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By Richard Gazowsky

A few nights ago my family and I were watching the 1940’s classic movie, “The Magic Bullet”, which stars Edward G. Robinson.  This story is about the frustration a chemist went through in finding the cure for syphilis.  The film emphasized the long laborious process of testing 605 unsuccessful antidotes in order to come to the one that finally brought the cure, called “606”.  The thing that moved me so much about the movie was the millions of lives that the magic bullet antidote saved through the years that have followed since.  That night, as I went to sleep, I did not know that God was getting ready to use my family and I to deliver a message to a modern-day scientist, who was also in the process of finding that “magic bullet.”


The next day, as my daughter, Rocki, and I were preparing to go jogging on a nearby mountaintop, I was joined by my sister, Victoria, who also desired to exercise with us.  As we were driving to the base of the mountain our conversation went to our upbringing and we both compared notes on how different our childhood was because we were raised by a well-known minister, our mother, Marilynn Gazowsky.  As children both my sister and I felt it was important to never bother our mother with our own personal problems because she had an important job of being a spiritual mother to a large congregation in San Francisco, as well as counseling ministers around the world.  We felt it would not be appropriate for us kids to bring our comparatively smaller problems to her.


Yet in no way did my sister or I feel neglected.  That’s because we realized that our real family was larger than the traditional family ~ it included every person in the church.  This caused my sister and I to view our family much differently because it was so much bigger ~ thousands of people rather than the small group that most families consist of.  I also noticed this phenomenon in other preachers’ kids that I have known throughout my life ~ like Mark Gorman, for example, who is the son of a famous Charismatic patriarch, Marvin Gorman.  I noticed that Mark made many decisions in his life for the sole purpose of honoring his father by making the wise decision to flow with his legacy, because he realized that he was not only honoring his father’s congregation in the city of New Orleans, but also the extensive family of Christians that was birthed into the kingdom of God by his father’s legacy.


The Bible describes this kind of spiritual family group by using the Greek word “oekos”.  In fact, one Scripture says that salvation doesn’t just go to one person but to the complete and entire oekos.  Another Biblical reference to this phenomenon is the word “fellowship,” which almost always uses the Greek word “koinonia,” which means much more than the friendship you might have in a business relationship.  It denotes a person’s spirit linking together with another human being that goes far beyond the dimensions of human contracts or commitments.  It comprises actual spiritual connections through the linking of the Holy Ghost.  I bring this subject up because I believe it is an important foundational aspect you must see before you can fully understand the story that I am about to share with you.


The prophetic word for my oekos:  This story begins with a prophecy that Bro. Timothy Snodgrass gave to my sister, Victoria.  Before Brother Timothy gave the word he said it was not only for my sister, but for the whole Gazowsky family.  Later in the word he said that it was for all the Christian families linked in some way to the Gazowsky family (which some of you know is an extensive group of people).  In the word he said that my sister would join my immediate family and me, would go to a mountaintop with us, and many wonderful things would happen.  Timothy said that there would be people drawn to us like a magnet, that in the one afternoon we prayed on this mountain the fire of God would accomplish something that would normally take decades to accomplish, and this would cause great freedom and liberty to the tri-city area and beyond, that we would be overlooking from the mountain.


The event on the mountaintop:  As my sister, my family, and I jogged up the mountain, we shared how good the Lord had been in our personal lives.  When we arrived at an inn that is frequented by hikers, we ate our lunch.  While I was getting my coffee my sister joined a conversation with the innkeeper and a gentleman he was talking with.  During the conversation the gentleman happened to ask Rocki if she was a musician.  She replied that she was and that she led worship at her church.  Suddenly the young man started laughing because he also led worship at his church, a Vineyard church in Los Angeles.  Immediately the conversation turned to a discussion of the presence of God and the wonderful things God was doing in all of our lives.


As we began sharing some of the miracles we had been seeing in the last few years, we noticed that another young man (who had been riding his bicycle up the mountain) edged closer to us on the hotel balcony and was politely listening to our conversation.  We soon found out that the young worship leader not only knew a close friend of mine, David Andrade, but that he had been working closely with him for seven days on a project to fill the Hollywood Bowl with the presence of God.  They felt the Lord was calling worship leaders from every nation on planet earth to the Hollywood Bowl for worship, and it would become the foundation for the redemption of that famous city, which has influenced the world through media.  Needless to say, we became quite excited when we heard all this!


