A Dream About How To Receive Great Wealth

I woke up this morning from an incredible dream I want to share with each one of you, especially since Alexis Orth (one of the editors of this blog) asked me to write a blog about a subject that happened to concern the very dream I just woke up from!
The dream:
I was working out in a very sophisticated gym that was located in our newly-remodeled church at 1970 Ocean Ave. On the exercise machine next to me was a young girl about the age of my daughters, who was dressed in the latest, coolest workout outfit made by one of the great design houses in Italy.
As we both finished exercising and were taking a moment to rest, she asked, “Pastor, how do I receive great wealth in order to do the things that God has called me to do? You and your family are traveling around, and you have the money to stay in different hotels every night, travel, and eat at restaurants. So how does that happen?” I looked at her young face and I realized she was asking this in all honesty. She really wanted to know how to receive money to accomplish what she needed to do for God.
But before I could reply she continued, “I know that the money should come from Christians, but what Christians should I ask for money, and how should I ask?” There were assumptions she was making that I first needed to address before I answered her original question.
I replied straightforwardly, “You should never look to Christians as the means for making money. If you do, you will be blocking out over 75% of the sources of money God wants to bless you with. Remember, “‘The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine,’ says the Lord of hosts.” God is speaking and telling you that all sources of money belong to Him, and He can turn the heart of the hardest king. This is very important, because you have much to do with how God gives you money.
If you believe that finances can only come from a Christian source, you limit the actions God might choose. The largest source of money I ever received came from a secular government. It had to do with a hospital bill in Europe amounting to millions of euros ~ which we had incurred when my daughter Misty died and then came back to life. God is God. If He gave you the dreams, He will also provide the funding. You just don’t know how God will supply your needs.”
In my dream, I could see she was dressed appropriately for the gym environment, so she already understood the importance of properly presenting herself in public. Next, I wanted to answer her question about how she should ask. I replied, “How to ask depends on who you ask, which leads to your first comment, which was about Christians providing you with money. You told me you’re asking this question because of how my family and I have been supplied daily by the Lord. It’s hard to even comprehend how such a thing could actually happen when every day becomes a miracle.
It has not been people, but God and Him alone. Wealthy Christians are very protective over their wealth ~ not in a negative way, but in a holy way. They will only touch their money if God speaks to them. By this I mean God Himself, not representatives on earth who think they hear the voice of God. If they are truly wealthy they will know how to listen to the voice of God coming from their tummy. Clever people who think they can trick wealthy people into giving them money are just fooling themselves and they will soon get weary of asking.
True Christians have gone through a long process of receiving help from God, and so have learned to discern the voice of God. That’s why they will only use their money for what He has spoken for them to do. The closer you get to God in the process of fulfilling your dreams and visions, the more you will begin to respect other people’s wealth. You will find yourself refusing to touch wealth that doesn’t belong to you. This is a sacred trust that God wishes to establish with everyone.”
I continued, “I have seen great Christians be tricked by the enemy and lose their wealth because they quit listening to that voice in their tummy. It has greatly troubled me and I have found the answer in this simple truth: Samson did not know that the Lord had departed from him. He thought he would shake himself free from his attackers and be strong, but instead he was as weak as any other man, and the Philistines made him a slave.
Samson became the “superman” of the Old Testament whenever he felt the presence of God. But God left him when he disobeyed God by letting his hair be cut, and he did not know God was gone. God is great and powerful, but He also has the ability to leave someone without them even knowing it.
Wow! Wealth can cause someone to trust in it and to start thinking their foundation and security is found in the wealth. But this does not have to be true. Just as you need to ask God for wealth, it is your continued relationship with God that allows you to keep everything concerning wealth. If you are discerning daily, you will always be pointed to the power of your personal relationship with God Himself.”
The young woman said, “But pastor, the dreams and visions that God gave me were so real! How do I know for sure that God will supply the riches that I need? Isn’t He expecting me to go out and cleverly devise a way to get this wealth?” The young woman was very articulate, witty, and fully capable of coming up with a very clever business plan at the spur of the moment. The truth of trusting in God operates at a completely different level.

I replied to her, “I can tell you are very sharp, but that’s not why God chose to give you those dreams. There’s an element that He sees in you that you probably are not aware of. And that is, God knows you are able to believe even when there is nothing around you physically to support it ~ not family, not friends, not position, nor wealth: just Jesus. This is why He has chosen you, because you are pure.
“If you choose to trust Him completely, you are exactly what He is looking for ~ someone who will just trust Him and His voice that you hear on the inside. And the key to all of this is you personally developing a good relationship with patience: she is beautiful, she is wonderful, and she is very entertaining. So let her be your best friend.”

I knew our conversation was coming to an end so I concluded, “God is going to give you great treasures of wealth every day ~ first as thoughts, then as conversations you will have with important people. These treasures are the words you speak. Speak them with strength. As you do this with others, you will find your life rising to their same level.”

I then woke up very quickly and sat up in bed.

Sent in love,

Pastor Richard Gazowsky


Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

One thought on “A Dream About How To Receive Great Wealth

  1. WOW! U seem 2 have very long and very detailed dreams from God Richard, my experience is the opposite; a Dream from God is short, 2 the point and very detailed and intense but not lengthy at all. Thank U 4 sharing this Dream! I find it saturated with wisdom from above and also the fact that U mentioned that great wealth begins with our words – that is powerful I think. Bless/ Markko from Sweden

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