“Is The Whirlwind Fast Enough?” God Jokes!

After church last Sunday, when Peggy Cole had finished prophesying, we took her to a really cool restaurant. The head chef, whose name was Larson, was willing to fix a custom five-course meal for us, very much like The Iron Chef show on the Food Channel. Now first I must explain that during this whirlwind of revival that began on July 27 (according to a prophetic word from Timothy Snodgrass) I have been spinning in the wonder of the amazing things that God is doing.

Everything in my life is being filled with richness: my relationship with Sandy, with my children, with the saints in the church, with the building, with my work, and with my inventions. The most stunning of all is my eyesight, which has been in the hands of the Lord by Him leading me to an eye doctor who supplied me with a new pair of prescription glasses. Everything that was clogged is clearer, sharper, more wonderful, enjoyable and full of laughter and fun. Now this is what I call revival!

Back to the Iron Chef meal. With everything in my life being so enhanced, I was surprised to discover that God was going to enrich something that I had never even considered necessary. And that was my taste buds. Yes, those little things in my mouth that are connected with my smelling ability. This surprise happened to me as Peggy Cole and my family were about to enjoy a custom-designed outstanding five-course meal. This well-known chef was about to take me into the wonders of exquisite culinary dining.

After we finished the first course, the waiter immediately asked for our opinions of the dish. I had been on a strict regiment of not eating salt in my food and found that my taste buds had really become alive to any food that had incredible seasoning yet was still salt-less. Our first course included steak tartar, which really sparkled in my palate and I couldn’t wait to tell the chef how luscious and interesting his dish was. So when they asked me for my opinion I said, “When I get to heaven and they serve us the marriage supper of the Lamb, I’m going to ask Jesus that the chef be allowed to prepare this dish because it is that phenomenal!”

The successive dishes were climbing an extravagant staircase to heaven and I was ever so prepared for the fourth course. They brought forth a dish that included ox tail that had been cooked four different ways and rolled into a delicately prepared cake roll. When I bit into the exquisite entrée, it was so savory that it exploded with incredible flavors and symphonically scrumptious notes that danced on my palate and excited a certain vision center in my brain that had never been turned on before.

I knew that smells can really influence your memory, but this was something I had never experienced before. It was an exciting taste that caused a fun explosion of memory and visions. When the waiter again came to the table to ask for my opinion I replied, “When my palate bit into the ox tail roll, it exploded with notes and tones that invoked such memories that I envisioned myself on a grassy hillside grabbing the tail of a fleeing ox and throwing him into a fire to be cooked. As a result, sparks from the fire flew up into the sky and they became one with the stars.”

I was about to continue with my explanation but everyone at the table drowned me out with their laughter. For a moment I felt silly for having such a grandiose vision. The thing that amazed me was I hadn’t even shared with them the complete vision I had really seen. A few minutes later I tried sharing it again but I just received the same bemused laughter. So maybe now that I’ve got your attention with this blog, I’ll share with you the whole vision that God gave me as I bit into the ox tail roll.

The ox tail vision:

The sparks flying in the air from the fire resulted in a heavenly vision of stars that merged into the sparks. In the vision I was traveling through a constellation of stars that appeared to be in the shape of a huge ox, and each star was a palate of incredible notes of flavor. All of us landed on a planet in the star system that was inhabited with incredible animals, and we were dressed in beautiful evening attire. We literally spent an entire universe of time eating and feasting from planet to planet on the incredible the delights that our God had provided in the ox tail constellation of stars.

Wow! The vision was so wonderful I tried a third time to relate it to those at the table. But again they jovially said, “Richard, please don’t go on again with your description.” But the ox tail stars and constellation were the best part of the vision because I had seen us feasting 40 years on each planet. Just think how fun the incredible explosion of flavors would be in God’s wonderful universe.

The fantastic whirlwind of pleasure continued into Monday the next day. I was overwhelmed by the wonder of every rich flavor, sight, desire, and pleasure that God was bringing to us as a church family. Suddenly, about 11:40 in the morning, when I had stopped in front of the marquee of “A Place To Meet Jesus”, the Lord spoke to me, “Richard, am I going too fast?” I started laughing out loud. I then replied, “Not yet.”

