The Dream of the Church and Her Golden Cobblestone Pathway

On January 15 I had this incredible dream that was linked to many other dreams and words from the Lord given to me by the prophets of God:

A mother and her kids were sitting at a table waiting to be served. When a waiter walked by carrying a tray of beers to the next table, she thought, “Oh no, we are in a bar!” She then looked out the window and some chipmunks began throwing nuts on her car. She thought they were going to damage the vehicle, so she was going to move to a different parking space ~ but decided to stay and eat at the restaurant because she realized it was a normal place where hamburgers were served. She remained seated at the table while she waited for the waiter that was going to serve them their food.

When I woke up from the dream, I dismissed it as silly. But as I prayed, I remembered my other dreams which had profound meanings and I just had to wait to understand them. I decided to go back to sleep…

I saw the lady again, still waiting at the table of the restaurant. She watched as the floor of the restaurant turned into bricks of gold leading out the front door! Her children became excited and no longer desired to eat, but wanted to follow the golden bricks outside the restaurant! Somehow the mother realized the gold bricks would soon disappear and the floor would become tile again if she didn’t follow after her children. So she joined the children on the golden bricks out the front door of the restaurant. (I knew the woman always had to stay with her children in order for all of them to survive!) I believe the lady is a metaphor of the leadership in the Body of Christ, and the children are the congregation that has been placed under the leadership.

As the mother and her children continued walking along the Golden-Bricked Road, the mother noticed a cloud over their heads. When they came to a fork in the road, they discovered that they had the money to purchase, invest, or bless anything ~ as long as they stayed on the golden bricks. The children made the connection between the bricks underneath their feet and the success they were having, but only the mother knew that the bricks remained golden as long as the cloud was above them.

Whatever the family members did, at the moment the cloud was above them the road turned golden and everything began to multiply as they became more blessed. There were many people that saw the miracle of their prosperity and attempted to copy it. But as soon as they left the fork in the road, everything turned back to reality. Those who tried to follow their path and repeat their actions would ring that everything became just normal transactions with no golden blessings upon them.

The mother (and her children who were now more mature) were the only ones that could see the cloud turning the road into gold at the moment they stepped upon it. Only they knew that they must follow the cloud, not the Golden Road, because the cloud was what made the road golden. The glory that the children and the mother were able to see in the cloud could only happen if they stayed together.

Sometimes the cloud would become a fire cloud at night, so they could see how to make connections, purchases, and decisions even in the darkest places. But it was still the fire cloud that turned the road into gold, not the Golden Road by itself. The light that the fire cloud provided by night was so bright, they could see the smallest detail between the bricks of gold in the road, and even the smallest weed that was exposed to the light. Their transactions were completely safe because they knew through prayer these weeds would be removed by angels.

When I woke up and prayed in contemplation of this great dream, I concluded that we really must always keep the mother with the children, and the children and mother must always keep their sights on the cloud by day and the fire by night. Then, as I meditated on what the cloud and fire were, I realized it was the face of God and only in His face can we see and be directed by the look of His eye. “You have ravished My heart With one look of your eyes.” Then I remembered the vision God gave me on New Year’s Eve at the stroke of midnight.

As Timothy Snodgrass and I did a Periscope broadcast together, Jesus appeared with His back to me, as He held the edge of His garment up to His mouth. Then He slowly turned to me and said, “Richard, look at My face.” While I looked at His face I could sense that His hand was dropping, as He opened His garment and let out incredible blessings, gifts, and healings ~ but my eyes could not be diverted from His face.

Look to Christ’s face daily in prayer. In His eyes you can see His direction ~ the same direction that can only be seen on the road when it was turned into gold.

Yesterday, I dreamed I was in a boardroom writing the first sentence of our corporate foundation: “We hold these truths to be self-evident…” When I woke up, I received this prophecy from an Irish prophet: “I AM setting you apart and anointing you for Royal Service. It is your Inauguration Day.” I have seen the Golden Brick Road in the Spirit!

I also remembered receiving an email from a prophet in Sweden that same day, and he saw a door opening before him and closing behind him. This seems to be a confirmation of the character of the Golden Brick Road ~ it appears before you and then closes behind you.
Sent in love,
Pastor Richard Gazowsky


Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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