A Cup Of Coffee

A few weeks ago, while at dinner with the prophet Timothy Snodgrass, he mentioned, “The Lord is going to give you and your family layers of unctions in the Spirit that you need to be very accurately obedient to, and this will continue in layers of time up until the next Christmas, 2020.” My family knew to take the words of the prophet very seriously, so in our daily prayer and in each situation, we have been listening for the Lord and how He wants us to respond to the needs that are presented to us.

Then, on a nothing-out-of-the-usual day, my daughter Rocki Starr received a text message from a cute lively Christian woman, who is a member of an influential Hollywood family: “A friend of mine is on a respirator, as he is dying from cancer. Please pray for him.” When Rocki told me about the text message I began to pray in the Spirit, and suddenly I saw a cup of coffee before me, and the Lord said, “When you drink a cup of coffee, he’ll be fine.” I told Rocki to give the message to the woman, and Rocki said, “Dad, I don’t know if I can text her that message. Will she understand?” So, Rocki gave me the lady’s phone number and I texted her this message:

“This is Pastor Richard Gazowsky, Rocki‘s father. I hope everything is going perfect for you, and I want to thank you for asking us to pray for your friend (name deleted). A little while ago I was praying for him, and I saw you drinking a cup of coffee. The Lord spoke to me and said, ‘When she does this her friend will be fine.’ May God bless you and richly value you with all of His goodness.”

She wrote us back a few days later and said, “Hello, Pastor Richard. Thank you so much for that. Thank you!! God bless you and your family. ❤️”

She then wrote a second time and said, ”Pastor Richard, question. I keep reading your text and I wanted to ask you for more clarification on what it means. Are you meaning literally drinking coffee, or more of drinking in a spiritual way? God is telling me one thing, but I wanted to see if you could give me clarification. Thank you. “

My family and I were driving to a remote location when we received her message, so I quickly responded and sent her this text message: “Just simply drink coffee.“ (But, the message did not go through because we lost cellular reception.)

The next week, as we were eating a Monday morning breakfast, Rocki received a series of texts from her friend:

“Rocki?” she began.
“Yes. How’s it going?” Rocki replied.
“Umm. It’s going good. I have an update. I am still in a bit of shock, so I’m just going to tell you what happened.” She continued, “My friend was on a ventilator for 6 days. His father wanted to bring him home so he could be with family. As they prepared him to place a trach, he started breathing on his own. He came off the vent for 2 days with a CPAP and went home. Yesterday his breathing became shallow and we all said our goodbyes. He passed away last night around 3 a.m.”

This news was tough to hear after we had been interceding for his recovery. Rocki began writing a message of encouragement to the woman, when we received another text message from her. The man’s body was taken to the morgue, and around 9 a.m. an intern noticed that the man’s body was twitching. Now we have heard that dead bodies have been known to twitch a little, but this was more than usual. They checked his body and he had a heartbeat! Stunningly, the man was brought back to the ICU! Our friend said that she was on her knees praising God!

This amazing round of events blew us away. It turned out that we were not very far away from her location, so we met up at a little local bistro/pizza shop, and the Lord told me, “Don’t forget the coffee.”

When we sat down with her at the table over a few personal-sized pizzas the glory of the Lord came so strong, as we discussed the miracle that had just happened. We all laughed and cried, and when we were finished eating, our friend mentioned that she received my text message, “Just simply drink coffee” that very morning at 9:23 a.m., before she texted Rocki the news regarding her friend! We spoke out in unison, “We gotta drink coffee! Get the waitress!” As we sat there waiting for the waitress to bring us our cups of coffee, an incredible thing happened ~ the lady received a text message from the father of her friend in the hospital.

Her friend was in an induced coma, and the father asked if she would call his son so he could put the phone up to his son’s ear. (By the way, the father of the man in the coma had never witnessed any such miracle and had never understood such things.) The waitress brought fresh-brewed coffee to our table, and with coffee in hand, our friend spoke a sweet message of hope to the man in the coma over the phone. We all couldn’t help but cry and praise the Lord for what He was doing ~ over a cup of coffee.
Sent in love,

Pastor Richard Gazowsky


Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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