600 Virgins for 600 Men

By:  Richard Gazowsky

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This week the Lord met me in a dream, handed me a folded piece of paper, and told me to read it, but as I started to read it I realized that I was beginning to wake up from the dream.  I tried to read the message but instantly realized it was my own writing.  The Lord said to me, “I am letting you see what you are going to write in the blog this week so that you receive the message very clearly; it will be given to you over the next few days.”  I felt myself slipping from a dream state but I read as far as I could before I found myself awake.  This is the resulting story:

This Christmas my family had been instructed by the Lord to purchase each other very expensive winter jackets.  I was given a North Face down jacket for extreme cold expedition weather.  The jacket was not only warm but also very large.  As I wore this jacket during the last few weeks I began to notice that it constantly was in the way. Since it was so large, that it had seemed to be exactly the warmth that I needed in the frigid San Francisco wind that was blowing over our city.  The inconvenience came to a head when I was getting out of a theater chair and my jacket caught a large full cup of soda, pulled it out of its cup holder, causing the complete contents to pour out on the floor.  I realized at that instant I had the wrong coat on in the wrong place.  The Lord said to me, “This is the condition of the church.  The members are wearing the coats and armor of warriors but I am changing some of them to a new ministry, a ministry of healing.  It is time for you to take off and destroy the coat that you just possessed. The Spring is coming and you want to get ready to change your clothes.  Wake up and read the story of 600 Virgins for 600 men.”

At this point I woke up from the dream and sat up in bed.  I contemplated for the next 30 minutes over what this could mean, 600 virgins for 600 men.  Suddenly, I thought of the story of the tribe of Benjamin in the book of Judges.  When I had read this story again I realized that the tribe of Benjamin had been in a great moral sin, but when Israel asked for Benjamin to turn over the offensive people in their community they refused.  So God judged the entire tribe of Benjamin in battle even though they were not all sinners.  The battle went so fiercely against Benjamin that the men of the city who were not wanting to take part in any of the conflict ran.  They were pursued by Israel until all but 600 men were killed and these men hid in the mountains for four months.  Israel realized that they had made a covenant with the Lord not to compromise their women by having them marry any of the men of Benjamin. That would mean that the entire tribe of Benjamin was going to be annihilated from Israel.  As a result of this, Israel wept before the Lord because the tribe of Benjamin would be no more.  God saw this and gave them a way of escape to save what remained of the tribe.  Shiloh was getting ready to celebrate their harvest time and 600 virgins, as was the custom, were coming to dance among the vineyards and celebration.  So, Israel told the 600 survivors of Benjamin to hide among the vineyards the night before the dance.  When the virgins came out to dance, the men of Benjamin literally took for themselves wives on that one fateful day, and the tribe of Benjamin was preserved.

After I read this story from the Bible the Lord showed me its prophetic significance in a vision.  In this vision I saw myself having the winter coat cut from my body by a silver knife, and suddenly I changed into an attractive young virgin dressed in just a bikini. (Of course it was not me, but was rather a spiritual visual sign of what we are all to become.) This young virgin was ready to be married and bear children for the future.  She knew that she was being surrounded by men who had just come from a very corrupt community, but she was to choose one of them to be her husband for the rest of her life. She knew how important the look of her eye was– if she simply looked into the eyes of the wrong man and smiled, just that simple act would be the most devastating mistake she would ever make. If she smiled in the eyes of the right man, however,  she would be filled with splendor and blessings that would follow her and all of her generations of children.  The Lord showed me that this is what we are about to face in the next few months.

A year ago Paul Cain, the prophet, flew to San Franccisco and asked to meet with me.  When I went to his hotel, I was told that he had just left.  A day later I got a call from a gentleman representing Paul Cain who said that Paul would like to meet with me the next day at the hotel again, but when I went to the hotel, I heard that he had just left 30 minutes earlier.  What the hotel didn’t tell me was that he had left in an ambulance.  Two days later I received a call from the hospital and this time it was Paul Cain himself.  He said that even though he was embarrassed to meet with me at the hospital, he felt that our meeting was so important that I must come there and see him.  At the hospital Paul said that he’d had a vision of California; its highways had been deconstructed with no connection between these roadways.  The roadways were built on the tops of cliffs and a wrong turn anywhere could send you to your death.  He was sent to tell me that the connections that are being constructed are life and death situations, and it is important that I do not connect with the wrong highway; my connections meant life and death itself.

As I sat there comparing the vision that God had given me concerning the tribe of Benjamin and the words of Paul Cain, I realized how important the next few months and years were going to be in many of our lives.  The spirit and essence of virginity is coming upon many of you in the church and you are going to be so attractive to leaders in the business community because the ideas of God have made you attractive.  Even though in the past you have been rejected you now will be so desirable that people will be willing to sign a contract with you suddenly and you must be careful that you do not give the wrong person even a welcome look of the eye. The wrong connection will not only hurt you but will also hurt them.

The Lord is cleansing the world of unrighteousness.  There are those who have defended this wickedness only for the selfish interest of preserving of their company and their products.  In the movie industry there are many executives who will not take their own children to movies that their own companies make.  This executive may publicly defend the unrighteousness that he and his own family won’t even take part in.  Their consciences will suddenly wake up in the next wave of judgment that is going to befall the world.  It is very important that you and I learn to separate in our minds these people that are to preserve the industrial complexes that generations of leaders have built.  You cannot be focused on “warfare against” but rather be a virgin who must be willing to marry those whom you earlier might have despised.

I am sure the 600 virgins at Shiloh were shocked by the events they suddenly became a part of.  At first they might have been tempted to look at themselves as victims rather than receivers of God’s blessings.  You must realize that God is holy and He is going to bring the whole world to righteousness and therefore He must have those that are willing to become wives with, or intimate with, companies that have done evil and wickedness before.  Jesus was not sent to the righteous or those who were healed, but to the sick, the prostitutes, the sinners, and even those who were tax collectors.  Are we willing to join in deep relationship with these who are going to be rejected, to lead them into an uncompromising life with Christ?

Alexander Graham Bell was not only a Christian, but a man of God with a vision.  His original vision was that the telephone was going to give him the ability to have church services played in peoples homes who could not make it physically to church; thank God the Bell family realized that the vision might be just a little bit bigger than that.  Today that family still owns stock in the world’s largest communication device.  You and I are going to take part in the birthing of many things that will direct the future of the people of the world.  May each of you realize the visions that God gives you have a greater purpose than what you think. Know that it is the vision of God, and let Him direct you!


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Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called The Voice of Pentecost, and is also president of Christian WYSIWYG Filmworks. He has directed the films, “Guardians” and “The Roman Trilogy.”


Published by Gazowsky

Richard Gazowsky pastors a church in San Francisco called A Place to Meet Jesus. He has authored books,"Teach Me to Pray, I'm Falling Asleep" and "The Prophetic Whisper" as well as movie scripts. He currently feels the call of God to pray on the Periscope App everyday. Join him in prayer!

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