“To Walk with God”

It’s amazing that only two people in the book of Genesis were spoken of as having “Walked with God”. Not until I realized how important my personal relationship with God was did I begin to realize how important this characteristic was in the lives of these two men.
To walk with someone is both to be in sync and to be able to keep pace with that person, which in itself is a tremendous feat when you are talking about the God of the universe. A large percentage of mankind doesn’t even know what it’s like to be in the presence of God, let alone walk with God. But to have this privilege is one of the strongest desires a great man can ever possess.
Most men will have this desire in great times of need. For example, a president about ready to lose a war may cry out to God for salvation, but since leadership is often so involved with self- importance the president may not have spent time walking with God, and so he calls on a mature man of God.
The reason I describe such a scenario to you is because most important people when they are really distressed realize that only God can save them. The amazing aspect of this realization is that God is willing to walk with anyone whether they are poor and destitute, rich and famous or great and powerful. It does not matter to God; He’s willing to spend time with anyone who desires His presence.
Now I come to the heart of this blog: God is willing to spend time with any one of us, but are we desirous of spending time with Him?
Over the last few years my relationship with God has become extremely close, but many of the things that drove me to this relationship were physical. For example, having congestive heart failure and the spending 14 days in Kaiser Hospital, realizing that any day could be my last. When you go through an experience like that, you begin to understand where your priorities are, and I understood my greatest priority was seeking the presence of the Lord every single day.
I began to seek God on a consistent daily basis like never before and to my amazement I found that God is such a wonderful, enjoyable, and pleasurable friend and that every day He has new adventures for me to experience and fun things to laugh about and to accomplish. Also at the same time the success that comes with this personal relationship in God blesses me with many physical things, and if I’m not careful these physical blessings can become a distraction from my personal relationship in walking with God.
I am constantly on daily alert to make sure that God is with me in every moment, every meeting, every free second; this is my highest priority in life. A casual observer might say this kind of relationship with the Lord is impossible, but that is not true; it’s actually the way I believe all of us are supposed to live. Jesus said these words, “I can do nothing unless I see the Father do it.” When I first read this verse of Scripture I thought it was just something that only Jesus himself would do because of His high relationship with the Father. As I grow closer to God I begin to realize that as a leader in the church, I should be doing the same thing, and therefore do nothing unless I see the Father do it.
Now I am coming to the realization that every single one of us would be wise to have the same intimate relationship with the Father that Jesus had, not doing one thing unless you see the Father doing it. This is walking with God.

Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

One thought on ““To Walk with God”

  1. Dear Richard,

    We first met you at Mount Hermon Conference Center in 1998 or before and spent the next 7 years
    coming to the monthly Pastors’ & Intercessors’ Prayer Meetings in San Francisco.

    We always felt part of San Francisco because it has a like nature with the City of Sydney, with many of the same problems and SAME SPIRIT OF GRACE.

    I was very impressed with your TESTIMONY of HOW JESUS brought you closer to Himself through HEART condition.

    Recently Sid Roth sent me a copy of “ENCOUNTERED BY GOD” , By Carlos SARMIENTO, who spent 9 years as a Pastor with Benny Hinn, before founding ORLANDO HOUSE OF PRAYER. I did not order this Book, but it has prepared me just as my time in HILO, HAWAII with Daniel KIKAWA (Kingdom of Darkness, Kingdom of LIGHT) last year has also touched me deeply.

    On Monday 6th July, 2015 I received Five Arterial Bypasses on my heart that I was unaware of any seriousness. The Cardiac team at Dominican Hospital here in Santa Cruz had done an angiogram the week before after a clinic noticed my EKG was very irregular. After 3 months of shortness of breath but NO PAINS, it became more frequent. My heart was still strong, but not enough blood or oxygen.

    After just 4 days they released me home, as by B/P, O2, pulse, H/R had been normal throughout, and I was walking unaided around the heart ward.
    P/T came once and said I did not need him again. They said I would have leg pains, but I had been taking Amino acid, L-ARGININE, & Shark-Liver Oil before and increased the amounts in hospital ( I had witnessed the healing and pain lowering before in Wound Care Centers). NO PAINS.

    Today +15 days, Cardiologist, DR RAJ SINGH, took out sutures and removed other bandages, and said I could drive again in 2 weeks.He said I was in bad shape just 2 weeks ago.I have been sharing what a mighty God we serve in Yeshua ha Mashiach.

    My Bar Mitzva portion on 3rd March, 1956 was EZEKIEL 36:26. Now 59 years later he has given me that NEW HEART. And put HIS SPIRIT within me.
    The other portion was the Ordinance of the Red Heiffer, Numbers 19.

    SHALOM,(Nothing Missing, Nothing broken, Complete, Whole)
    P.O. BOX 481,MT HERMON, CA 95041
    831 336 4119 or cell 831 212 6855~~~

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