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By: Richard Gazowsky
For the next few blogs I am going to be speaking to you about the subject of using the power of the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you as a search engine, similar to the search engine that exists now in computer software.  It is the first time that I am going to teach such a detailed lesson on such a hard to understand subject.  So let me first explain the parameters of the communication that I am going to share with you.
Like a computer processes much more information in the background, the Holy Spirit does this kind of processing in the background of your human spirit if you simply pray in tongues under your audible breath.  The Bible calls this, “Praying without ceasing.”  I have begun to realize over the years that I can keep my spirit tuned into the Holy Spirit at all times.  Now I have to admit there are times that I have been disconnected, but I try to have that happen as infrequently as possible.  This constant praying in the Holy Spirit allows me to get what I call “into the flow”.
Throughout the Bible prophets have mentioned many visions that show us the power of getting into the flow of the Spirit.  Ezekiel saw it as a river.  Jesus mentioned that the Holy Spirit would be a river that springs out of us into everlasting life.  This constant mentioning of a spiritual flow occurring within your human body refers to much more than just listening to God.  It talks about the entire environment that your human body is bathing itself in.  This is hard to put into words, but bear with me as I attempt to give you an explanation.
If I wake up in the morning and enter into an argument or a conflict with a person, that spiritual conflict begins to interrupt the spiritual flow that is coming out of my belly by the Holy Spirit.  If I am not careful it will dry up and leave me in a neutral state to where even bad spirits can start to influence my own human spirit, and I don’t even want to get into any danger that that could leave me with as a person.  So I have found it to be extremely necessary to constantly check and reinitiate the spiritual flow of the Holy Ghost that is coming out of my tummy.
At first what I am saying to you might appear to be ethereal and nonsubstantial, but believe me when I say everything that the Holy Ghost is dealing with you is to bring about a good success and practical objectives.  To begin with, it is extremely important for you to understand the true meaning of spiritual flow.  There are certain flows that are conducive and kin to the Holy Spirit.  In other words, He likes the presence of joy, peace, hope, and faith.  These are just a few magnets that the Holy Ghost finds inviting.
The source of that joy doesn’t necessarily have to be from a church or a religious element.  It could be something as simple as a television show called the, “Price Is Right,” where Drew Carey is joking and promising people the joy of winning a prize if they play his simple little game. This type of show is definitely not offensive to the Holy Spirit.  In fact, on one occasion our family saw a precious sister in the Lord “fall out in the Spirit” on the show!  Watching an exciting show like this can literally bring you into the presence of God and allow communication to flow through your spirit in the Holy Ghost.
On the other side of the picture, negative things that can repel the fresh presence of God is when you can watch another type of show that does exactly the opposite and cuts off the Holy Spirit.  By this I mean a stale, repetitive, traditional television show that is repeating past revelations from God that are like yesterday’s manna and is turning to worms today because it is not fresh.  I am not trying to tell you what to do or not what to do, I am simply showing you, in a practical way, that it is important for you to listen and become sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s presence within your tummy and learn how to entertain His presence.
You might have an employee at work that communicates something to you and instantly the presence of the Holy Spirit doesn’t seem to hang around.  At the same time, another worker can cause joy to fill your spirit and the Holy Spirit continues its flow through you, unobstructed through the whole conversation ~ and they may not have mentioned a single word about God or anything religious.  It is so important for you to know these attributes of the presence of God regarding entertaining the Holy Ghost so that the Spirit is constantly bubbling inside of you in its artesian flow.  This is the first skill that leads to an entire series of skills that will benefit you and your family.
I am going to continue on the same subject but in a different light.  Think of a farmer, who desires to grow great seeds on his land.  He has to provide everything, not only the seeds and the fertilizer, but he also has to provide the water.  Say that the farmer gets a source of water that, unbeknownst to him, is coming from a chemical plant and suddenly he realizes that the chemicals have leeched into the water are starting to kill his crops.  This farmer knows that he has got to discover a new source of water and whatever it takes he must find it.  He may eventually have to dig wells down to a thousand feet to find fresh water that does not contain any poison that will damage his crops.
You have to realize that spiritual water is the communication and the interaction that you have with people around you.  You might be communicating with people that have poisons in their spirit that have leeched into them by gossip on the telephone, the ungodly friends they fellowship with, television shows that mock others they watch, trashy books they read, or negative news in their daily newspaper.  It’s not important for you to try to figure out exactly where their poison comes from, but only to cut off communication with them as soon as you sense the deadly influences.
Believe me, even if that kind of person works at the very next desk to you at work, you can still be friendly, fun and cordial and yet still filter out their poison in every communication.  This is so important because the flow of the Holy Spirit inside your tummy is a lifeline to God’s wonderful treasures.  I have begun to discover that every day I filter out what I look at on the internet, what I pray about ~ even asking God whether I should think about a particular subject or not, I have learned to allow the Holy Spirit to filter out every single communication that comes into me so that I can keep the pure Holy Spirit flowing in my spirit.  This is a skill that may take a long time to fully develop.
Believe it or not, one of the most dangerous places to hinder the flow of the Spirit is in church.  The reason for this is that there are demons that do nothing but hang around churches for the purpose of getting people off track from the flow of the Spirit.  One thing we must realize is anything that is from God is fresh and full of life.  There is no staleness and no repetition when it comes to God.  I would say it is just as simple as knowing the difference between a fresh flower and a dead one.  It is that easy to distinguish a fresh word from God from a stale or dead word.  The skill that each one of us needs to develop is that simple and that childlike.
There is no way that I or anyone else can articulate, mathematical calculate or use any other form of human instruction to tell you how to keep the flow of the Holy Ghost fresh in your tummy.  Only God can do it, and that skill you are going to have to ask the Lord personally to perfect in you.  It is as individual as your DNA or fingerprints and it is more important than the very food you eat.  Moses, when he stood in front of the people of Israel, said these words that have become God’s clarion call to all the earth, “Man should not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.”  This statement describes the Holy Spirit that should occur in your personal tummy.  The daily flow of the Holy Spirit is literally the foundation of your life.  If you can master this skill personally in your life, you will have laid a foundation in your family that will last for a millennium.  Next week we will talk about the kind of things this foundation can support…


Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place To Meet Jesus. He has directed the films, “Guardians” and “The Roman Trilogy.” 


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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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