“Angels In Warfare, As Christians Drink Tea Resting”

Over the last three weeks of my prayer and intercession, God led me to the mountaintops around San Francisco, California. The Lord showed me numerous visions of rows and rows of angels in full military armor ready to fight. I could see the strain and intensity upon their faces.
But for some reason, though they were prepared for battle, no engagement was happening! At first, seeing such a massive army, I was just inspired by the incredible and awesome view, and felt humbled that I was even able to see such a force so mightily prepared.
As the weeks of intercession continued, the vision grew into more clarity. I saw that these huge massive forces were not only in our local area, but all over the State of California. As matter of fact, as the vision increased daily, they even covered the mountains of America! I suddenly realized that many Scriptural truths that have never been seen by the Christian church in America were coming to complete fulfillment at once.
Jesus clearly taught us, in the parable concerning the sowers, not try to remove the tares that were sown among the wheat, lest you pull out some good wheat. Instead, we must wait for harvest time, when the angels of God will separate the good wheat from the tares, and thereby we lose no good wheat.
I think you are getting the picture (or maybe I should say the masterpiece) of completion and perfection. The apostle Paul encouraged us to rest from our own labors and trust that God will complete the task that is laid before us. Now that the Scripture is ready to be fulfilled, we are in entering into the Last Day’s harvest time. It’s time for you and I to rest, grab a spot of tea, let the angels pull out their swords and sickles, and begin to do the warfare they have waited thousands and thousands of years to do!
What an incredible time to be alive! I thank the Lord I am at the prime years of my life and that I am about to see the miracles of God occur in every area of government, church, family, and employment. God’s holy army is ready to remove all of the “activists.” I know when some up you hear this word you might not understand, but in actuality this is someone who is active when they shouldn’t be active. Let the angels do the removing, and you rest.
The Lord spoke to me last Friday morning and told me that “activists” is the key word to identify, and they are what must be removed ~ not by us ~ because then we become the problem or the “activist”. This is a job that is so intricate that only God’s holy angelic army can perform this task. We must stand back, rest, and let God do it!
Of course all of this activity, and the removing of the problem, will not happen if there are no intercessors, because the Bible says that the Lord gave dominion over the earth to man ~ and not to angels. So, for the angels to war on our behalf, they must have permission from intercessors to act.  Remember that the Bible says, “When your obedience is fulfilled, then you can revenge the children of disobedience.”
Angels are trained to obey the results of our prayer requests made to Jesus, because He is the door and the way. That is why we never pray directly to angels. Jesus hears our request, checks with the Father to see if it’s His perfect will ~ and if it is, He instantly hands the request to the army of angels to war on your behalf and remove the offending “activists”.
Wow! Look out! For soon you will see prayer warriors all over America releasing angelic power to free this country from the sin that has poisoned and oppressed it for years!

Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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