A Line In The Sand

By: Richard Gazowsky

I would like to tell you the story, from my perspective, of how the Rose Bowl event for 11/11/11 was birthed. As far as I’ve been able to ascertain, none of us in the ministry were expecting anything like this to occur. It seemed that God was birthing something from heaven that we had just a little glimpse of, but today we still don’t know the whole picture or what the event will end up looking like. Truthfully, this makes it very exciting.

Over the last few years the number eleven has had a peculiar way of cropping up in many of our prayer lives. For me it happened in 2009, when Timothy Snodgrass, who has a prophetic ministry, invited my family and I to go to the island of Bali. He wanted us to join him in praying for God’s protection in the South Sea Islands from an earthquake that God told him was going to happen. The date we were to pray was 11/11/09. Timothy mentioned to me the significance the number 11 had been to him over the last few years. He told me that 11/11 was also going to be especially eventful for us.

Curiosity (and the thought of having a wonderful vacation in Bali) motivated my family and I to make this trip. When we arrived in Bali, after a series of close calls, we began to be spiritually aware of the significance of our journey, when the taxicab number we rode in to our hotel was 1111, and Timothy’s hotel room number was also 1111. That night we went to the beach to pray. Suddenly we were amazed to see a huge black cloud in the shape of a dragon, pointing towards the island that was next to us.

After about three hours of prayer we saw another cloud arise in another part of the sky in the shape of a lion, and after a while the lion cloud seemed to swallow up the dragon. During the time these cloud formations were happening in the sky, my family, Timothy, and I, kept praying on the beach as we looked up with childlike wonder. Then we all went to bed. In the morning Timothy called and woke us up to say that there’d been an earthquake on the island that morning (which was 11/11), and it that had been 6.8 on the Richter scale! Later we found out the epicenter of the quake had been 11 miles deep in the earth, yet caused a tsunami wave only 11 inches high…

As I sat on my hotel bed watching the world news, the anchor person suddenly reported that the London price of gold had reached a new record: $1,111 an ounce. As you might imagine, all of these 11/11 confirmations started becoming a bit overwhelming. But they were also bringing me to a new level of spiritual awareness. I realized how much God is concerned about little details that are going on around each one of us. Before, I would’ve brushed these off as mere coincidences. Now I was beginning to see there was greater significance to these little details. I must tell you, a lot of my life began to change that day on the island of Bali.

As 2010 progressed, I had the good fortune to meet David Andrade and his California Listening Team. David told me there was a large body of Christians throughout the State of California that was also becoming very sensitive about little nuances God was putting as signs in their lives. Now the signs seemed to be giving all of us clear direction that God intended to do something great in California. The Listening Team’s agenda has always been about two simple things: What is the Holy Spirit saying to Christian leaders?; and, How should they corporately respond to that voice? But for this to really work, everyone involved would have to drop their personal agendas and God projects.

All of this came to a head when I received a call from David Andrade. He told me that he and Rick Wright had been offered the use of the Rose Bowl on the day of 11/11/11! When I heard that date again, it kind of stunned me. I hadn’t considered it would become such an important spiritual date. Yet, I had to admit, every prophet and pastor I knew (who were sensitive to these kinds of spiritual things), were all pointing to the number eleven and its significance to the body of Christ.

David then asked me, and my family, to attend a meeting, on October 29, 2010, at Carrow’s Restaurant in West Covina. It was just supposed to be an informal gathering to discuss the prospect of setting up some more meetings throughout the State. When we arrived at the restaurant, David asked those who were present to share what God had been speaking to them. After introductions Henry Falany gave the microphone to his wife, Grace.

“A couple of weeks ago the Lord gave me a vision of a line being drawn in the sand,” she told us. “I saw the men at the Alamo when they drew a line in the sand by asking those who would stand against the opposing forces to step across the line.” Immediately Sue Rowe, from Bakersfield, California, spoke up.

“I, too, received a similar vision of a line being drawn in the sand,” she said.

At this point my daughter, Rocki Starr, said, “When I was walking in the parking lot I saw a vision of a large sword spinning into the ground. This sword was being used by God to cut a line in the ground.” Timothy Snodgrass immediately spoke up and told us about a vision he had two days earlier. He said he saw people praying around a stadium for an event that was going to happen on 11/11. When he spoke those words the power of God moved into the restaurant with such a stirring that it even got the attention of the other patrons. All who were witnessing this event realized that God was doing something totally on heaven’s schedule of initiatives and we were all just observers. Then Timothy spoke again.

“You won’t know what you are doing and there will be no agenda,” he said, “because the schedule will be completely controlled by the Spirit of God.”

On January 11, 2011, a larger group of Christians met together for the first time at the Rose Bowl. Sunny Gazowsky, who sings a rendition of “Personal Jesus”, asked everyone present to do a prophetic act by pulling out their pocket mirrors or iphones, and then ask themselves who they saw in the reflection. He felt God was asking all of us to make this personal confession: “I will bring no personal stuff or agenda into the Rose Bowl. When I come there I will only look for Jesus.” It appears that this phrase is becoming a clarion call from God for the Rose Bowl on 11/11/11.


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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called The Voice of Pentecost, and is also president of Christian WYSIWYG Filmworks. He has directed the films, “Guardians” and “The Roman Trilogy.”


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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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