“… After All This, My Love Is Here Beside Me”


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Monday Morning Blog: “Being Willing To Think The Impossible Becoming Common”

By Richard Gazowsky

“And the two shall become one flesh.” This sacred Biblical statement has never meant so much to me as it did this past Friday night at the Supernatural Life conference with Gershom Sikaala and Timothy Snodgrass. When I married Sandy forty years ago, she won my affections by her ability to listen and understand me. I shared with her the things that excited me, gave my life meaning, and made me want to touch the literal heavens above.

In the early days of our marriage, like most other businessmen and pastors, I traveled alone. I would find myself in barren tungsten lit hotel rooms with the faint, stale smell of cigarettes, feeling sad because there was no one to share the adventure of my day with. I would call Sandy and the kids at home, but it just wasn’t the same. One night, flying out of Denver, my plane’s transfer to San Francisco was delayed because of weather. I arrived at the hotel lobby with the other stranded passengers and went up to the hotel receptionist. A woman that had also been on the flight, (who was not in a wholesome outfit,) slipped up beside me at the counter without any introduction told the receptionist, “Just put me in his room.” I was shocked and turned red in the face; I realized I was holding a moment in time that was a live bomb, ready to explode. I whirled around from the counter and walked out of the hotel swiftly! The cold wind felt so refreshing and so cleansing as the icy air bit against my skin. I walked quickly to the next hotel, and paid out of my own expenses for a room. Once in my room, I rushed to the phone and shared the events of my day with my love, Sandy. I told her how much I desperately missed her. As I laid down that night, I made a covenant with God that I would never travel without my family again. I realized Sandy was my protection; I could not live without my better half!

Sandy has traveled with me in many international adventures. She was there when I was pick pocketed in a street market in Vietnam. Sandy was by my side drinking coffee in a Paris cafe, buying shoes in a Milan boutique, walking through the underground caves of Cappadocia, and smuggling Bibles into communist China. She spent the night next to me in a crashed bus that went through a government checkpoint in Liberia, West Africa. She was beside me when a Mossad agent ripped the film out of my camera because I had taken pictures of a sensitive area, and stood beside me at a hotel counter where we discovered we owed nearly three hundred dollars for one long-distance phone call to my mother. She was there when God miraculously stopped the rain in Africa four nights in a row, and three times she joined me in donating our house to the Lord. She agreed with me to give our new cars away and also rejoiced as God gave us brand new cars paid in full. In every adventure, our love for each other has deepened.

Last Friday night, on the eleventh day of the seventh month of 2014, our love plunged deeper still. That night, we realized the exciting part of our life together is just beginning, and any mundane days are over! When Gershom Sikaala called me to the front of the church, along with other ministers, I realized, this is it! This is the moment we have been waiting for, when we will finally get to sail down the highest peak on God’s big roller coaster. At that pinnacle moment, little 4’11” Sandy slipped up next to me, and I put my arm around her as the presence of God flooded over us. It was such a wave of glory that my only response was sobs filled with joy and wonder. One thought burst out of my heart… After all this, my love is here beside me.


Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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