Gentle Secrets in Prayer

The day that God called our family to travel around the world to pray, He also said something very significant: “It is better if you pray according to the Lord’s Prayer ~ ‘Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.’” Like I say in the title, this is a secret, not something to be declared publicly.  The reason I am sharing this with you, is because the secret to powerful prayer is not found in your will, but in Heaven’s will. When you are agreeing with Heaven’s will, you will change the course of nations.

 I have seen some of the most impossible miracles. But I have also seen God leave some room for the enemy to cause doubt. This is the basic premise of God‘s actions. He asks you to do simple obedience in prayer, and then causes miraculous wonders to occur right before your eyes! Yet God always leaves room for plausible deniability. This is because you have to make a visible intentional choice to give Him the credit because of your belief. (I am surprised when God never takes action against the ones that refuse to give Him credit for their gifts.)

On Friday, God told me to publicly pray for Sweden. This is where our good friends Ingalill and Vello Vaim live. My family and I have spent a lot of time in Sweden, and I sensed the hearts of the people of Sweden were longing for Jesus to be praised in their nation. But I also know the process is not something that is understood by the secular non-godly community.

Prayer is the main structure of the invisible kingdom of God. This kingdom is not a democracy, where we are accustomed to things happening by popular consent.  Many people think that the number of people that you have in agreement answers prayer. But this is not true; God’s ways are not like our ways.

With this in mind, Jesus said, “If two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” The key to this is your agreement agrees with heaven, and the King then says, “Yes, this is something ‘I will to be done.’”  So today as I prayed for Sweden, I saw someone in the royal family exalting Jesus and the whole country unifying behind this royal family member.

I am delighted to share this with you! God gives gentle secrets in prayer before the news media can even report about them. Don’t be surprised when you read about Sweden in the news.

Sent in love,

Pastor Richard Gazowsky

By Gazowsky

For Mercy’s Sake

Mercy is an incredible spirit that comes exclusively from God. One of the most sacred and incomparable events that ever happened to any human on this earth was when Moses was allowed to see God. If you are familiar with this incident recorded in the Bible, then you are aware of that Moses did not actually “see” God, but was able to get as close as any human has ever gotten to the Lord.
This event, which is wonderfully portrayed in the Scriptures, says that God put His hand in front of Moses’ face and then passed before him. What Moses saw was an expression of words that said, “And I will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy.”


Now let me take you to today and to our prayer life. Just as there are different frequencies on your radio, there are also different accesses to Christ. By this, I mean spirits or attitudes of the heart. One Scripture put it this way, “to those that are hard I will be like an adamant stone, but to the merciful I will show mercy.” God is showing the different frequencies He uses. 

 Now that I have experienced the kind and gentle teddy-bear love of God, available to all who are willing to approach the presence of His mercy, I hope and pray that every moment of my entire life remains in this place with God.

 Mercy has changed many of my memories concerning my parents. I can now only remember the wonderful times we had together. It has also changed the way I look at my relatives when I think about our interactions together. Only joyous, good, and pleasant events come to my mind. 

 Mercy has even cleansed all unpleasant memories regarding any of the people that attended our church ~ which includes the 16,000 people that were baptized which received salvation under my mother’s ministry. It’s all good! 

 Mercy has gone through the rows and rows of hurtful memories recorded in my mental library, has taken out every book that references something that could be bad or ugly, and cast them into the sea of forgetfulness!

Oh, may all of us have mercy cleanse any corrupted mental files and volumes of needed-to-be forgotten memories! How wonderful to have only memories that God’s mercy has cleansed.
Sent in love,
Pastor Richard Gazowsky
By Gazowsky