I continued to laugh at what the Lord had said to me for the rest of the day…

By gazowsky

Humility Of Mind – My Quandary

When the prophet Timothy Snodgrass spoke to me at brunch on Sunday, July 27, 2014, he said something to my family in his childlike demeanor, “The whirlwind is touching down today.” Thirty minutes later I walked to the parking lot of the restaurant and I was symbolically hit by a gust of wind, when a paper was handed to me that metaphorically knocked me off my feet and fulfilled a 19-year-old promise God had made to me.


When God does an action that is so wonderful it instantly launches my mind into intelligent action, at least that is what I think it does. In reality it is just my mind on a self-indulgent ego journey. This is my quandary. God’s simple actions are so wonderful that they set off a type of nuclear fission of mental reaction in a highly educated person’s mind. No wonder a fool, “though he be a wayfaring man, shall not error there in.” The amazing thing that has truly stunned me is that the whirlwind has continued, and increased in velocity every day for the last two weeks.


I must be honest that all this has not overwhelmed me, but has made me laugh like a little kid. I think the reason for this is that the Lord told me years ago, when I was praying in the prayer room at Treasure Island in San Francisco, that His river was made for me, just my size. At that time I was afraid I could not navigate God’s majestic plan for my life. This was when I begin to discover what a gentlemen God actually is ~ so kind, so considerate and forgiving.


I must confess to you that my quandary is the struggle of how my intellectually reasoning mind must shut down, quit calculating, and let the Holy Spirit do the planning, protecting, and crossing every “t” and dotting every “i”. Every day I find myself crying to the Lord for the strength to shut my mind down, and just think like a little child so I can follow each day His perfect will. What a war I am having with myself, and the battleground is my mind!


When I began pastoring this church I promised you, my congregation, I would be honest about things that happened in the background of leadership. Well, this is it, this is the truth, this is my struggle. Wait a minute! Don’t you dare feel sorry for me. As long as I turn my intellectual reasoning off, I’m like a little six-year-old at his first day in Disneyland. This could be why the apostle Paul said his struggle was to, “Serve the Lord with all humility of mind.” And what a struggle it is…

By gazowsky

Hide and Seek

by Richard Gazowsky

The prophet Timothy Snodgrass told my family and I that on Sunday, July 27, 2014 ~ the whirlwind of God officially hit San Francisco. On Tuesdaymorning of the same week my lovely daughter Rocki Starr and I were having breakfast at a local restaurant, “Squat And Gobble.”  We were laughing and giggling about the wonderful adventure that was occurring in the whirlwind of God’s word that was being fulfilled around us hourly and seemingly almost every second. Then, in the middle of a story I was excitedly sharing, Rocki said, “Quiet!  Listen, Dad, that’s Imogen Heap’s song playing in the restaurant.”  As I listened to the melodic harmony I recognized the hit song “Hide And Seek”:

“Where are we?…”  I instantly saw a vision of billions of the youth under the age of 18 with their eyes full of awe, wondering.  “What’s next?”  “What the hell is going on?…” To the youth of the world, political leadership, church leadership, business leadership ~ is like a racing train ready to crash head on, and the victims will be the families of the world. “The dust has only just begun to form…”  Every system of saving the world has failed miserably and dust upon these man-made systems is forming now. “Crop circles in the carpet…”  Wow!  I looked at Rocky when I heard those words, because the whirlwind that we were experiencing was literally forming crop-like circles in the carpet all around us.  What an incredible futuristic phenomenon about God’s change. “Sinking, feeling…”  The question arises in everyone’s mind, “Is this the thing that just failed us before?”

“Spin me round again and rub my eyes, this can’t be happening…”  What an incredibly clear explanation of God’s holy whirlwind that is now occurring in the city of San Francisco. God spoke to me and said, “Do not put your hands in the whirlwind or try to touch what God is doing, because it’s dangerous, it will cut your hands off!”  “When busy streets a mess with people would, stop to hold, their heads heavy…”  This is such a stark view of the complete mass of society and it’s feeling about heavy heads that are weighted with thoughts that are too much for them to figure out.

