“An Open Letter To The Prophet Timothy Snodgrass”


Good morning! After having woken up and started my morning prayer, I thought I would write you this letter.

I first would like to take time to thank you personally for coming to San Francisco when it felt like we were at the lowest point any church in history was ever at. You never complained about the offerings you received, about the lack of attendance, or even sometimes our inability to understand what you were prophesying about. Instead, you just came kept giving the word of God to us no matter how ridiculous and wonderful that word might’ve sounded.

Now those great words of God are coming to pass before our eyes! Each day my personal life experience is full of more pleasure than the previous one. Here is just one example to explain how wonderful things are for me. I recently had my eyes professionally examined and new glasses fitted for me. I had one pair of the new glasses for about a week when this last Tuesday night, Sunny, Gershom, and I were driving back from Los Angeles on Highway 5 after having booked a prophetic conference (which is to be held on October 27, 2014, at the California Grand Hotel at Disneyland).

While we are driving on a lonely stretch of highway, I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. We drove for a few minutes looking for a gas station, but like I said, it was a lonely stretch of highway. I had to go so badly I asked my son to take the next exit and had him pull over on a deserted roadway. I walked out to the middle of a field and went to the bathroom (as it was so dark no one could see me). I then looked up to the sky with my new glasses and to my amazement I could clearly see vast areas of the millions of dots of stars in the massive Milky Way over my head.

As I stood there alone in the field I was in awe because I had never seen such majesty before. My vision had been so fuzzy that I didn’t know what I had been missing! My new glasses made everything so clear that I could see the tiniest pinpoint lights of stars. Suddenly I was a little boy, and for 20 minutes I ran around the field in the chilly night as I studied the glorious night sky. It was stunning how beautiful and wonderful it was! I wanted to travel into outer space immediately! I hadn’t comprehended how much there was up there waiting for us.

As you might’ve imagined, Gershom and Sunny just laughed at me when I told them my experience. But Timothy, it was so wonderful that Jesus has opened my eyes. I felt like a blind Bartimaeus who said, “I can see! I can see! I can see!!” But for me the story even got more amazing because yesterday, which was Wednesday, we took my mother to the eye doctor to see about her eyes getting operated on.

The doctor explained something to me that literally sent chill bumps down my back. He said that the cataracts in her eyes had made her vision so fuzzy that she could not see people’s faces clear enough to see who they were and it had caused her to shrink back into a dark world. He then told us to look closely at my mother.

It was then we noticed that she never looked right at somebody. So many times she did not enter into a conversation because she felt like she was in another world and could not see what was going on in our world. I realized that when we give her the operation her eyes would suddenly be opened, she would see everything more clearly and begin to communicate to us so much more. Yesterday we saw my mother walking to the kitchen. She was holding onto the counter as she tried to get around the house on her own without a wheelchair or anybody’s help.

Through all of this I realized that God is beginning to open up everybody’s eyes and we will all see the glory of God. The things that you, Timothy, have prophesied about are not only coming to pass, but our eyes are being opened so we can see the bright and beautiful tomorrow that God has for all of us! I wish to thank you again for coming to San Francisco, for becoming my brother, praying for us, for allowing such a wonderful family to also be our friends, for being patient, and most of all for carrying the word of God to our beautiful city.


Your brother in Christ, and brother in the flesh, and fellow goofy friend,

 Richard Gazowsky


Learning The Art Of Maintaining The Lingering Presence Of God

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By Richard Gazowsky
Over the last few months I have had the privilege of getting to know Gershom Sirakaala, and he shared with me a most profound truth about the Holy Spirit and its operation. “Richard,” he said, “I have discovered that it is important to continue the lingering of the Holy Spirit.”  He went on to explain that when he has an intense download of the Holy Spirit’s presence he is careful not to lose his connection to the Holy Spirit’s power.  So many times, when he has been praying for many hours during the day, he will go to the church and not talk to anyone lest he break that relationship with the Holy Spirit.  Continue reading

