Spoken Words Become A Disney-Like Reality

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By: Richard Gazowsky
I’ve had so much fun pastoring my church in San Francisco because it is full of real-life Disney characters.  We have got everyone from Goofy-types all the way to a whole series of princesses.  One unmarried sister in our church is involved in a business career, yet she has been operating like Princess Jasmine from the Aladdin story (I’ve decided to keep her identity confidential).  A few weeks ago the Lord gave me a personal prophesy for her that she was going to be in charge of a whole new department in her company (which is a member of the Fortune 500).  A short time later she was promoted, totally unexpectedly, to a higher position and, just as the word of the Lord said, “She would not know anything about the skills that are required to do the job because the Holy Spirit shall give her the training.”  She is now working competently in her new position.  I told you that story because I am talking about God fulfilling dreams and visions right before out eyes ~ just like something out of a Disney fairy tale!
God is calling you and I, in the coming Renaissance, to positions that we don’t have any clue about running, or even to begin organizing for that matter.  This innocence regarding presuppositional attitudes is the secret to the reason why God’s selected you in the first place.  Because in your childlike naivety you are willing to listen to the day-by-day instructions given to you by the Holy Spirit.  Most of us who have been studying the current downloads from the Holy Spirit know that when the Holy Spirit gives you a plan, He also provides you with the A-Z protocol ~ the step-by-step instructions of how to do it successfully.
I recently had a meeting with a corporate executive where I was to discuss a serious disagreement between our two companies.  But the morning I was to leave for the meeting a prophet friend of mine, named Peter, texted me a message on my cell phone and said simply, “The Holy Spirit says ‘No!’”  Then he proceeded to type out the word No” about thirty times.  The people that were funding this meeting had spent nearly $1,000 dollars and now God was saying “No?”
After much prayer and meditation I realized that God was saying that He wanted to turn the focus of meeting around and not bring up the problem that existed between our two companies.  Instead, God wanted me to talk about answers ~ solutions they needed for their successful financial future.  This approach literally changed everything.  By the time the meeting was over every single point of success was agreed upon ~ including the launching of a new opportunity that would be beneficial to all parties involved.  Wow!  Welcome to the New Renaissance!  The word “renaissance” literally means, “to be born again” and what God is doing is birthing new fresh businesses, innovations, technologies, and discoveries, that will paint a lavish picture of 2014 as the bright and beautiful tomorrow it will truly be.
Isaiah said, “For My ways are not like your ways, for as high as the heavens are above the earth so are My ways above your ways.”  This quote from the man of God was declaring and demanding that we all understand how completely different God’s ways of thinking are from ours.  So, if we are going to continue obeying God we will have to get used to acquiescing to God’s unusual method of dealing with situations.  Yet I am discovering that regarding most problems, the Lord tells me to do absolutely nothing.
But to my amazement, as I daily obey His voice (which usually instructs me to deal with things that seem to me to be off the subject as concerning my ongoing problem), the huge obstacle that was blocking my progress is suddenly removed and disappears like smoke in the wind.  I can’t begin to figure it out, I haven’t got a way to calculate it, and it contains so much sophistication that my little human mind finds it far above my level of comprehension.  So I usually just sit down like a little boy, throw my mouth open, and say, “Wow!  Wow!  Wow!”  How cool is that?  I believe that the only way that we should approach the thinking of God’s successful ways is to think like a little child.  And, believe me, you will then spend most of your time in wonder.
Take a moment and look at the life of Joseph, and study how, at a critical point in his career he had to take an idea, that God had given to him through the interpretation of dreams, and use it in the context of a black and white business environment.  Pharaoh would be the equivalent of a CEO of a multinational company, and Joseph was a prophet of God who had a word of God about this company’s future, and was facing a barrage from soothsayers who were all fighting for the position of telling the CEO what the successful future plans of his company should be.
If you get the picture, Joseph had no reputation to lean on, no set of protocols, nor did he come from an Egyptian Ivy League university.  As a matter of fact, he had just that morning been taken from his cot in the king’s prison, so his only stamp of credibility was the word of God that would be found in his mouth at the right moment.  This is such a crystal-clear picture of how you and I need to approach the task that God has set before us.  As with the story of the Disney princess who is a member of my church (as with Aladdin’s princess, Jasmine) all she had to give the executives at the Fortune 500 company was the word of God that was in her mouth.  And all I had to give the executive I was meeting with was the word of God that was in my mouth.
So many times we have tried to back up the word of God by our own personal credentials or reputation, or any other fleshly thing we can grab a hold of.  But the Bible makes it very clear that “no flesh shall glory in His presence.”  The Apostle Paul refers to this subject at the end of the first chapter of I Corinthians, and he deals with it extremely clear and to the point.  If you think you are “somebody,” then you are completely disqualified from God’s kingdom.  Wow!  I must be honest with you; this has really slapped my ego in the face (and I am still dealing with it).