The Joy of Waking Up

A few years ago I discovered that the thing that really matters each day, is that you can go to bed at night with the joy of knowing that you fulfilled your purpose on the earth for that day. It’s amazing how this thinking gives you such a perfect sleep each night as you rest your head on your pillow. One of the key elements, is discovering that peaceful rest comes from being perfectly obedient to God’s quiet whisper in your spirit. 
For example, today my family and I were standing in Walmart and suddenly God whispered for us to go to a specific restaurant in the city and eat. When we got to the cashier to place our order ~ it was delayed, and delayed, and delayed even more. It took so long that some of my family members said, “What is going on? Why is it taking so long?” 
Then they looked at the entry door and suddenly, out of the blue, in came Timothy Snodgrass and his family to the same restaurant! We didn’t even know they were anywhere near the town that we were in. There is no way that could’ve happened by accident, and both of our families knew it was God that had orchestrated our timing. Events like this make each day sparkle with an incredible joy that cannot be compared with any of life‘s experiences. 
But now let me get to the main subject, which is waking up in the morning. For some reason I have found many times that when I awake out of a deep sleep, I am usually attacked by incredible thoughts that are wild fiery darts from the enemy trying to fill my waking moments with doubt. One morning I laid there in bed and said, “Help me, God! What do I do at this moment?” The Lord then spoke to me and said, ”Read James the first chapter.”  It says: “Count it all joy when you fall in to various temptations.” 
As I started thinking about every attack coming at me ~ how America is going to survive, bills that I had to pay, situations with relatives, where would we be sleeping that night, or how is this or that was going to happen ~ I began to express joy about the attacks! An amazing thing had happened. Deep within my spirit I had started to giggle, and I didn’t even know where this joy was coming from. But it was truly bountiful and inexplicable joy!
Then I read further, “Knowing this, that the trial of your faith worketh patience, and let patience have her perfect work.” I used this Scripture to filter through the thoughts in my mind ~ like floors of an apartment complex that are thoroughly washed. The joy of patience was having her perfect work in my brain! I must tell you now that this process has given me an incomparable mind of faith. And to think, God did it!
Good morning to all of you! May you have the revelation that each trial of your faith is bringing excellence to you.
Sent in love,
Pastor Richard Gazowsky
By Gazowsky

The Reality of the Invisible Kingdom of God

According to Exclusive Premium Statistics, by 2020 there will be 2.1 billion smart-phone users in the world. This invisible electronic phone network is linked together by all of the telephone networks across the globe. This technology was given to us by God and it is a visible example of God‘s invisible kingdom. It also shows the potential God is about to reveal in His invisible kingdom.

The smart phone that you place in your pocket or purse is the device you use to communicate with. And so it is that your human body is the device that we use to communicate with God and to network in the kingdom of God. God created us with all of the hardware and software we need to work and connect with His invisible kingdom. The Holy Spirit inside of you is the daily program God puts inside your tummy every day if you ask Him to. The software of the Holy Spirit is so advanced, it can search every day about everything that you are facing, right from where you’re sitting. It is the complete search engine.

There is a real reason that the Bible calls this invisible network a kingdom, because that’s exactly how it works. The Bible is full of teaching examples and stories. Each one is intricately planned and shows how to use the kingdom of God, a complex worldwide network, to your advantage. The safest and most secure way to use the network of the kingdom of God is through the name of Jesus. He is the King and His name is the door to clear, virus-free communication.

Now let me use an example that just happened to my family as I was sitting at the dinner table at a large theme park while writing this blog. My daughter Rocki said, “The fireworks just ended and I feel the Lord telling us to go out of the park by a way we haven’t gone before.” Our family stood up, and headed towards the main street. There, we saw a door behind the main street, where nobody was. An employee was closing the door, but when my family turned and began walking towards the door, he got busy on the grounds and didn’t close the door until we walked past him. We were headed through this back-alley passageway that led straight to the exit gates. As we walked down the alleyway the Lord spoke to me and said, “Do you see My kingdom network? I am so concerned about you and your family that I provided this passageway for you to leave the park tonight.”

Now to some of you, this may seem like an insignificant event, but God is not that way. He watches over every detail. As a matter of fact, the Scriptures reveal that He actually numbers every hair that is on your head! Sometimes we don’t realize how accurate and detailed God is in our life. This is why every detail that Jesus taught us about the kingdom of God must be followed according to the Scriptures. When He says to give no thought of what you should eat, He means exactly what He says. This is the key to perfect health ~ allowing the Holy Spirit to be your dietitian. Especially when it comes down to the details of your thoughts and intents of your heart.

The future is coming when God will re-organize the structure of the church to a massive network of congregations that assembles and fills entire stadiums. These stadiums have been built in every nation according to God’s purpose.  May mankind can come together and praise His name!

