It All Starts At Home

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“Angel Technology In Popular Culture, Music, and Television”
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By Richard Gazowsky
A few weeks ago, when Rocki and Misty were leading worship in A Place To Meet Jesus, Misty said this:  “We need to go back to the ruby red slippers and remember that there is no place like home.” I added her quote to one of the downloads I listen to in worship and I have been mulling over the statement since she said it.  I have realized how powerful her message is, and that I feel all of us who want change need to first understand that it all begins at home.  This is so contrary to many voices in the world that say the way to get ahead is to leave home and go to some place far away.  But I have found that God really works with what is around us.  Let’s look at the big picture for a few minutes…  Continue reading

This Time Keep It Secret

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by Richard Gazowsky

I am writing this blog on 12/12/12.  Because you are spiritually sensitive I am sure you are well aware of this date and it’s spiritual significance.  Jesus choose twelve apostles, the New Jerusalem has twelve gates and is built on twelve foundations.  The Lord has spoken an important word to us and said we would be changing from a “penetrating” mode to an “establishing” mode of operation.  This word was given to us by Harold Eberle on May 28, 2000, where God said, “You penetrated the area I wanted you to penetrate and you have succeeded, but it’s just not for your success.  There will be two, two other significant ministries that are going to rise under the penetration that you made… I will change you from penetrating in that area, to establishing and building the foundation of which I spoke to you.”  I believe this prophecy is very significant because it is coming to pass even today as I write this blog. Continue reading