“Hide and seek…”  This is the hook of the song.  In a simple phrase it describes the great search of mankind. My close friend, Tommy Tenney, once wrote a book called “God Seekers.” So clearly his book masterly describes the heart-wrenching search of man for God, and even refers to his own personal search for Him and His presence. I too have gone on this “hide and seek” journey trying to find God. “Trains and sewing machines…”  Isaiah said that he saw His train fill the temple.

A king’s “train” was when he sewed together all the flags of the kingdoms he conquered. Jesus is now sewing His trains together, which are Earth’s kingdoms, and then He will become the conquering King of Kings and Lord of Lords of all the earth. “All those years, they were here first…” In poetic metaphor we see a picture of all of the angels in heaven joining the kingdoms of Earth in bowing to the King of Kings and Lord of lords.

“Oily marks appear on walls where pleasure moments hung…”  When I heard this line for the first time I saw a wall where the dust showed marks where pictures used to hang. All of those blank spots, or pleasure moments from the past, were crying out for something unseen to appear in the future. “Before the takeover, the sweeping intensity of this still life…” The kingdoms of this world are about to be taken over by the kingdoms of our Lord and Christ.  This is truly the New Renaissance.  The game of hide and seek is over.  Jesus is here!  I am Pastor Richard and I welcome you to the New Renaissance!

By gazowsky

“The Whirlwind Has Blades; Keep Your Hands Out Of Them!”

About 15 years ago, the late youth pastor John Francis had the amazing spiritual experience of seeing whirlwinds at our church on Ocean Avenue. When he first told me of his vision, it sounded so violent, I thought it was a warning of destruction coming. As the years progressed, more and more people saw a similar visions of whirlwinds. None of them were destructive, and the people who had the prophetic visions were never harmed by them. At this point, we began to realize the whirlwinds were a move of God. The vision continued so consistently in its message, that eventually the church’s logo became the whirlwind. As a pastor, I wanted to honor God and the message that he was sending to us. But now, I giggle at how hard the Lord must have laughed at my efforts to make something so phenomenal happen.

A few weeks ago, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Okay Richard, the whirlwind is here. Don’t put your hands into it, because it will cut your hands off.” A vision took me the inside of a spinning whirlwind; sharp blades protruded from out of the spinning funnel that indeed threatened to cut off anything close. I became even more excited as I realized I was beholding the inner move of God, and how dangerous that position would be. I reminded myself, “Don’t touch it, don’t touch anything.”

At this point I believe that San Francisco is being realigned by the Holy Spirit. Just as in major open heart surgery, only the surgeon’s hand should be allowed to touch anything. Jesus Christ must direct your path; only the Lord can perform the task at hand. I have been reminded again to let go of my personal will; every little, tiny speck of self-will will completely be burned in the fire of God. It’s His holy whirlwind of fire.

By gazowsky

“All I Want To Do Is Cuddle With The Lord”

By Richard Gazowsky

There are times in life when momentous things happen which are so earth-shaking it permanently changes your life forever. This week has been one of the only times I’ve ever had climatic events occur in such swift succession.

Let me now tell you about the reality of a move of God. Last Friday night, Gershom Sikaala ministered, and the glory of God was so strong through Grace Williams’ worship, and Gershom’s prophetic word, that I was slain in the spirit on the floor. I felt waves of God’s glory cleansing the inner parts of my spirit. While I lay there, I was reminded of a word, 28 years ago, when Jesus told me, “Richard, I will give you money on the day you lose weight.” This word was so simple and powerful, that I tried to jump ahead of God, and went on over 100 diets. I gained weight until I was 310 pounds of pure fat.

Years later, through a complex series of visits to the hospital, family intercession, and obedience to God, the Lord whittled me down to 250 pounds. The prophetess Joy, in Singapore, had prophesied to me three years prior and said, “You will go down to 250 pounds and stay there until the Lord is ready to release it all to you.” I know it sounds funny, that I’m talking about my belly and the will of God, but it’s the only way I can share with you how profound this last week has been to me and the church that I pastor, A Place To Meet Jesus.