Sent in love,

Pastor Richard Gazowsky

By Gazowsky

Moving the Heart of America

The Lord’s ways are extremely clever: “The king’s heart is in the hand of the Lord, like the rivers of water; He turns it wherever He wishes.” The Lord is willing to do this by acquiescing to our requests. I have seen this phenomena occur as a result of daily intersessions before the Lord. By this I mean the Lord impressed me to ask for the hearts of powerful people to be turned and cause a certain action to happen. In the next couple of days my family was amazed to see and hear that the very action occurred! 
Of course all of this was done in secret and will remain so, partly because of our relationship with God. This is so precious, because if it becomes public it can literally disappear. But on the other side of the spectrum, once your eyes open to the reality and the power of the invisible kingdom that is moved by prayer, it opens the whole spectrum of possibilities that can occur in your life.
Now I want to take you deeper into God‘s ability and willingness to move large masses of a population into a certain direction. We see that this phenomenon occurred in the book of Acts, where the only action was 120 people praying in an upper room: “Now when this was noised abroad, a multitude came together.” This multitude was 3,000 people ~ and there was no Internet, newspaper, nor town crier! 
It was the invisible kingdom in action. God tells us how detailed and all-encompassing this invisible kingdom is in Psalms, the 33rdchapter: “From high in the skies God looks around, He sees all Adam’s brood. From where He sits He overlooks all us earth-dwellers. He has shaped each person in turn; now He watches everything we do.” 
Literally God is saying here, that from Heaven He can shape the heart of every man on earth. God answers our prayers when they are in alignment with the will of heaven. Let me clarify for you that the dynamic that I just described is completely invisible and is based on the structure of faith. Without faith there is literally no substance in what I just said. With faith generated in the truly pure human spirit, it is amazing what will occur in the earth today. God can completely move the heart of America!
For example, God is using pop music to retune the hearts of young people. Could the Disneyland amusement park actually be designed as a spiritual prayer park, an inspirational center? No wonder it’s called the happiest place on earth! Oh, but we haven’t even got to the wonders of Yosemite and the Grand Canyon. Wow! What an amazing plan God has. We just have to see it through the eyes of faith.
Of course, to experience the places I mentioned require you to visit them. But wait, it even gets more special. Have you taken time to really look at what He’s doing in your family, home, workplace, church, and everything you are involved in? Just take the time to open up your senses, suck it all in, watch it all, and see His hand move your heart to His pleasure ~ His ability to take you into the midst of His perfect plan for your life. You will suddenly discover the Lord’s Prayer coming to pass every day, His will being done ~ that you are experiencing heaven on earth!
Sent in love,
Pastor Richard Gazowsky
By Gazowsky

Making Every Day Like Heaven

All of us are looking for joy, at least to happen some day in our life. Most of us expect it at the end of a great accomplishment. But let me share a simple secret of how I am happy, joyous, and in heaven every single day!

Like most driven self-motivated people, I used to find my biggest happiness through my accomplishments. But then, through 60 years of life, I discovered that none of my accomplishments “accomplished” anything that was going to last. In fact, many of the things I did turned into outright failures! Despite success or failure, I learned it was necessary for me as a leader to remain joyful and happy in my own personal life.

As you can see, this causes an internal conundrum. It took a long time to go through this internal learning process. The Holy Spirit (which Jesus says is the great Teacher) was educating me. Now here’s the secret: I needed a new way of rewiring my thinking so I could live and lead correctly. And man, does this bring me joy daily!

What really makes me internally happy, and makes every day like Heaven isn’t my accomplishments. It is learning to obey and  to do exactly what the Holy Spirit says to me each day. Whether I’m simply lingering to smell the lavender growing by the side of the street, or buying a sandwich for a young man sitting by the 7-11 for lunch. Daily obedience  fills my life with treasures of joy, sparkling adventures, and new accomplishments!

The amazing thing is, sometimes these simple obedient actions later turn into major events that actually produce miracles! And that means just maybe my life as a leader will amount to something that will last. Oh the joy of serving God!

Sent in love,

Pastor Richard Gazowsky

By Gazowsky

The New Renaissance Begins With Communication

On the 4th of July the Lord woke me up before the break of dawn and spoke to me about the lion and the lamb. The things that the Lord revealed to me then I could not quite comprehend until three days later. I was sitting at dinner with Prophet Timothy Snodgrass, and he spoke in prophetic revelation (in response to my word about the lion and the lamb): “It’s about communication.”

Renaissance is when an entire society becomes born again. God was telling me that this kind of dramatic change only happens when someone who’s been fighting like a lion suddenly becomes like a lamb. The Lord showed me that when this happens, we shine the light of love so bright that everyone in America will be able to become like lambs. As things are now, this may appear to be something far off ~ but that’s the reason prophetic words from mighty prophets like Timothy Snodgrass are given in the first place.

When Timothy spoke, my mind went through a litany of incredible parallel revelations that happened throughout history, which were affected by simple changes in communication. The greatest example of this was when Jesus Christ went to the Sea of Galilee and spoke with a group of fisherman and communicated these words: “Follow me.” What a renaissance of revelation! These men switched their entire careers because of just two words. And eventually their actions changed the entire world.