Now back to Joseph…  God has given him a plan that is going to take fourteen years to fulfill its course.  But at the end of this business plan Pharaoh is going to be the most wealthiest man on earth (and, by the way, it will be without fighting any war or killing masses of populations ~ just pure downright economic success).  I personally believe this is going to be the agenda of the Renaissance that Christ will be bringing to His church in 2014.
We are about to witness incredible innovations and the gospel being preached to the world through economic success and divine creativity.  It will be amazing how the massive love of God will overwhelm all of the contrary, negative, and competitive conflicts that the enemy tries to muster up ~ and the harmful songs, movies, and entertainment vehicles, that have hurt the young people of the world ~ will disappear in a puff of smoke.  We won’t even find it necessary to refer back to them.  As the song says, they will be “blowin’ in the wind.”
Now let me ask you this question:  Which one of you does not have a boss that would love for you to bring them something that is going to transform his or her company into a mega money-making machine?  I tell you that God is willing to do this if you agree to play by God’s rules.  The trouble is, God’s system requires child-like faith and the believing of impossible dreams.  The first step in this process is to learn to entertain the lingering presence of the Holy Spirit all day long, and become comfortable with discerning things that are trying to cut off this connection with God’s presence ~ such as unfruitful relationships, loser friends, idiotic entertainment shows, and flat-out bad music.
I have begun to realize that in my personal life I cannot allow anything to cut off my connection to the lingering presence of the Holy Spirit, for I’ve found it’s the most valuable thing I possess.  In the presence of God I have discovered that the Holy Spirit has the main purpose of giving me downloads for my future about every single detail of life I am going to face.  As the coming New Renaissance begins to gear up around us in the year 2014, this process of the Holy Spirit downloading to you is going to increase at what I feel is the most incredible level that has ever been throughout the history of mankind.
A literal maelstrom of spiritual activity is about to unfold upon us that are living on the earth ~ and man, is it going to be wonderful!  You and I are about to enter into the greatest fantasy dream world that we could ever imagine!  I firmly feel that no Disney make-believe movie has ever even touched on how fantastic the world of the Holy Spirit is going to be.  It will be a wonder of wonders, and it happens first when you “call things that are not as though they were.”  There is a new special difference in what I am saying from other communications about the same subject.  Visionaries before “wished upon a dream”, merely thought up something impossible, copied what they could hear, or tried to make up something greater than what had been thought of before.
But what I am talking about has absolutely nothing to do with this former type of wishful thinking.  The Renaissance vision is about learning to observe what the Father is doing and only speak what the Father is saying ~ to where you and I become “one” with the Father as Jesus was with His Father.  At that point the word of God becomes an integral part of us because it is in our mouth.  It is like the fresh manna that the children of God ate from heaven every day.  Remember, when Israel wandered in the wilderness the manna they ate was fresh.  That is why Moses said, “Man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”  It is so important for you and I to speak fresh “rhema” words from God every day.  If the word is not fresh it is going to turn to worms, become maggots, and make us sick to our stomachs because they are from our flesh.
I cannot stress enough how important fresh words from God are.  Think about it, God trained Israel for 40 years in the wilderness, teaching them every day to pick up the manna and not to store it.  They were to eat all of it, gather what they needed for that day, and collect more manna the next day.  If any Israelite kept his manna stored up for even one day, it would turn to worms and would cause the whole encampment to stink.  And this lesson was not just taught for one day, one twelvemonth, or even a decade of years.  It was drilled into them forforty long years.  Take this truth into your mind and ponder over it.  Why would God teach such a repetitious lesson to Israel for such a protracted period?
Now I want you to look at your own life.  Look back over the last 20, 30, or even 40 years of your life.  How many times has God only given you enough money to meet your then current financial needs?  How many times has He supplied just enough?  Yet when you tried to store it up and hoard things for yourself, how often did it turn to worms and lead to problems for you and your family?  Is not God teaching us like He did Israel?  God is trying to show us that we should live by His word every day.  Stay encouraged, because He will not only supply the plan for what you are to do, but He will provide the necessary needs exactly at the right time.
In conclusion, you and I next year are about to enter into the new Millennial Renaissance, and I am declaring to you that it will be better than a Disney fantasy adventure.  You will become a real prince or princess because you are about to see every promise God has promised you being fulfilled because you are willing to walk in His presence all day long.  Let me confess to you that not only am I willing, but I am staking my whole life on it.  My every thought of every waking moment is, “What is His will?”

Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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