“All I Want To Do Is Cuddle With The Lord”

By Richard Gazowsky

There are times in life when momentous things happen which are so earth-shaking it permanently changes your life forever. This week has been one of the only times I’ve ever had climatic events occur in such swift succession.

Let me now tell you about the reality of a move of God. Last Friday night, Gershom Sikaala ministered, and the glory of God was so strong through Grace Williams’ worship, and Gershom’s prophetic word, that I was slain in the spirit on the floor. I felt waves of God’s glory cleansing the inner parts of my spirit. While I lay there, I was reminded of a word, 28 years ago, when Jesus told me, “Richard, I will give you money on the day you lose weight.” This word was so simple and powerful, that I tried to jump ahead of God, and went on over 100 diets. I gained weight until I was 310 pounds of pure fat.

Years later, through a complex series of visits to the hospital, family intercession, and obedience to God, the Lord whittled me down to 250 pounds. The prophetess Joy, in Singapore, had prophesied to me three years prior and said, “You will go down to 250 pounds and stay there until the Lord is ready to release it all to you.” I know it sounds funny, that I’m talking about my belly and the will of God, but it’s the only way I can share with you how profound this last week has been to me and the church that I pastor, A Place To Meet Jesus.

As I continued to lay on the floor I heard Gershom prophesying, “The Lord is changing you on the inside. This is why it is so hard for you to change your eating habits. Your flesh has locked into its old way of eating. It does not want to learn anything different. But now, the power of God is upon you, and He is cleansing you on the inside. Everything from your previous habit is washed clean. Now God is giving you a chance to learn how to eat anew. Make sure you develop an eating habit which is glorious to the Lord.”

After hearing these words, I realized that the Lord had changed me. The next day I wasn’t hungry at all. I could’ve fasted all day and had no desire to touch food. But I realized that God was changing me and and that I needed to take advantage of this change. That same morning, Sandy offered me an incredible breakfast, and I heard the Lord say, “Begin your new life.” I ate only one egg, a half piece of toast, and was full. I was shocked! And it continued like this for days! By Monday night, I had lost six pounds! The weight just continues to roll off my body.

God is not done with me. And He’s definitely not done with the church. On Sunday morning, Timothy Snodgrass prophesied that an unusual numerical miracle was to occur at midnight, on 7/14/14. That’s five 7’s in a row. The number 7 represents God’s perfect number, and the number 5 represents His grace. This moment was so critical that satan tried to keep prophet Timothy away from the evening service. But Gershom, under the anointing of God, started prophesying at about 9:30pm, and went on thundering until 12 midnight! At 20 minutes until midnight, God’s glory filled the sanctuary so overwhelmingly, that almost the entire congregation was slain in the spirit on the floor! Personally, I was so drunk in the Spirit that my mouth hung open, and my arms swung like a drowning maniac, losing it in overwhelming joy! In a mix of absurdly ridiculous positions, I saw a vision of Jesus Christ walking through the body. Gershom, not far away, tried to calm everyone down so they didn’t explode! Later, I discovered that multiple people saw the same vision of Jesus that I was honored to see; we giggled as we compared notes from the night!

This glory continued into Monday. I felt the Lord tell me to drive Gershom to his appointment in Fresno, where they had heard about the glory falling in San Francisco. They asked Gershom to come to an office building, and share what God had done. We arrived at 8pm, and Gershom began to share what the Lord was doing in our city. Right then, the glory of the Lord began to fall upon the people. At first it was only 15 people; then it grew to 50. By 11pm, every single person was on the floor, and the glory of God was rolling through, just as He had done at A Place To Meet Jesus. Gershom’s eyes began to play tricks on him, and things became out of focus. He realized that a cloud of glory was appearing, and everyone in the audience began to run toward the cloud. When they gathered in, the power of God knocked them to the floor! I was incredibly embarrassed, because as I was slain, just a few feet from me was the pastor’s wife! My British grandmother, Adeline Burrows, had always instructed me to behave myself when I’m a guest in someone else’s house. And here I was, drunk in the Spirit on the floor!

I am happy to say, when I talked with the pastor’s wife sometime later, she was very gracious, and said she was happy that we were partying with the Lord together! But that is not the end of the story…

The next day, through a series of events, I drove Gershom & Pastor Antonio down to Southern California. On highway 99, I was driving 70 miles per hour, when suddenly the Lord entered the car. Gershom began prophesying, “We are in the days that are greater than Kathryn Kuhlman, George Whitman, & Smith Wigglesworth. We are in days that are greater than all of the days of the past. I see a picture of an angel writing with a feathered pen in His hand; there will be history makers, people that are greater than these former generals of God. God is raising new generals that will do even greater things.” He then saw the angel continue to write a new list of history makers.

Gershom continued with these words, “God is doing something greater than Azusa Street, that carries the move of God and will not be stopped. These are the days we are living in now. The spirit of the Lord is moving in a way we cannot understand, because we are so locked in the old way of doing things.”

I continued to drive, as a whirlwind appeared in the field next to the car, spinning up into the sky. Gershom was holding two phones in his hand. On one phone my daughters, Misty and Rocki, began to prophesy that Antonio was going to Egypt! On the other line was Pastor Jeff Watson from Las Vegas, who also had a prophetic word. I felt the Lord take control of the car, and let my hands off of the steering wheel. At this moment, Pastor Antonio and Sandy became worried, and wondered what was going to happen. Gershom said, “Don’t worry, we are going to be translated to the studio.”

As I am dictating this blog, our car sits in front of the studio. Gershom and Antonio are entering a major Arabic television station, which serves as the number one Christian station in Egypt. No one knew this beforehand! No one knew this destiny was on us today. In the midst of all of this glory, I, Pastor Richard Gazowsky, have only one thought in my mind. Can I just cuddle with you, Lord Jesus?


Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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