We were then able to relate to the worship leader the current move of God in calling for a renaissance of the arts in the media industry.  We briefly described some of the patents that God had given us over the last year and how we believed they would affect the future of mass entertainment.  There was such a spiritual charge in the atmosphere during our conversation at this small hotel that it almost felt like electricity in the air.  Suddenly the young man who had been listening to us for over an hour broke into our conversation and excitedly asked for the name of our church so he could come and worship with us.  As we started talking with him, we discovered that he was actually a scientist who was working on a cure to cancer.


Come to find out, the young scientist’s father had made an initial discovery years ago, but with his father’s passing the overwhelming task of continuing to find a cure had been placed in his hands.  He confided to us that he had experienced much discouragement because the search for a successful antidote was a very laborious task involving constant testing.  When he said that, I thought about the previous night when we watched the movie about finding the cure to syphilis.  Suddenly I felt that it was not an accident, but God had planned for us to see that particular movie so when we met this young scientist our spirits would be able to discern the huge task he was facing, and we could pray and intercede for him so his faith would rise up to meet the task.


As we began praying for this young man I instantly saw in the Spirit that there were five things God was going to bless him with to strengthen him in his journey.  When I related them to him I could see the joy of the Lord coming upon his countenance.  Timothy prophesied that things that normally would take decades to accomplish would be accomplished in just one afternoon.  It was so thrilling as my sister, my family, and I jogged down the hill.  We couldn’t help laughing and giggling in the joy of God as we said, “We’ve ‘had meat that you know not of,’ just as Jesus said when He met the woman at the well.”


It’s only the beginning:  

The next day our family got together again and we rehearsed all the explosive miracles that had occurred on the mountain, on the way down the mountain, in church that night, and how the events affected many of the people who are in my larger Christian family ~ including David Andrade and Timothy Snodgrass (who is currently in the Philippine Islands).  The prophecies that are currently being given by the prophets are reaching new levels of accuracy that I have not seen in all of my 45 years of ministry.  It is incredible to see the layers of truth that are being revealed as each day unfolds,  and then compare them to the prophetic words given in recent meetings with the prophets.


Just yesterday I listened to a prophecy by Timothy Snodgrass and I compared it to two dreams that I had been given from the Lord regarding the invention of a certain manufacturing device.  Suddenly I realized that Timothy’s words were literally decoding the complexity of this invention in such a childlike way, that it gave me the ability to write down a very intricate algorithm and design on a device that was way beyond my normal ability to understand.


I felt this must have been similar to the experience that great men of God, like Leonardo Da Vinci, encountered in the first Renaissance, when the Holy Spirit downloaded the invention of the flying machine, submarine, helicopter, and even an encrypting machine.  It is so amazing to look at this man of God and his inventions, and how it has taken nearly five hundred years for them to be physically manufactured and realized.  What you and I must realize is that if you have been given the gift of the Holy Ghost and are willing to pray and intercede daily in His presence, God is whispering to you your future.  Like Leonardo Da Vinci, you are going to have a notebook of dreams and visions that are going to provide an incredible future for you and your family to enjoy.


The future is brighter than you think:  

If you are allowing your spirit to be plugged into the negative news media, and pop culture downloads from mainstream communications, and are not carefully filtering out information that poisons your faith and hope, you probably will not comprehend the message I am trying to convey to you.  But if you are listening to things that are full of faith, hope, and charity, you will understand what I am about to share with you ~ that the future of planet earth is bright and filled full of star-spangled hope.  We are on the verge of entering into the millennial reign of Christ and the inventions of new things are occurring right now!


For example, in the not too distant future we will be able to travel to faraway planets and back in unheard of short amounts of time, we will have the ability to manufacture incredibly complex items into even smaller units, we will acquire the knowledge to transport unusually heavy objects with minimal effort, and discover the way to translate from one place to another in a way never before thought possible.  Things our forefathers just dreamed about will become a reality.  Think about it ~ your family planning a summer vacation on Mars!


I know all of this sounds unbelievable because we are surrounded, just as Christopher Columbus was, by so-called experts who force upon you their staid opinions, even though you are not asking for them.  If it were up to them they would probably have you arrested for desiring what they believe are heretically impossible dreams.  But history shows us that Christopher Columbus did discover a New World, and Leonardo Da Vinci did envision a working helicopter, a flying machine, and an encrypting device that really is nothing more than a download about how speaking in other tongues, through the power of the Holy Ghost, works.  Now if that isn’t a taste of an exciting future, I don’t know what is.  Make sure you take the opportunity to speak in tongues today.


Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place To Meet Jesus. He has directed the films, “Guardians” and “The Roman Trilogy.” 


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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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