The Super Bowl And God’s Sign To Us

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By:  Richard Gazowsky.

A week before the Super Bowl the Lord spoke through one of our young prophets
and said that He would give a sign to the Church through the Super Bowl by
having something unusual happen during the game. This prophecy caused me, as a
pastor in San Francisco and avid fan of the 49ers football team, to take the
Super Bowl into much prayer and discernment for what God’s message could
possibly be to us.  The morning of the game, Sunday, I went to church and the
Lord spoke to me to do a very simple prophetic act.  I had recently gone to the
bank and had gotten a check cashed.  Instead of depositing it I cashed it and
had the teller convert it into twenty-dollar bills.  I then placed the money
into my pocket, which I don’t normally do.   Continue reading