“Stay In The River”

Over the last few years the Lord has continuously given us clear instructions through dreams and visions. Most of the dreams have been very fuzzy in their application. In other words, you need to understand how they apply to the situation you are facing. But also every time we listened to them and obeyed what they were instructing us to do, it turned out to be the most profitable part of our life.

A few days ago my daughter, Rocki Starr, had an epic dream that I want to share with you now.

“I was in a place where there was a large covering overhead. There were waterways constructed with cement. The multiple lanes with running water were rivers that were wide enough for one watercraft. In each lane there was a classic wooden water-sleigh with a motor in front. People vigorously came running towards the motorized water-sleighs that were in the multiple river lanes and jumped on. All of the watercraft were in a race.

“My dad, Misty, and several girls were in our raft ~ like the seven wise virgins. The watercraft were off and going, then the rivers opened up to a large open place with no lanes. I saw a Christian family pull up next to our raft, I waved ‘Hi!’ and a friend called out to ask me how I was doing. Before I could answer her, all of the cemented river-ways reappeared, but they all went in different directions ~ and our water-sleighs were pulled apart as we went down separate paths.

“Our river-way flowed through a large house, and my dad suggested that we all get out to rest and be refreshed. Everyone went into different rooms within the house to rest. Upon looking around the house, I realized that the owner could not be found, which left me with a creepy feeling. I told our group that it was time to leave the house because we were not supposed to be there.

“We found ourselves in a circular room with little windows, and the room swayed back and forth. I looked out of the window and came eye-to-eye with a huge towering mechanical doll that had a black eye. I realized that we were in the brain of another massive doll. We stood at the precipice of a long, slick steep hill. At the bottom of the hill was flat ground. An identical long, slippery steep hill was at the other side of the valley.

“I could see three other huge mechanical dolls fighting on the other hill and they slid and fell into the valley below. The terrain made it too difficult to climb out of the valley once you fell into it. When I looked out of the little window in the doll’s head, I noticed that the doll with the big black eye didn’t like the way I looked at it. The doll swung at me and our doll fell down the hill a long ways. At this point I was saying to myself, ‘We should’ve stayed in the river. We shouldn’t have stopped in the house. Why didn’t we keep going?'”

The multiple cemented river-ways were preordained pathways of God’s glory. And we were protected under the Lord’s covering. We could end up in different river pathways if we chose, but the rivers were all cemented, preordained, finished.

Now, sometimes people are bothered with the thought of the river being ‘planned.’ They think that the river will flow just any old way they want it to. So, when they step out of the river they think they are still in it because they think being in a river means ‘options.’ But, this is a deliberate, destined river. This river is headed for a lasting, eternal, and glorious destination ~ even in this life!

The seven wise virgins are the vigilant intercessors on Periscope who are faithful in prayer every day, keeping their lamps filled with oil. The Christian family, who we saw on the open waters, is the Church in San Francisco whom we miss. Calling the seven virgins to leave the house was the call to get back in the river, to stay in the river.

When we found ourselves in the head of the mechanical doll, which was like being in confinement, there was no way out. I was reminded of the Scripture that says, ‘You shall be the head, and not the tail; above only, and not beneath.’ Even though we are called to be the ‘head’ as we will be, we were a head and part of a religious organization that was in a war. I felt like the people of the organization operated the massive body of the doll. We were in the wrong place. Once we were a part of the religious war and fell into the valley, it was almost impossible to get out. The organizations were going to fight to the death. I feel like the Lord is giving a clear warning to stay away from the fighting organizations and stay in the river!

A dream that is this heavy you must be careful not to make quick conclusions about. Instead, meditate and pray so that we do His perfect will and stay in the center of the river of provision for our lives. I love you very much!

Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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