of this blog, “The Greatest Gift Is His Presence.”  It is the greatest gift I have ever received as a father, because I have seen what His presence has done for my family. I pray that His presence will bring you and your family into this wonderful confidence and peace. Amen.


By Gazowsky

Preparing For Christmas

As our family is traveling through the great cities of Europe, we can’t help but noticing the wonderfully overwhelming celebration of Christmas! This celebration is so complete; there are decorations literally on everything from the biggest shopping mall to the smallest mom and pop store. At the same time, it makes strong declarations to the foundational rock on Christ Jesus, that Europe has sustained for over 2000 years.

Nearly two years ago the Lord gave me the instruction in a vision ~ of the earth being covered with the love of God. He told me, through the Prophet Timothy Snodgrass, “Do not pray about your own situation, but instead pray for America and God’s concern for the world.” I am sure that those of you who are leaders understand my “situation” includes strong ties to the city of San Francisco, and how hard this has been for me to pray for the world ~ while every day I just want to intercede for our beautiful city of San Francisco.

But I know I can’t. Another reason is that, “no flesh (Richard’s ego) should ever glory in His presence”. Especially this week, with the news of our city constantly all over Europe, I realize God‘s instructions are made clear in the third and fourth chapters of Hebrews, when He tells us to rest in Him and not to be like Israel in the provocation in the wilderness.

I have seen such a strong foundation in Jesus throughout Europe. Even though national leaders and the news media present a vision of Europe as being godless, I see the strong and immovable foundations of this continent are extremely firm in their belief and trust in Jesus Christ.

Suddenly it hit me. That’s what God is causing to happen in San Francisco! All of you are His strong foundation. You are “Peter the Rock” that He will build His church on. You who are praying daily are the strong foundation that will make San Francisco a strong Renaissance city. Remember, the word renaissance means: 1. a renewal of life, vigor, interest; 2. rebirth; 3. revival. Another dictionary put it this way: for all of society to be born again.


By Gazowsky

Cartoon Foxes On Her Nylons

The woman:
“Then you must protect me from the foxes,
Foxes on the prowl,
Foxes who would like nothing better
Than to get into our flowering garden”
Song of Songs 2:15

To all of us, who have been called to the mission of intercession during these troubling times, the Lord has made it very clear that we are not to participate in the conflict that sometimes is happening before us ~ maybe even in our own families. Instead, we are called to be the victors healing the wounded, and the repairers of the broken breaches. To understand this position in Jesus, you must understand the Scriptures in Hebrews, the third and fourth chapters, regarding Paul’s teaching about “resting in Christ.” I will speak about this in more detail next week, but now let’s look at the warning concerning the foxes.
When God’s blessings come with great abundance, most of us are prone to let down our protection system because we are so blessed. We are initially set on loving and accepting everyone. This is why, in the Songs of Solomon, the woman asks the prince to protect her from the foxes that try to act as if they are helpers. In reality, they desire to devour you and every blessing you’ve been given.
Every time I have met someone new that would have a dangerous effect upon my life, God has always warned me in a small way. Usually it’s when I first mention the name of Jesus, or maybe it’s just something to do with His presence ~ that I see who they really are and what they will be in the future ~ simply by their response to that wonderful name. Didn’t Jesus say in John 10:7, “I am the door of the sheep”?
I must remind you that this is not something you can just do by memory, or by repeating the same thing each time. You must be led by the total guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern what type of person you are dealing with, and whether you are to connect with them or not!  In today’s news, a powerful editor of a ladies’ magazine shocked her staff because she wore “foxes on her nylons.”  I believe the lady with the foxes on her stockings is a message alerting us intercessors that we need to pray.
I’m asking all of you to pray that editors of ladies’ magazines around the world are not influenced by foxes, but by God’s sheep. Join me every day on Periscope as we pray together. t

By Gazowsky

“Swedish Prayer Adventure”

The Gazowsky family, from San Francisco, California, has been called by the Lord to pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In obedience to this word, they have been led by the wind of the Spirit. They have linked up with other intercessors by the smart phone app “Periscope,” and about 800 intercessors have answered the daily call to prayer.

