richard & sandy

Pastor Richard & Sandy Gazowsky

‘A Place To Meet Jesus’, is, at the risk of sounding redundant, a place where you can meet Jesus. We may seem a bit unorthodox, but that is only so people can see the Lord, not us. We believe in the Bible, and also in the Holy Spirit’s fresh daily word over our lives. We place God first, seeking His face, worshiping His son Jesus, and want His spirit move freely. God’s presence is so important to us!

APTMJOur church is located in the heart of the Ingleside district at 1970 Ocean Avenue,San Francisco, CA 94127. If you attend either CCSF or SFSU, our church is close enough for you to walk to! We are also an easy MUNI target, as the K train stops right outside of our front doors. Currently, we meet on the front patio of the church building for every service, rain of shine. Hope to see you Sunday!

“I can’t get over such a friend as brother Richard and his family their probably just the most unique family I’ve met, and he’s become, an ardent friend.  His whole family just inspires me they’re not living in the past even though have the holiness from the past and a revelation of the future.”
            Paul Cain- speaking at A  Place To Meet Jesus Nov. 1, 2012

 be baptized!


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