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…they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover… EXPECT A MIRACLE!

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Talk to Alejandro this week…Ask him about being healed from Cirrhosis!!!!What a miraculous testimony of the healing of the Living God!

When Dr. Gershom Sikaala was last in town, our whole church was witness to God’s healing power. Many women in the church were healed by God! Sister Lindsey’s appetite returned,  one woman’s knee was healed, an aunt and nephew had nightmares removed from their sleep, and Sister Peggy just felt BETTER. What a mighty God we serve!IMG_3516
victoriaThis is Victoria, healed by God’s amazing grace!!!  Do you fight back pain? Scoliosis? By the blood of the lamb, Victoria has overcome both of these physical obstacles in a spiritual victory! Amen to the God who heals us!!!

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 healing3In the 7 days of Glory conference, Sister Lucy Sura was healed of severe stomach pain! Ask her about God’s healing power!! One woman felt the arthritis leave her body, and has been joy-filled at being able to walk around pain free. Another person had asthma symptoms leave their body.

healing1So many people were prayed over & prophesied to. AMEN to God’s healing power!!!

In this last conference with many special guests, one woman  walked in with severe spine problems, unable to move her back…She walked out DANCING!!! Praise God! Come see His GLORY!!!

IMG_0335Hello Gershom,
My name is Shannon. After attending your meeting in San Francisco in June of 2014 I have indeed received my complete healing from the Lord Jesus Christ. I did take the step of faith in eating as you had encouraged me to do so and I am now walking in freedom! Thank you so much for your obedience to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and for investing in my spiritual growth. It means more than words could ever describe. This has been a progressive healing process over the last 7 years. Below is a brief summary of my walk into God’s healing power.
Stanford diagnosed me with irratible bowel syndrome; when efforts to maintain my condition were not successful, my doctor had prescribed a medication that was supposed to block the nerve signals of pain to my brain. I was not comfortable with this medication and had held off on taking it, seeking the Lord on the matter. During this time, Stanford accidently found a large ovarian tumor. I had it removed surgically in December of 2013. I was told by doctors that this tumor had nothing to do with the abdominal pain and digestive problems I had been experiencing.
As a result of God’s healing and my obedience to the Holy Spirit I can finally eat any food I wish with no problems, no issues, and no attacks. I no longer need a walker to help me get around my house. My eye sight has not left me blind for temporary amounts of time, the unbearable abdominal pain is completely gone and so much more!
On June 17th and 18th of 2014, an anointed man of God was directed to pray for my healing and was led by the Holy Spirit to urge me to eat normally again. I had to really contemplate my response to this choice set before me.
I had been on an extremely restrictive diet for at least 4 years of no yeast, wheat, gluten, dairy, high fructose corn syrup, vinegar, added sugar, frozen fruit or veggies, many common oils and much more.
I could not ingest or come in contact with them. I could not share pots, pans, tupperware or utensils with anyone; I had to have my own personal kitchen due to the risk of contamination on a molecular level. healing word
Due to the leading of the Holy Spirit on Thursday June 19th I made a leap of faith in ordering a turkey sandwich with wheat bread at a local shop. I was shaking the entire time. I was so nervous, but in obedience and faith, I ate the entire sandwich. Praise the Lord; I had no problems! On Friday, I went to YogurtLand for the first time in years, was blessed with no issues! By this time my confidence had grown and on Saturday, I called my brother and his girlfriend to tell them the news. They took me out to eat to witness for themselves and celebrate! My God is a God who heals and has no limits. I am walking in victory!
I am even more blessed because God used this time to witness to a friend who has been fighting a serious form of cancer. We went out to Panda Express and after telling him about my journey and how God healed me his heart was open to me praying for him. His response was “I just saw you eat Panda Express, you can pray for me anytime!” The Holy Spirit showed up that evening as I prayed for him. I did not expect what happened next! After praying, he sat down on his couch with a look of shock on his face. He told me what he had felt, and in his description of that feeling, I realized he had been touched by the Holy Spirit for the first time in his life! In that moment I saw a new spark of life in his spirit.
I came to the realization that everything that I have endured these last 7 years, everything I have been through was worth it just to see this man’s face experiencing a touch from the Holy Spirit for the first time in his life. I wouldn’t change what I went through for the world.  My footsteps are not my own and I trust that God will use what I have endured and overcome to help touch the lives of others.
Thank you for investing in my life and my spiritual growth. You have been such a blessing in my life.~Shannon

Thanks to Shannon & Glory to God for the first of this type of miracle report! Email us at Create@APlaceToMeetJesus.com to post a miracle that God has done in your life!

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