We Sat Down And Wondered What God Had Done…

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By Richard Gazowsky

The day started with me rolling out of bed trying to clear the cobwebs out of my mind, wondering at the same time what was in store for me that day.  I knew I wasn’t feeling exactly at the top of my game so I started speaking in tongues looking for that peace of inner glow that passes all understanding.  After an hour of praying in tongues, taking a bath, shaving, combing my hair, and brushing my teeth, I concluded that it was going to be a day of many activities.  My daughter, Rocki, decided to join me and we headed out together on our first errand of the day Continue reading

God’s Master-Stroke

Monday Morning Blog: “The Process Of Receiving Innovations From The Holy Spirit”
 By:  Richard Gazowsky ~
I remember walking with my family through the opulent halls of the Louvre in Paris.  After an extensive journey to the heart of this world-class museum, we stepped into a pastel-colored massive room that focused on just one painting ~ the priceless Mona Lisa.  To be honest with you, I was not approaching the painting, as would a refined connoisseur of excellent Renaissance artistic perfection.  My interest at that time in my life was more centered upon fine machinery and it’s ability to do cool things; you know, manly things.  Continue reading

The Domino Effect ~ Observing The Craft Of God’s Will

Monday Morning Blog:   “Understanding The Momentous Scale Of God’s Timing”
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By Richard Gazowsky

       God’s will is the masterstroke of Genius that occurs in our world ~ that the only the well-informed, and spiritually endowed person can even observe. In the esoteric science of chaos they call it the Butterfly Effect. In the art of business administration it’s called the tipping point (an expression that assumes the point is viewable).  But when it comes to God’s truth is, His point movement is almost unnoticeable. Continue reading

Living In Sync With The Holy Spirit

 Monday Morning Blog: “God’s Incredible Accuracy In The Details”

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     By Richard Gazowsky

  There is something that happens when you shut the door on a car that has been built well. Though the incident is inconsequential, a person who recognizes quality gets a gratifying feeling when he hears that telltale, hand-in-glove-fit sound.  The same thing happens when you close a high quality cabinet door, when you hear the sealing of a bank vault, the quality says much more than the door itself because it makes a statement about the security of the entire operation.  Continue reading

Weed & Feed, Let The Old Man Die

Monday Morning Blog: “Letting God Get Detailed With Fine Correction”
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By Richard Gazowsky

A few weeks ago Sandy and I were walking through Home Depot because she mentioned that she wanted to get rid of the weeds that were growing in our back yard.  We talked with a couple of the local experts and decided upon a product that would take care of the weeds and would also help the healthy grass to grow.  Being faithful to the instructions, we put the product on the grass.  Today, as I was leaving the house, my son, Sunny, who had just finished watering the lawn, came up to me and said, “Dad, you know what?  The product you put on the grass really works.  But the reason our lawn still looks so bad is because it was mostly all weeds and there wasn’t much grass there.  So, in essence, everything had to die.”  Continue reading

Her Necessary Calamity

“A Modern Day Parable”

By Richard Gazowsky

  Her name was Caroline, and she was blessed with shocking red hair that flowed in the wind like a parade of children’s flags. But the parade field she was marching across was America’s most prestigious military prep school.  She had been chosen to be enrolled there despite her low-class Irish beginnings. Today it was all coming to a head for they were marching across the parade field to take the final exam, which would decide whether she would be accepted in West Point or not. Continue reading

Anything Could Happen

When God Plans Your Day, Your Life Turns Into An Adventure.

By:  Richard Gazowsky

Think about this Scripture for a moment: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.  And God said, ‘Let there be light’:  And there was light.”  And yet, the One who accomplished all of what you just read about ~ is actually willing to organize your daily schedule!  How fantastic that the Person who created the heavens and the earth, by just speaking, is desiring to use the same creative force to create your schedule tomorrow.  Wow!  That is enough to totally blow your mind!  The Mastermind of the whole universe is willing to help you plan your daily schedule ~ and He’ll do it free of charge!  Wow!  Wow!  Wow! Continue reading

Joy: A Valuable Asset

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By:  Richard Gazowsky

The car that I am now driving is a Ford Fusion.  It is a hybrid car that operates by using two different power sources ~ one with electricity and the other gasoline.  The most unique part of this system is that the electrical engine has the ability to generate electricity and store power in the batteries (which the gasoline engine is unable to do), while once you use up the gas it cannot be resupplied unless you go to a gas station.  This hybrid technology has caused me to do some thinking about my own spirit Continue reading