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 By:  Richard Gazowsky
When I was a young man, if I wanted to find a rare recipe for flourless chocolate cake I would have to take a trip to Paris, France and go through a series of negotiations with French chefs that had the skill to make such a culinary masterpiece.  But I am sure most of them would be very reluctant to share the secrets necessary to prepare and temper the eggs to be able to be mixed with the ingredients so that finally you are able to master the skill of forming and baking a delicious flourless cake.
Not long ago one of my daughters saw this type of cake displayed on television by a master chef.  She immediately went on the internet and, in a matter of minutes using the Bing search engine, located not only the same recipe for the flourless chocolate cake, but a video explaining the skills to master the fluffing of the egg yokes to create the flour-like appearance when it is baked; which is the reason for its name:  flourless chocolate cake.
When our daughter served the cake to our family we were all thrilled by this display of acquiring the skills of a master chef.  But I thought in my mind how wonderful was the invention of the computer’s search engine.  Through its searching power, which took years to perfect, information was obtained, in just one afternoon, with the luxury of us never leaving our house.  It is an incredible gold mine of skills to enhance the quality of my family’s life.
But in this blog I don’t just want to talk about the opportunities the internet offers us.  Instead, I want to focus on the access that is available to you when you learn the skills offered by the infilling of God’s Holy Spirit into your life.  For years the Church has fought over the question should you or shouldn’t you speak in other tongues?  What would have happened if the secular world had spent the same amount of time arguing whether they should turn the computer on or off?  How slow would progress be?
The reason we don’t fight about computers is because apparently the demon world does not have any interest in its power because computers only rehash what the spirit world is revealing to humans.  The real power is in the Holy Spirit.  Believe me, this is why demons have fought you constantly from allowing the Holy Spirit freedom in your personal life.
Let’s go back to the analogy of the computer search engine.  The Bible clearly states that the purpose of the Holy Spirit living inside of your tummy is because it is your search engine, “…For the spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of God.”  The Holy Spirit is an incredibly powerful search engine that is living inside of you and you have constant access to it every day.  The problem is that most of us do not know how to access its power.  Let me give you some simple instructions so that hopefully it can tune in your life skills to have access to God’s power.
Frequencies:  Years ago as a young man, whenever I went to tune into a radio station on the AM dial, the instrument I was using was so inaccurate that I just generally moved the dial around a certain number, and if the station was strong enough its signal would be picked up by my antenna and I would hear the station I was seeking.  But years of technological advancement and the innovation of digital signal processing have now made the point of tuning into a station extremely accurate.  My cell phone, which is an iPhone 5, can pick up almost any radio station on planet earth.  My new operating system, ISO 7, has iTunes radio which offers of 15 different Christian music stations ~ each one a completely separate musical genre of Christian music.
Again, when I was young, we used the phrase “tune in” when it came to a radio station.  With today’s accuracy in the selection of stations we no longer use the phrase because the accuracy of selection is so solid and secure.  Similar to this advancement in communicating between the listener and the radio stations is the phenomenon that is occurring in the Church when it comes to communicating through the Holy Spirit.  It used to be that only men labeled “prophets” could hear from God about what His plans were for the future.  But, oh, have things radically changed in the Church today.  Now, communing with the Holy Spirit that is in your belly, is as common as using the cell phone to call someone.  We are learning how to tune into the frequency of God and receive daily communications about today’s activities.
Controlling Frequencies Using God’s Firewall:  Christians that are Spirit-filled, are learning that there is an acute accuracy that can be obtained by anyone to control spiritual frequencies that are trying to affect you by using the Holy Spirit as a firewall.  Most of us who are filled with the Spirit have had the experience of communicating with someone and suddenly you feel a “check” in your spirit and you know something is not quite right.  In the beginning I treated this phenomenon as a fluke that just happened with no reason at all.  But since then I have begun to understand that it is God’s firewall of protection that is cutting off bad communications that could affect and damage my communications with God.
Your communications with the Holy Spirit are the most sensitive thing that happens in the human experience because it is communication with God Himself.  I have discovered that the Holy Spirit is so sensitive that when He communicates with me, if He senses the smallest spiritual fiber of self-will or resistance, the Holy Spirit backs away and ceases communication.  This element is so critical to hearing the Holy Spirit’s instructions that I have had to learn that there are parts of my life that I previously thought had nothing to do with my spirit ~ and I found out that they directly affected my ability to hear God.
Unrelated Factors That Are Intricately Related:  Recently in church a young woman, that is very anointed with the prophetic gift, prophesied, “Jesus said that we should become like little children and I just had a vision of us becoming like little babies to where the Father holds us up and we giggle and coo because of Him.  Just Christ raising us up in His arms is enough of a thrill to make us giggle and laugh.  And this is how God is going to give you incredibly sophisticated breakthroughs.  When she gave this word it literally flabbergasted me because the Prophet Timothy Snodgrass had just been prophesying that it is so important for us to giggle and have fun.
Though it was initially hard for me to get my adult mind around it, I am now beginning to see the reason for the prophecies.  And it all comes down to the activity of the Holy Spirit’s search engine, which is searching the deep, yes, the deep things of God.  The only way your mind and spirit can be in a position of receiving God’s wondrous downloads is you need to be “frequency clear”.  By this I mean that every level of attitude that affects your spirit needs to be child-like and full of faith.  For example, when you smell things, they are “sweet”; when you hear things, they are “joyful”; when you touch things, they are “soft”; when you think things, they are “pure”.
God wants you to experience all of life in it’s most perfect and beautiful way, and at this point He is able to download to you the mysteries of life.  Oh how wonderful this is.  God knows the secrets and future of your workplace ~ no matter if it is in the auto industry, manufacturing, computer design, programming, navigating the stars, or searching the deep crevices of the earth for gold.  God knows the secret to every single field of endeavor.  The Holy Spirit is the search engine that will bring you to the proper target.
How God’s Search Engine Works:  I must first give you a personal disclaimer on this subject because it is still new to me, at least this level of operation of the Holy Spirit.  But I am going to share with you what I know so far.  Unlike turning on a computer and typing in your desired search, the Holy Spirit operates on a much more sophisticated level.  It has a lot to do with you finding the right place at the right time.  By this I mean, the right place to pray and the right time to pray.  The second element is obedience.  The act of learning to obey the simplest instruction that God gives you, and sometimes these instructions can seem silly.
For example, someone once came and handed me two $100 dollar bills and five minutes later a homeless man asked me for $35.  The Lord spoke to me and said to give him $100 dollars.  I obeyed that simple instruction.  Thirty minutes later the Holy Spirit downloaded to me a certain chemical mix that could be used to manufacture a high-tech measuring device.  The product is very advanced and I am soon going to be filing a patent about the invention.  I realized that the process of accessing the Holy Spirit’s search engine is a process of having the right attitude and obeying exactly what the Holy Spirit asks you to do, while having a child-like presence of the Holy Spirit constantly around you.  At that point incredibly complex downloads are offered to you.
Things that used to take months and years can now happen in just an afternoon of spending time with the Holy Spirit.  I have done my best to introduce to you one of the rich assets that have been deposited in your human interface, called the Holy Spirit version (put today’s date in here because it must be fresh every day.  Now let’s go surfing through the web of the future, the Holy Spirit.


Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place To Meet Jesus. He has directed the films, “Guardians” and “The Roman Trilogy.” 


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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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