Hundreds Of Doves Take Flight

By: Richard Gazowsky

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The Lord recently led my family and I to make an expected trip to the Far East and prophesy to some important businessmen. The trip was so sudden that we had almost no time to pack our bags. After we arrived, the five meetings we attended (and gave prophetic words in) were set up with such precision that I thought that they had spent months in preparation. I found out it had been by the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit. I believe that this is the characteristic of how the Holy Spirit is moving in this season and time.Continue reading “Hundreds Of Doves Take Flight”

What Does it Mean to be Faithful in Little?

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By: Richard Gazowsky

For years I have studied Christ’s command that if you are faithful in little He will make you ruler over much. Most of the time, however, I was focused on the wrong element in this equation. I was looking at doing little tasks or little things for others but not considering the inner workings within my own heart and spirit. Over the years God has been teaching me that the result that He is looking for is a change in me not necessarily a change in what I do. This is a hard concept for most of us to get because the thing that we can never see is the attitudes and motivations that are part of our personality.Continue reading “What Does it Mean to be Faithful in Little?”

Pray God Stops The War

by Richard Gazowsky

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When God moves you into very powerful positions in prayer you will find that you must be very secretive about what you’re praying for. Jesus cautioned His disciples not to pray on the street corners where they could be seen and heard; “and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.” (NKJV) Over the past few weeks God has been dealing with me concerning intercession of this type. As I wrote in earlier blogs I had a vision four years ago of the spirit of Leviathan bringing violence and war to America’s streets. This week God spoke to me that the beginning of this time is starting. The forces of rioting mobs are trying to gather around our country’s colleges this next semester. I was shocked when I was given this word from the Lord, because everything looked so peaceful and tranquil. Even our college in San Francisco that has a well defined history of rioting seemed at peace. At first I rejected this word form the Lord, thinking I had misunderstood, but as the week progressed more and more messages were given to me, and I was told by the Holy Spirit, “This is the time for the church to pray and stop the war.”Continue reading “Pray God Stops The War”

There is a Big Change Coming

By: Richard Gazowsky

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· World Political Landscape Change:

Beginning in the early 80’s the church prayed for the opening of the 1040 window. God has answered this prayer and now the Muslim world is experiencing the most dramatic political change that has ever occurred in that region. At the same time a strong conservative political movement within Europe is sweeping that continent back to their Christian roots. This change has been so dramatic that it has caused traditional totalitarian governments such as China and Russia to dance between communism and the new wave of capitalism. The United States is going through the most dramatic wave of conservatism that has occurred in our nation since its founding. This is all a mighty move of the hand of God.Continue reading “There is a Big Change Coming”

Look Out And Just Read The Signs

By: Richard Gazowsky

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In the film “Bruce Almighty” starring Jim Carrey, there’s a famous scene where Bruce is driving down the road, screaming at the top of his lungs, “God, show me a sign!” There’s a truck directly in front of Bruce carrying signs that say, “Turn around”, “Don’t go this way”, and “You’re making a mistake”. Bruce continues yelling, “God, please, don’t be silent. Let me know your will. Speak to me!” In a few moments, God has to physically put Bruce in a life and death situation to get his attention. This scene in the movie is exactly what is occurring in America today. I am shocked by how many “signs” are happening around us, telling us that we’re going the wrong way and that we need to stop. Everything is declaring this same message from the news agencies to the White House to happenings in Europe and even to nature itself. Even in the movie theaters the movies are saying, “Stop, you’re going the wrong way.”Continue reading “Look Out And Just Read The Signs”

A Stronghold Is Coming Down

By: Richard Gazowsky

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The Apostle Paul talks about strongholds that exist in people’s minds collectively as a nation, and we usually attribute this to cultural thinking. Over the last 40-50 years there has been a huge movement to change the cultural thinking of Americans. Recently the Lord spoke to me prophetically and said that these strongholds are coming down. It was God who placed America’s current leadership in power and allowed them to bring to a head the reality of the results of this stronghold. God permitted them to reach their pinnacles of power so that America could see what their real intentions were.Continue reading “A Stronghold Is Coming Down”

Peace For Processing After The Storm

By Richard Gazowsky

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This past week was so intense that I really can’t find the proper words to describe it. John Francis, my friend and colleague, and the leader of the young prophets of our ministry, suddenly passed away with no warning. In many ways it was like an auto accident; one that hits you on the blindside and roughly violates your physical body, emotions, and mind. Death is just not gentle. And God wasn’t exactly preparing me for any of it. Yet I knew He was expecting me to go through it without any explanation.Continue reading “Peace For Processing After The Storm”

Let’s Live It Up

By Richard Gazowsky

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This last week God gave me a vision for the future and showed me that He is now beginning to change our culture’s view regarding it. Not until this week did I realize how negative many of us have been about almost everything in the future. The Lord spoke to me and said that’s about to change. God is destroying the mental strongholds in our minds that portray our future so bleakly. In the last thirty years, production of crops on a single acre of land in America has increased around 1000%. This has forced our government to pay farmers not to grow crops, so the price of food doesn’t drop so low that production would not be worthwhile. And, just this last week, it was announced that a new super wheat strain has been developed, increasing crop production even further.Continue reading “Let’s Live It Up”

A Blog From The Whirlwind

By Richard Gazowsky

I’m standing in the midst of a spiritual tornado that’s surrounding my life, my company, and the church that I pastor. It seems like everything around me is being ripped from the ground. Nine people on my staff have been hit with physical, life-threatening conditions. Even people that are connected with us in Europe are facing the exact same problems. The thing that makes this so be overwhelming is that every case is unfixable by human hands. Only the hands of God have the ability to change the dire situations. It has put us in positions to where trusting Him has come to a whole new level.Continue reading “A Blog From The Whirlwind”

Being Hung-Up On God’s Fleshhook

By: Richard Gazowsky

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This week was a real tough one for me. I feel like God hung me up on His meat hook and slowly, but surely, flayed my insides. Nobody around me even knew I was undergoing such an intimate cleansing. If asked how I was doing, everyone would’ve replied, “Oh, Richard’s fine. He’s having a good week.” But, oh boy, if they could’ve only seen what the inside of me was going through! I honestly could say, “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times” (of course I’d be stealing from the Dickens classic, “A Tale Of Two Cities”).Continue reading “Being Hung-Up On God’s Fleshhook”