Obedience To God’s Perfect Will Is Being So Rich That You Can’t Spend All The Wealth, Being So Happy That You Giggle All Day Long, And Having Every Dream That You Have Ever Wished For Being Surpassed By Impossible Fulfillments

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By Richard Gazowsky


This is the longest title I’ve ever put on any of my blogs, but there was just no shorter way to say it. When I was a young man and God called me into full-time ministry for Jesus, I believed I was entering into to a life of complete obedience to Him. But the concept that I had in my mind was a life of total self-denial, sadness, sacrificial living for others, and pretty much doing without everything that I dreamed about from my earliest years. Boy was I discombobulated! I’ve since found out that obedience to God is like finding a gold mine that has every thing I’ve ever desired in every way. Let me explain this great discovery. Continue reading