What Is God Pointing At?

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By Richard Gazowsky

When God does something that is going to monumentally change your life, He usually alerts you that the event is about to occur.  In one example, God gave advance notice that the young teenage shepherd David, along with his unsuspecting family that He was going to select the young lad to become king over Israel.  This prior announcement came about as a surprise visit from the prophet Samuel, who subsequently poured anointing oil upon the teenager David’s head.  When God shows you beforehand about something wonderful He is going to bless you with, it can be just as unsuspecting and surprising as that which occurred to David and his family and their subsequent life-long experiences.  But it is also unique and different from David because God does not repeat Himself ~ His ways are not like our ways.  Only God knows the seeds of time, and which grain will either grow into a prosperous memory, or become merely a forgotten moment.

With that premise established, let me now get to the main point of this blog.  One cold windy, foggy day the Prophet Timothy Snodgrass came to our church, A Place To Meet Jesus, and gave this prophecy: “You have a divine appointment this week with kings, and the Lord says you are going to be preparing for strategies, you’re going to prepare for events.  You are going to be preparing for simple things that the Lord is going to tell you to do in the coming events, but that simple thing, the Lord says, is a breakthrough action.  Be excited about the meetings that are coming, be excited about June 29, be excited about August 16, and be excited about January 1.  Be excited because the Holy Ghost is going to give you the understanding and strategy to release the explosion that is coming.  The Lord is sending His golden funnel cloud upon the house.”

As I sat in my cozy church theater seat I flashed back to the many times that Timothy had given me similar words that identified particular dates.  Once he told me that Oct. 11, 2009 would be a significant day, and lo and behold, my family and I found ourselves in a luxurious resort on the Island of Bali as we prayed against an earthquake that was prophesied would occur.  Not only did the earthquake occur on that exact day, but also there were many prior-confirming signs that spoke concerning the 11/11 date.  Timothy’s hotel room number was 1111, our taxicab that brought us to the hotel was 1111, the price of gold on the London exchange hit $1,111 dollars ~ over and over that date seemed to reverberate.  It showed me the elegance and perfection of God’s prophetic word.  Not only does He give you a sneak preview when something wonderful is going to occur, the event always seems to affect other corresponding things around the event.

So, while still sitting comfortably, I reached down to my iPhone and marked August 16th on my calendar.  At the time I had nothing planned for that day.  Then, one week before August 16, the Lord spoke and told me to plan an evening of prophecy at our church.  When August 16 finally arrived the Lord told my family and me to go to a mountaintop and pray.  As we were enjoying ourselves while climbing up the mountain, we looked at the sky and saw, right in front of us, a cloud in the shape of God’s long arm, with His hand and finger pointing in the direction where our church was located in San Francisco!  I pulled out my iPhone and took this picture.

Cloud Finger

You must see how important this realization is.  You, and I mean every one of you, no matter what country you call home, must realize that this sign from God is for you, and this is why you are reading this email now.  What God is saying in this simple gesture is that He is ready to speak and give instruction, direction and purpose that will show you how to take the simplest steps in your life.  The communication you are about to receive from God is daily, even hourly, and accessible.  He will speak in your heart and mind and tell you what to do regarding everything in your life.  It’s hard to explain how detailed God’s instructions can be.

I remember when God led my family and I to go into a foreign country where we had never been before.  While we were driving there the Lord spoke to me to go to a certain restaurant that served a certain kind of food ~ and use a Visa card to pay for it.  When I told my well-experienced travel guide the instructions I’d heard from God, he laughed and said that he had travelled in this country all of his life and there was no restaurant in this particular town that accepted Visa cards.  I said, “Well then, don’t look for a restaurant which takes that charge card.  Just look for a restaurant that serves the kind of food I mentioned.”  I told him I had also seen the outside of the restaurant and explained what it looked like.

For over an hour we traveled around this town looking for the restaurant I had seen in the Spirit.  There were other missionaries in the car that were amazed by my family’s patience in waiting to find the restaurant God had shown me (but my family was experienced enough to wait on the Lord because it always led to true fulfillment).  Finally, after about an hour and a half of searching, we went down an alley street, which opened onto an incredibly beautiful grand hotel.  It happened to serve the exact food that I had seen in the Spirit ~ and accepted Visa cards.  We ate at a wonderful banqueting table and everyone rejoiced.  Suddenly a young missionary from the group came to me in tears and said, “It is my first time seeing a whole family wait on the Lord for His simple prophetic action to come to pass.  Never will my life be the same because of this simple lunch experience.”

So it is with me today.  As I think back to the experience a few days ago of seeing the cloud formation that formed the hand of God pointing at our city, the real question is, “What is God pointing at?”  By now I think you know the answer ~ “You.”


Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place To Meet Jesus. He has directed the films, “Guardians” and “The Roman Trilogy.” 


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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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