Praying for 2018

An excerpt from Pastor Richard’s prayer on periscope on New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year!
Everything is going beautifully for our family, and we pray that everything is going beautifully for yours. My heart cries out in joy for what the Lord is doing!
Here we are in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican. Wow! What a beautiful way to welcome the new year.  We thank God for St. Peter. He was the rock the church was built upon.
Lord, we thank You for this new year, for the joy that You’re bringing to all of us. We ask for Your presence to be with us. Lord, I want to seek Your face. We want to enter into Your glorious ways. We’re asking you to be with us.  We enter into Your wonderful presence.
Keep us in Your beautiful way, Your blessing upon this new year. We want to walk in Your power, into Your glory. We don’t want to calculate our own ways, or our own desires.
We see His mighty hand in all that He does. The church bells are ringing. Only because of Your great mercy, are we not consumed. We praise You Jesus! My life is 100% dependent upon You, God. We love You, Jesus. How holy You are.  How wonderful it is to praise You God!
I pray that everyone of us will come into that perfect union with the Holy Spirt. I pray for that perfect syncronization.  You are bringing a new day for everyone.  We are coming into 2018 with new compassion and new mercies every morning.  We want to stand on what You say. In 2018 we will stand on what the Lord has said, and only what the Lord has said. We want to hear Your voice!
Every single decision we face, we must stand totally upon the Lord’s word. The Lord gave me Deuteronmy 32 for the new year.  Moses said,  “For their Rock is not our Rock”. This song of Moses is so powerful. His vengence is not just anger ~ it’s recompence and reward for you and your family. God is looking at you and He is honoring you in this new year. This is the year when everything you have believed God for is going to come to pass. This is the year of God’s greatness. We’re entering into a new day, a new year!

Here is the simple word for the new year: 2018 is the year to plant. Plant what God’s word is in your life. In the Bible Jesus talks about how a sower went out to sow some seed. He talks about the different types of ground. Most of the ground on a farm is good soil. The rocky, bad types of ground are only on the edges of the farm.  When you talk to people in the center of God’s will, living Godly lives, they are good ground ~ with good jobs, good families, good schools. We want to be good ground!
This is the year where great things are going to be planted, great accomplishments, great things.  I’m asking you this year to make a covenant to pray every day. This is the year to plant deep roots.  The seed is His word. It’s not money; it is the word of God. God is doing the same with you. When God gives you dreams and visions, you can’t make the word of God twist into what you want it to be. He wants you to come into His perfect will. God’s ways are going to be different than your ways.
God, guide us now into that perfect direction. We ask You, Lord,  show us how to move into Your perfect ways. Show us Your greatness in this new year. We’re walking into  2018 clean. Lord, it is Your blood that is making us clean.  Let the whole earth be washed clean by Your blood. Bring us into that purity, a purity only Your blood can bring.
God does not speak to us for tomorrow; He speaks to us for today, to be completely obedient to just His perfect will.  On new year’s day, we are waking up to a fresh new season in 2018!


Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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