Think about it! It all began with communication. Jesus said his sheep knew his voice, and followed him.  This communication was simple and childlike. Right here, I feel I need to stop and let you know something that I have been privileged to see in my life. God has allowed me to meet people who were on their way to the top, and one expression I would consistently hear them say is, “I have learned to pray, listen, and obey.” In most cases where I have seen those on their way up the ladder of success, listening to God’s voice was critical to their advancement.

How does an intelligent person, with years of experience, suddenly turn into a child that simply believes everything that God tells him or her? How does a lion become a lamb? This is what Jesus wants us to do.

For years I have been trained and taught that we are to be aggressive in our pursuit of changing the world. Now a dramatic transformation is occurring, and it’s happening deep within us. Instead of continuing to be lions, we are becoming lambs. The loud and thundering communication of a lion is designed to intimidate those around him or her. A lamb communicates in a totally passive way, radically different from the aggressiveness of a lion.

A complete explanation of why God wants this is found in the 3rd and 4th chapters of Hebrews. God wants us to rest so He can fight our battles! He lays out everything we need to do His perfect will, including the provision to go with it! You and I are going on a wonderful vacation in paradise, so we need to be ready to grab a cup of tea and rest, rest, rest!

I know what I have said sounds too awesome. You mean we are to go on a vacation, while God does all the work? Yes, that’s what it means. Right now I am with my family and we are praying across America and all over the world, doing no work whatsoever. Right now, we are just praying and resting as His sheep in His pasture.

Here’s the hardest part of understanding this revelation. To most of you who are like me and are active, motivated self-starters, the dynamic of “resting” seems completely opposite of all our internal nature. That is why the prophet of God, Vello Vaim, encouraged us with this verse of Scripture from Hebrews 4:11, “Let us therefore be zealous and exert ourselves and strive diligently to enter that rest of God.”

The lion must labor to calm down all of the internal emotions that are struggling from within to get out and try to do some action in the flesh. This is the most intense struggle I have ever gone through in my life, because most people neither see nor understand the struggle. Faith tells me the struggle is worth it. Jesus said, “Your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you openly.”

Sent in love, Pastor Richard Gazowsky

By Gazowsky

Be Kind, Be Gentle, and Most of All, Have Patience

The more time I spend with the Lord in prayer, my heart is overwhelmed with how kind and gentle He actually is. I used to find myself so busy in my pursuit of success that I was extremely annoyed by any interruption, especially if it was something or someone who seemed unimportant. Thankfully, the closer I get to God, the more these unsavory ways are changing.

Today, when I was waiting for my family to come into the car, a rugged-looking homeless man approached me. From a distance, he gently nodded to get my attention. As gently as I could, I asked him to come closer, so I could hear what he had to say. He told me his need, and I was able to meet his exact request. He rushed off with the biggest smile on his face!

The joy that flooded my heart stayed with me all day long. I realized why God is so gentle, so kind, and so patient. I used to think power, money, and other fleshly things would bring me happiness. It never happened! True joy and happiness comes in fulfilling the needs of others. It is such an upside-down view of everything. Giving is actually receiving the best part of joy in life.

Kindness, gentleness, and patience are the fruit of the Spirit. Using these in our daily interactions with people causes our lives to bloom with Love and Joy-filled light. This light is so bright, it gets the attention of all those around you, which leads to promotion and advancement. Matter-of-fact, nothing can keep you down when this spiritual process begins bringing meaning out of your life.

Each morning I realign myself through worship of Christ and His holy name. As I worship Him early in the morning, I begin thinking of ways to share His love with every person I meet, especially those who appear unimportant. This kindness, this gentleness,  this patience, becomes so infectious that the light it creates dispels any shadow of darkness.

Many of us have prayed that God would change America, Europe, and the entire world with the beaming light of His love. But erroneously, we have thought change would come by pointing out the things that are dark and ugly. This is not His way. God’s way is by His light, a light that is soft, gentle, and bright. When you turn it on, darkness runs away on its own.

This was an amazing phenomenon I saw as a young man during the Hippie movement of San Francisco in 1967. My mother, Marilyn Gazowsky, went with her accordion to Haight and Ashbury and there she saw some of the darkest young people that the world had ever conjured up. But she showed the light of the love of Christ, the gentleness of Jesus, and the simple truth of the gospel.

