“An Open Letter To The Prophet Timothy Snodgrass”

Timothy: Good morning! After having woken up and started my morning prayer, I thought I would write you this letter. I first would like to take time to thank you personally for coming to San Francisco when it felt like we were at the lowest point any church in history was ever at. You neverContinue reading ““An Open Letter To The Prophet Timothy Snodgrass””

Learning The Art Of Maintaining The Lingering Presence Of God

The title of the Monday Morning Blog is:  “Extracting The Gold From Your Dreams And Visions.”  To subscribe is $1,500 a year.  Call 415-333-1970 By Richard Gazowsky Over the last few months I have had the privilege of getting to know Gershom Sirakaala, and he shared with me a most profound truth about the HolyContinue reading “Learning The Art Of Maintaining The Lingering Presence Of God”

We Sat Down And Wondered What God Had Done…

Monday Morning Blog:”Event Horizon” ~ Subscription price is $1,500 per year. To subscribe call 415-333-1970 By Richard Gazowsky The day started with me rolling out of bed trying to clear the cobwebs out of my mind, wondering at the same time what was in store for me that day.  I knew I wasn’t feeling exactlyContinue reading “We Sat Down And Wondered What God Had Done…”

God’s Master-Stroke

Monday Morning Blog: “The Process Of Receiving Innovations From The Holy Spirit”  By:  Richard Gazowsky ~ I remember walking with my family through the opulent halls of the Louvre in Paris.  After an extensive journey to the heart of this world-class museum, we stepped into a pastel-colored massive room that focused on just one paintingContinue reading “God’s Master-Stroke”

The Domino Effect ~ Observing The Craft Of God’s Will

Monday Morning Blog:   “Understanding The Momentous Scale Of God’s Timing”      To subscribe call 415-333-1970 By Richard Gazowsky        God’s will is the masterstroke of Genius that occurs in our world ~ that the only the well-informed, and spiritually endowed person can even observe. In the esoteric science of chaos they call it theContinue reading “The Domino Effect ~ Observing The Craft Of God’s Will”

Living In Sync With The Holy Spirit

 Monday Morning Blog: “God’s Incredible Accuracy In The Details” To subscribe call 415-333-1970      By Richard Gazowsky   There is something that happens when you shut the door on a car that has been built well. Though the incident is inconsequential, a person who recognizes quality gets a gratifying feeling when he hears that telltale, hand-in-glove-fitContinue reading “Living In Sync With The Holy Spirit”

Weed & Feed, Let The Old Man Die

Monday Morning Blog: “Letting God Get Detailed With Fine Correction” To subscribe call 415-333-1970 By Richard Gazowsky A few weeks ago Sandy and I were walking through Home Depot because she mentioned that she wanted to get rid of the weeds that were growing in our back yard.  We talked with a couple of the localContinue reading “Weed & Feed, Let The Old Man Die”

Her Necessary Calamity

“A Modern Day Parable” By Richard Gazowsky   Her name was Caroline, and she was blessed with shocking red hair that flowed in the wind like a parade of children’s flags. But the parade field she was marching across was America’s most prestigious military prep school.  She had been chosen to be enrolled there despite her low-class IrishContinue reading “Her Necessary Calamity”

Anything Could Happen

When God Plans Your Day, Your Life Turns Into An Adventure. By:  Richard Gazowsky Think about this Scripture for a moment: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.  And the Spirit of God moved upon theContinue reading “Anything Could Happen”

Joy: A Valuable Asset

 – Monday Morning Blog: “Spiritual Links and How They Affect Physical and Practical Items” To subscribe click here By:  Richard Gazowsky The car that I am now driving is a Ford Fusion.  It is a hybrid car that operates by using two different power sources ~ one with electricity and the other gasoline.  The mostContinue reading “Joy: A Valuable Asset”