“Swedish Prayer Adventure”

The Gazowsky family, from San Francisco, California, has been called by the Lord to pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” In obedience to this word, they have been led by the wind of the Spirit. They have linked up with other intercessors by the smart phone app “Periscope,” and about 800 intercessors have answered the daily call to prayer.

Their daughter, Rocki Starr, had a dream in 2016: “A beautiful girl sat by a body of water. She wore a wetsuit that was for her protection. The young girl dove into the water and started swimming like a mermaid. The Gazowsky family dove in the water behind her and followed. The Lord revealed that this was Sweden. The young girl noticed that the water was stagnant and was full of crocodiles. But as the family swam and kept following the mermaid, the stagnant waters began to drain away and the crocodiles began to leave. Suddenly the family was at Vello Vaim’s house. He opened his arms wide and said, ‘Welcome!’ to Richard, who said, ‘We can only stay for two days.’”

For over a year the family discussed this dream, wondering what it could mean. Then, while the family was visiting Iceland, the Lord spoke to Richard and said, “Buy a plane ticket that costs under $100 and fly to the nation that it sends you to.” There was only one place that was selling a ticket for under $100 ~ Stockholm, Sweden. Without telling Vello and Ingalill they were coming, the Gazowskys arrived at their house. Vello answered the door, opened his arms wide, and said, “Welcome into my home. I am so glad to see you!” Ingalill also welcomed them with gladness. It was exactly like Rocki had seen in her dream. Now they knew the dream was coming to pass!

That night a group of young people, from the local university in Aldenbug, came to the house for prayer. One of the young ladies, Maral Der, said the Lord spoke to her to give the Gazowskys a tour. The family believed she was the mermaid from the dream, so they planned for their prayer time on Sunday to go wherever the mermaid led them. Cornelia, a Swedish pop musician, said she wanted to go pray too.

On Sunday, the Gazowsky family linked up on their periscope prayer broadcast with 164 intercessors worldwide, and the “mermaid” led them through the Vivalla neighborhood. Here, they heard that the terrorist group Isis was recruiting young men and women. As they drove through the neighborhood praying and interceding (which you can still watch by logging onto Periscope), Richard heard the Lord saying that God was answering their prayers. As they pulled out of the neighborhood he saw the spirit in the murky waters leaving!

At this point Cornelia remembered a dream she’d had a year and a half ago. She said, “I had a dream where I was driving my car through the forest, and suddenly many alligators came out of the forest. I drove my car over the alligators, crushing them!” There they were, both dreams fulfilled, right as they were in the car praying! Wow!

An hour later, the Gazowsky family was sitting in the most beautiful church, listening to wonderful Swedish worship. As the people were praising Jesus, Pastor Richard saw a vision: “In God‘s presence, all of the Swedish people began to grow bigger in the Spirit from within, and they became a very large and mighty people. They turned into sheep. Suddenly, these great sheep began to sheer their own coats and build factories. The sheep took the wool that they had just produced and began to cover the people of the earth with the warm love and hugs from the spiritual coverings they were producing.

“All of this was being done by the sheep. There was no leader but Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd. The pastors were rejoicing because they were also being blessed. In the background was a very large whale, that had sharp razor-like dangerous teeth, and it began shrinking away. As the sheep and their factories grew in power and success, the whale (which looked like Leviathan, and had a huge tattoo branded on its back that said “atheist”) just slipped back into the ocean never to be seen again.”

As the exciting adventure continues, you can join up by praying with Pastor Richard Gazowsky on Periscope, every day!


Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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