We had no complicated programs to sign up for. It was just Jesus and His love healing people, miraculously by the Spirit, curing them instantly of drug addiction and all kinds of problems. I saw this with my own eyes! During my mother’s ministry, we had over 16,000 people baptized. That was the kindness and the gentleness of the love of Christ!

The earth is being filled with the New Renaissance in every nation. It is not some mechanical system, and it is not a religious program. It is just God‘s love directed toward each person. I recently held a prophetic meeting with Timothy Snodgrass, Vello  and Ingallil Vaim, Peggy Cole, my wife Sandy, and Misty Dejavu Gazowsky. They prophesied over our country, and I saw a huge blanket the size of America made of light.

The angels of God were covering our country with light. The darkest prison became bright, the prisoners’ eyes were opened, and they were able to clearly see the difference between right and wrong. The darkest drug den was lit with the love of Christ and men and women were freed from their addictions. All of this healing through the power of His light!

If you go to my Periscope page, you can see this prophetic meeting from 11 days ago live. It is titled “Peggy Cole, Timothy Snodgrass, and Vello Vaim giving a word to America”. God is bringing His gentle and kind patience to all of us. He is healing our nation!

Sent in love,  

Pastor Richard Gazowsky

By Gazowsky

Learning the Gentlemanly Ways of God

I recently read a book about Jane Austen’s good manners. I was amazed at how Jane Austen had collected the good manners of European Christian lives, and had turned this collection into the beloved romance novel, Sense and Sensibility. When you look beneath the prose of the conversations within the story, you actually see a reflection of God’s manners and His love for His children. 

I am really amazed by the ways of God. These have been observed in the transformation of the men of Europe into becoming gentlemen of culture ~ where their mannerisms and cordiality are reflected in every aspect of their communications. And here am I, in the 21st century’s birthing of the next Renaissance, desiring to be just as loving as Jesus. 

Following the simple instructions of Jesus, to love everyone as your own self, is not exactly easy, especially in casual conversation. This is a hurdle I am trying to cross every day, with every greeting. Oh, the rewards of kindness are so great! They become treasures stored forever in your memory and in Heaven’s treasure chest. No wonder all of Europe during the Great Reformation sought to become great ladies and gentlemen.

The Christian European culture allowed the whole world to view the gentleness and kindness of God. Now we are about to experience this on a whole new level of transformation, as God releases fresh Christian love upon American culture. Believe me, this is going to be a wonder that will remain in the earth. Good Christian culture must include gentleness and kindness.

Before my dear mother, Reverend Marilynn Gazowsky, passed away a few years ago, she spoke her last sermon ~ which was again preached at her funeral by her granddaughter, Rocki Starr. My mother handed down this wondrous revelation: “Are you afraid of God’s goodness, and how wonderful it is going to be?“

The closer I get to God and I see how wonderful and kind He is, I am literally holding my breath to see His beauty in such a gentlemanly display!

Sent in love, 

Pastor Richard Gazowsky

By Gazowsky

You Will Not Be Ashamed

There are times in my morning meditation that I rehearse words God has given me to strengthen me in moments where satan is trying to shoot arrows of doubt. One of God’s words that has been so strong to me was when the Lord said, “I will never make you ashamed of obeying Me.”

 Listen to what it says in 2nd Timothy 2:15~

“Concentrate on doing your best for God, work you won’t be ashamed of, laying out the truth plain and simple.” This truth has strengthened me because I am finding that God’s ways are always plain and simple. When I wake up in the morning, I set my mind to only think thoughts that are from God ~ and they are plain and simple. When satan brings fiery darts that want to intellectually cause me to question God‘s simple deduction about what is going to occur each day, I ignore the enemy’s thoughts and refuse to accept them as viable enough to even consider. It is this process of aligning and harmonizing my thoughts with God that brings me to intellectual peace, and to receiving God’s daily miracles!

Let me tell you the process that I go through in my mind every morning, for the purpose of preparing you to pray. I cannot get there through just thinking; instead, the words from my mouth declare His praises and His glory. It usually takes over an hour to get that spiritual breakthrough. For that reason, our daily periscope prayer is an hour long. And didn’t Jesus say, “Could not you watch with Me one hour?”


We are in a Renaissance renewal, where God’s blessings are going to be surprising you daily. His treasures are so amazing, and they come from places you never considered. Listen to His word and you will enter into full and bountiful blessings that cannot even be surmised. I love you. And of course, let’s pray together every day!


Sent in love,

Pastor Richard Gazowsky

By Gazowsky