here's my heart Lord
God of miracles
Yes and Amen
Lord I need you
you are God
When the fight calls
king heart,
your presence is Heaven
endless praise.jpg
This is Real Love
This is amazing grace
touch heaven, alive, deep
touch heaven, alive, deep copy
love wont let me down
you make me brave
my knees
good good father
your presence
21-may 21, 2017, front and back, pg2
you make me brave
Holy Spirit you are welcome here
here's my heart Lord
Your Love wont let me down
endless praise
Real love
the wondrous cross
nothing but the blood
you make me brave
21-may 21, 2017, front and back, pg4

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One thought on “Newsletter

  1. Thank you Sister Marilynn for inspiring so many lives including my own. I remember as a young man attending your church so many years ago. I was one of the first to arrive early one Sunday morning and waited in the sanctuary alone. You entered the building and walked down the aisle exclaiming loudly, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!” I will never forget that morning including your love and your laughter.

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