Accessing the Invisible Kingdom of God through Prayer

For the last 600 days I have been linking with prayer warriors around the world using the Periscope app on my smart phone. This week I received an email from a gentleman who has been praying with us for the last few months from Sweden. His accuracy and precise prayer communication amazed our family.
A little over a month ago we were called to Lodi, California for an emergency prayer session with our relatives. While we were driving up Interstate 5 a truck carrying crude oil inadvertently opened its faucet and oil poured all over the freeway. The oil spray covered our windshield so completely that we had to pull off the freeway into a gas station to clean the windows so we could see to drive again. 
While we were cleaning the window the phone rang and Sandy‘s sister-in-law, Elisabeth, called to tell her that her husband Gary had passed away. Immediately I knew that the oil spill had to do with Gary’s passing. He was an anointed witness of the gospel in San Francisco, and was responsible for hundreds of people coming to know Jesus Christ. The Lord told me his anointing is now being poured out upon this new generation.
Markku is a periscope prayer warrior who lives in Sweden. Weeks ago, he’d had a dream where he saw me, Sandy, and my two daughters standing with him beside the bed of a gentleman who was getting ready to pass away. He shared a few more details of how the man was then received up into Heaven. He had never contacted us personally before, but had only prayed with us on Periscope. He did not have access to any of the details about our family. 
Markku then woke up, went downstairs in his house, made breakfast, and thought he should contact us through our website, “A Place To Meet Jesus”, because the anointing from the dream was so strong that he needed to tell us about it. When he heard my story on Periscope describing what had just happened on the freeway with the spillage of oil, he realized that must have been the same anointing he was feeling in Sweden. But he didn’t contact us at that time. I also hadn’t mentioned Sandy’s brother’s passing on Periscope and Markku didn’t know what his dream meant.
Then he had another dream a while later. In the dream he was going into a bank with my daughter Rocki Starr, and felt that the Lord was telling him to buy some stock options. When the trader asked him what stock he wanted to buy, he didn’t know but Rocki said, “We want to buy milk stock.” When the trader asked, “How many shares?” She answered, “Just one.” But the man replied, “No, we need for you to purchase at least two or three shares.” Then Markku woke up. 
In his email to me he shared the first and second dreams. When my family read his complete email we were amazed at how accurate every detail had been for us, especially Rocki, who had been praying for a confirmation concerning her personal prayers which had not been shared on Periscope.
Rocki had been asking the Lord to help her take off her defenses in prayer and let the Lord fight her battles and be her defense. She had been seeking God for a full revelation, when Markku had the dream about milk stock. Rocki felt his dream was telling her to also pray “milk” prayers—pure and wholesome prayers, and to let Jesus fight her battles. She now has been asking God to give her “milk stock” in the Spirit. It was very encouraging! This experience is showing us how the Holy Spirit, as a Teacher, is instructing us.
The invisible kingdom of God is linked so precisely, and is instantaneous. Holy Spirit synchronization is actually faster than the current technology displayed on our smart phones. To be honest with you, it’s almost breathtaking when you see the Spirit-world in operation! Something  tells me that this is only a slight breath of the Wind that is introducing a hurricane of revelation ~ which will further reveal the invisible kingdom and its intricate network structure. Can’t wait for next week! See you on Periscope.
Sent in love,
Pastor Richard Gazowsky

Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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