Their daughter, Rocki Starr, had a dream in 2016: “A beautiful girl sat by a body of water. She wore a wetsuit that was for her protection. The young girl dove into the water and started swimming like a mermaid. The Gazowsky family dove in the water behind her and followed. The Lord revealed that this was Sweden. The young girl noticed that the water was stagnant and was full of crocodiles. But as the family swam and kept following the mermaid, the stagnant waters began to drain away and the crocodiles began to leave. Suddenly the family was at Vello Vaim’s house. He opened his arms wide and said, ‘Welcome!’ to Richard, who said, ‘We can only stay for two days.’”

For over a year the family discussed this dream, wondering what it could mean. Then, while the family was visiting Iceland, the Lord spoke to Richard and said, “Buy a plane ticket that costs under $100 and fly to the nation that it sends you to.” There was only one place that was selling a ticket for under $100 ~ Stockholm, Sweden. Without telling Vello and Ingalill they were coming, the Gazowskys arrived at their house. Vello answered the door, opened his arms wide, and said, “Welcome into my home. I am so glad to see you!” Ingalill also welcomed them with gladness. It was exactly like Rocki had seen in her dream. Now they knew the dream was coming to pass!

That night a group of young people, from the local university in Aldenbug, came to the house for prayer. One of the young ladies, Maral Der, said the Lord spoke to her to give the Gazowskys a tour. The family believed she was the mermaid from the dream, so they planned for their prayer time on Sunday to go wherever the mermaid led them. Cornelia, a Swedish pop musician, said she wanted to go pray too.

On Sunday, the Gazowsky family linked up on their periscope prayer broadcast with 164 intercessors worldwide, and the “mermaid” led them through the Vivalla neighborhood. Here, they heard that the terrorist group Isis was recruiting young men and women. As they drove through the neighborhood praying and interceding (which you can still watch by logging onto Periscope), Richard heard the Lord saying that God was answering their prayers. As they pulled out of the neighborhood he saw the spirit in the murky waters leaving!

At this point Cornelia remembered a dream she’d had a year and a half ago. She said, “I had a dream where I was driving my car through the forest, and suddenly many alligators came out of the forest. I drove my car over the alligators, crushing them!” There they were, both dreams fulfilled, right as they were in the car praying! Wow!

An hour later, the Gazowsky family was sitting in the most beautiful church, listening to wonderful Swedish worship. As the people were praising Jesus, Pastor Richard saw a vision: “In God‘s presence, all of the Swedish people began to grow bigger in the Spirit from within, and they became a very large and mighty people. They turned into sheep. Suddenly, these great sheep began to sheer their own coats and build factories. The sheep took the wool that they had just produced and began to cover the people of the earth with the warm love and hugs from the spiritual coverings they were producing.

“All of this was being done by the sheep. There was no leader but Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd. The pastors were rejoicing because they were also being blessed. In the background was a very large whale, that had sharp razor-like dangerous teeth, and it began shrinking away. As the sheep and their factories grew in power and success, the whale (which looked like Leviathan, and had a huge tattoo branded on its back that said “atheist”) just slipped back into the ocean never to be seen again.”

As the exciting adventure continues, you can join up by praying with Pastor Richard Gazowsky on Periscope, every day!

By Gazowsky

“Your Smile Brushes The Clouds Away So I Can See The Morning Sun.”

God’s smile in the morning is the warm hug of His presence setting everything in order. At this beautiful starting point everything looks like a grand adventure. To enjoy the excitement of the day we must learn how to think God’s way. Below are a few hints.

Waiting on God is experiencing the joy of patience, and the perfection of high-quality experiences. Remember that waiting is worth it; God always gives you rewards that are more than abundant in their fulfillment. Any task that requires anxiousness or that is done in a hurry is probably not worth doing in the first place.

As you can see, the ways of God are not easy to master because they are so contrary to our normal ways of doing things. Though today’s experience with God will be so wonderful that you want to repeat it ~ He never repeats Himself.

God’s unique way is that He always makes the complex seem simple ~ even childlike. It is God’s straightforward approach to every task that He assigns to you which makes His mystery so wonderful. When I obey God’s tiny whisper suddenly the most complex problem is dealt with, answered, and completed with a bow on it.

This discovery has made my life completely different. Each day I listen for His wonderful voice. Then I do my best to fulfill the task that He has asked me to perform with simplicity and straightforwardness ~ letting my, “Yea be yea and my nay be nay.”

Oh, how beautiful the ways of God are! May you also experience His wonder every day.

By Gazowsky