God’s Word In The Current iTunes Pop Hit List

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By Richard Gazowsky

iTunes has a list of their best-selling pop music singles.  A few weeks ago the Lord told me to listen to the songs on the top twenty list.  From the list God identified seventeen songs containing messages that the Lord is sending to the youth of the world.  This really blew my mind because as a pastor of a church in San Francisco I questioned whether God could really speak through popular hit music.  Well, then the Lord reminded me of one of my favorite gospel songs written by a good friend Lanny Wolfe, “Jesus Be The Lord Of All.”  Man, this song really touches me and I remember how moved my spirit was the first time I heard Lanny and his group sing it. As I sang those words “Jesus Be The Lord Of All”, the Lord asked me, “Do you really believe that the words of this song can come to pass?  Can I be the Lord of all of pop music?”   I answered God that it is a dream that He would be, but it seems so impossible because it seems like dark forces constantly show up in pop music.  Instead of questioning God any more on the subject I obediently got my iPhone and went to iTunes to look at their current pop list of singles.  From the top twenty list the Lord spoke to me to download seventeen of the songs that He said were carrying messages to the youth of the world from Him.  Wow, this was incredible!

 For a moment I felt like I was in France in 1943, right before the allied armies landed on the beaches of France to free the French from the Nazi occupation.  The secret agents of the French underground were listening carefully to each broadcast of the BBC radio every night and there were short encrypted messages carrying simple statements like “There is going to be rain tomorrow”, “The queen is happy”, or “Fire will run through the streets.”  Each one of these simple messages would send chill bumps down the hearts of the French underground because they knew the genuine meaning held words that were going to give France its freedom and liberty.  The Nazis also listened to these same broadcasts, but of course did not know the messages’ real meaning.  For them this lack of understanding created more fear because it meant that an army was assembling in this country that they had occupied by brute force, and their occupation was about to be terminated by these forces.

 This is the picture I got as I listened to the iTunes pop list. In these seventeen songs were messages of hope, joy, and deliverance that could encourage multitudes of young people ages of 26 years old and younger. Their spirits could be tuned into the words that God was speaking to every one of them through pop music.  This was incredible! The dynamics of this was world-changing, because right before my eyes I was seeing what I call, “God’s angel technology.”  Do you realize that right now there are more people alive on planet earth below the age of 18 than there are above the age of 18?  This means that God is putting his sermons through pop culture, going directly to the source of the next generation, bypassing cultural barriers, religious barriers, traditional barriers, ethnic barriers, and God is speaking to each one individually whether they are twelve years old or twenty.  When they dance to these songs, they are hearing a coded message from the Holy Spirit.  I am now going to share with you the seventeen pop songs that the Lord showed me.  Remember, what I am sharing with you is very dated and is like the manna in the wilderness that Moses said would feed the Israelites.  If the manna was one day old it turned to worms, and so it is that the list that I am about to share with you will become “worms” very shortly.  These messages are only good when they are fresh.  By the way, I am well aware that religious traditional spirits will fight what I am about to share with you viciously because satan can’t stand this secret messaging by the Holy Spirit.  I am going to give you the song title and the group that sings it and then a short explanation so that you can understand the spiritual insight I found in each one of these songs.

 * “Wings” by: Little Mix – This message is to a young girl who has friends that have tried to put her down, but mama (the church is your mother) has told you that you have wings that can make you fly.  Words will never affect you.

 * “I Love It” by: Icona Pop – This song uses some off-color words and sounds negative in its lyrics but feels positive in its music. The reason for this is that the message is about a woman leaving a bad satanic relationship. Like Joseph in Egypt, everything bad happens to her, but she loves it because God takes the bad things and turns them into good.

 * “Next to Me” by: Emeli Sande – This song’s message is obvious.  The singer is telling every young person that the Lord is next to you.  Remember the song may not actually have these words in it but God is speaking to every young person in the earth daily.  So, the song only complements what God is already doing in their hearts.

 * “It Starts Tonight” by: Gimm+icky – The key phrase in this song that unlocks the whole message is when the singers say, “You only live one time so make it the time of your life, it starts tonight, let’s go.”  Wow!  What an exciting way to let God restart your life.

