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Pastor Richard and Sandy Gazowsky

richard & sandy

“I can’t get over such a friend as brother Richard and his family their probably just the most unique family I’ve met, and he’s become, an ardent friend.  His whole family just inspires me they’re not living in the past even though have the holiness from the past and a revelation of the future.”
Paul Cain- speaking at A  Place To Meet Jesus Nov. 1, 2012




LANZA is a family and LANZA is a band dedicated to worshiping God and bringing His presence to the people of the world. The band consists of  family members Anne and Doug Lanza along with their three children, David , Matthew and Elisabeth  as well as the newest member of the family Bryttani Lanza (David’s wife). The group’s home base is in San Francisco, Ca where they attend a church called “A Place to Meet Jesus” and lead worship for many of the services there.

To learn more about LANZA click here!

  Dr. Gershom Sikaala

gershom headshot 2015 4

Gershom is an inspiring preacher of the Word of God. He has a heart for the lost, seeing souls being saved in an everyday life setting. He reaches out to people through the way he lives his life. It is amazing how people are touched by his outgoing, friendly personality, they are drawn to Jesus by the love that he carries. He has a passion for individuals, and the Church, to enter into an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, and getting to know the heart of the Father through building relationship. What matters most to him is God’s Presence.

To learn more about Dr. Gershom click here! He takes cities for Jesus!

Prophet Timothy Snodgrass

prophet tgs

Brother Timothy has visited A Place To Meet Jesus for many years now. We love this prophetic brother. He’s our Prophet of Goof.

 Find out more about Prophet Timothy here!

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