What Does it Mean to be Faithful in Little?

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By: Richard Gazowsky

For years I have studied Christ’s command that if you are faithful in little He will make you ruler over much. Most of the time, however, I was focused on the wrong element in this equation. I was looking at doing little tasks or little things for others but not considering the inner workings within my own heart and spirit. Over the years God has been teaching me that the result that He is looking for is a change in me not necessarily a change in what I do. This is a hard concept for most of us to get because the thing that we can never see is the attitudes and motivations that are part of our personality.

The other day, my wife Sandy came to me in a very intense situation and wanted to stand beside me. I was so caught up in the excitement of the moment that I completely ignored her. After a few moments, I looked at her through the corner of my eye and saw a spirit of anguish in her eyes because she was wanting to help me. My instant response was to be annoyed because I thought she was just trying to get my attention when it was being distracted by so many other things going on around us. At this moment God spoke to me and said, “if you are faithful in little Richard, I will make you ruler over much”. In that flash of a moment I realized that the real issue here was that I was allowing things to distract my attention from the things that I should really be paying attention to, and of course the highest priority was Sandy, my wife. In the past I had discounted moments like this as me being too busy with heavy issues to deal with the “little things” like my wife because I see her everyday.

Wow! When my mind rehearsed that excuse I realized how ugly it was and to think this was the way I had become in my personality. I considered my wife and her comments to be little things and the truth is is that she is literally half of my personality for we are one in Christ. I can guarantee you that the best human advise I’ve ever been given has been from my wife Sandy. Here I had placed my most important counselor in the human realm, my wife, on a low priority scale. I had been living an incredible disaster just in the way I internally viewed situations around me. I immediately took this to prayer and repented of my selfish attitudes towards those that are closest to me, but in my prayer I had to admit that I was incapable of changing myself. Only God could change me because I can’t even see the root and foundation that has led to this disaster in my personality. Just a few days ago my family was watching Rupert Murdock and his son being questioned by politicians in England that were obviously on the hunt to destroy his media empire. My family and I were shocked to see how Rupert Murdock’s son would tap his father’s shoulder thereby telling him to be quiet and not to tell his familiar story to these ministers. You could obviously see the love and respect that he had for his son. This was not just something that had happened in the last few moments but was the result of a very carefully cultured family. Rupert Murdock was not only a loving father but a wise father who had taught his son much.

I want to be the kind of father that can listen to the little nuances that my family gives to caution me and place them on the mental plane in my life that God has assigned for them. The art of being like Jesus is realizing the importance of getting it right with those that are closest to you. How can we lead the world if we can’t lead our own family? This is an area I truly must perfect and it might be good for you to.


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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called The Voice of Pentecost, and is also president of Christian WYSIWYG Filmworks. He has directed the films, “Guardians” and “The Roman Trilogy.”


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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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