 * “Sweet Nothing” by: Calvin Harris – This song is a love song from God, and the singer is receiving this love. Although it may not be actually said in the song, the Holy Spirit inside of every young person is excited by the words because they are words of faith that the Lord has spoken, things that are apparently “sweet nothings” but their spirits know that faith is the substance of things hoped for and the positive message of faith is received by an entire generation that dances and sings to this song.

 * “I Knew You Were Trouble” by: Taylor Swift – This song is obviously poetry about a young man who hurt her, but the message to every young lady is simple and powerful, “I knew you were trouble when I first met you.”  When you feel a check in your spirit the first time you meet someone, this is a warning of God saying, “Don’t touch it.”  The first time you taste alcohol it tastes terrible, and is a warning that you don’t touch it. The first time you gamble, etc… This message sent clearly to billions of youth through Taylor Swift.

 * “Little Things” by:  One Direction – Jesus said that if you were faithful in little then He would make you ruler over much.  Here, a young man observes the little things that his girlfriend is doing. This will make him a faithful husband and a ruler over his household, if he continues to observe the little things.

 * “Daylight” by:  Maroon 5 – It took a while for me to see the message that God was saying in this song, but suddenly I realized that the song was very deep spiritually because it was talking about the process of waiting on God.  Jesus said that if a man walks in darkness he stumbles, but if he walks in the daylight he doesn’t stumble because he can see obstacles.  So, though it sounds like a simple song of a man wanting to spend the night with his lover, it actually is giving the spirit of waiting on God and not moving until you see the daylight.  Listen to this song with this revelation and you will understand the singer’s inflections and phrasing of words.

 * “Diamonds”:  Rihanna – This song refers to you as the solitaire that David talks about in the family.  God has placed a diamond in every family relationship.  The diamond allows the light of God to shine in their lives and sparkles to everyone. Thank you, Lord, for having Rihanna say this so beautifully in this song.

 * “Don’t Stop The Party” by:  Pitbull – At first this song offended me in every way it could and I couldn’t understand why the Lord was pointing it out, but then He reminded me of the scripture about the angels rejoicing when one sinner comes to repentance.  I suddenly looked at Pitbull being the dance party leader of angels dancing over sinners repenting and I got the revelation that satan can’t stop the party.  Wow!  When you see it in this light, everything changes.

 * “Beauty and a Beat” by:  Justin Bieber – This song is obviously sung by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.  I personally know that Justin Bieber is filled with the Holy Spirit and Nicki Manaj has a strong personal relationship with the Lord.  At the beginning of this song their names are mentioned for a reason that puts a whole new bent on the song “Beauty and a Beat”.  Need I say anymore?

 * “Carry On” by:  Fun – This song is very obvious.  The phrase “carry on” is God encouraging you to forget the past and carry on to the future.

 * “Anything Could Happen” by:  Ellie Goulding – This song is incredibly powerful in its message about miracles.  God wants you to believe that anything could happen.  This song became popular when William and Kate had it played at their wedding reception and has now become a message for a generation to believe that God can do anything.

 * “Titanium” by:  David Guetta – This song has the beat of the dance but is incredibly powerful in its message about being strong when people are firing fiery demon darts at you. God wants you to “mature up” and be like titanium.

 * “Don’t You Worry Child” by:  Swedish House – This song has a very clear message.  Don’t worry my child; Heaven has a plan for you.  What more can I say?

 * “Hall of Fame” by:  The Script – This song is one of my favorites on the entire list because it is God’s purpose in your life.  He wants you to be in His hall of fame.  The line that really hits my buttons is politicians need to be preachers.

 * “Some Nights” by:  Fun – This song really makes the message so clear that even the most stubborn religious spirit will have to admit that the message here is telling young people to turn to Jesus.  The line that I am talking about is, “I wake up and I see your gospel, Lord, I’m still not sure what I stand for.”  Now, let me end with this song and the clear message that God is sending out to over three billion humans on planet earth that are under the age of 18 years.  Wow!  That is incredible.

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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place To Meet Jesus. He has directed the films, “Guardians” and “The Roman Trilogy.” 

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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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