As I continued to lay on the floor I heard Gershom prophesying, “The Lord is changing you on the inside. This is why it is so hard for you to change your eating habits. Your flesh has locked into its old way of eating. It does not want to learn anything different. But now, the power of God is upon you, and He is cleansing you on the inside. Everything from your previous habit is washed clean. Now God is giving you a chance to learn how to eat anew. Make sure you develop an eating habit which is glorious to the Lord.”

After hearing these words, I realized that the Lord had changed me. The next day I wasn’t hungry at all. I could’ve fasted all day and had no desire to touch food. But I realized that God was changing me and and that I needed to take advantage of this change. That same morning, Sandy offered me an incredible breakfast, and I heard the Lord say, “Begin your new life.” I ate only one egg, a half piece of toast, and was full. I was shocked! And it continued like this for days! By Monday night, I had lost six pounds! The weight just continues to roll off my body.

God is not done with me. And He’s definitely not done with the church. On Sunday morning, Timothy Snodgrass prophesied that an unusual numerical miracle was to occur at midnight, on 7/14/14. That’s five 7’s in a row. The number 7 represents God’s perfect number, and the number 5 represents His grace. This moment was so critical that satan tried to keep prophet Timothy away from the evening service. But Gershom, under the anointing of God, started prophesying at about 9:30pm, and went on thundering until 12 midnight! At 20 minutes until midnight, God’s glory filled the sanctuary so overwhelmingly, that almost the entire congregation was slain in the spirit on the floor! Personally, I was so drunk in the Spirit that my mouth hung open, and my arms swung like a drowning maniac, losing it in overwhelming joy! In a mix of absurdly ridiculous positions, I saw a vision of Jesus Christ walking through the body. Gershom, not far away, tried to calm everyone down so they didn’t explode! Later, I discovered that multiple people saw the same vision of Jesus that I was honored to see; we giggled as we compared notes from the night!

This glory continued into Monday. I felt the Lord tell me to drive Gershom to his appointment in Fresno, where they had heard about the glory falling in San Francisco. They asked Gershom to come to an office building, and share what God had done. We arrived at 8pm, and Gershom began to share what the Lord was doing in our city. Right then, the glory of the Lord began to fall upon the people. At first it was only 15 people; then it grew to 50. By 11pm, every single person was on the floor, and the glory of God was rolling through, just as He had done at A Place To Meet Jesus. Gershom’s eyes began to play tricks on him, and things became out of focus. He realized that a cloud of glory was appearing, and everyone in the audience began to run toward the cloud. When they gathered in, the power of God knocked them to the floor! I was incredibly embarrassed, because as I was slain, just a few feet from me was the pastor’s wife! My British grandmother, Adeline Burrows, had always instructed me to behave myself when I’m a guest in someone else’s house. And here I was, drunk in the Spirit on the floor!

I am happy to say, when I talked with the pastor’s wife sometime later, she was very gracious, and said she was happy that we were partying with the Lord together! But that is not the end of the story…

The next day, through a series of events, I drove Gershom & Pastor Antonio down to Southern California. On highway 99, I was driving 70 miles per hour, when suddenly the Lord entered the car. Gershom began prophesying, “We are in the days that are greater than Kathryn Kuhlman, George Whitman, & Smith Wigglesworth. We are in days that are greater than all of the days of the past. I see a picture of an angel writing with a feathered pen in His hand; there will be history makers, people that are greater than these former generals of God. God is raising new generals that will do even greater things.” He then saw the angel continue to write a new list of history makers.

Gershom continued with these words, “God is doing something greater than Azusa Street, that carries the move of God and will not be stopped. These are the days we are living in now. The spirit of the Lord is moving in a way we cannot understand, because we are so locked in the old way of doing things.”

I continued to drive, as a whirlwind appeared in the field next to the car, spinning up into the sky. Gershom was holding two phones in his hand. On one phone my daughters, Misty and Rocki, began to prophesy that Antonio was going to Egypt! On the other line was Pastor Jeff Watson from Las Vegas, who also had a prophetic word. I felt the Lord take control of the car, and let my hands off of the steering wheel. At this moment, Pastor Antonio and Sandy became worried, and wondered what was going to happen. Gershom said, “Don’t worry, we are going to be translated to the studio.”

As I am dictating this blog, our car sits in front of the studio. Gershom and Antonio are entering a major Arabic television station, which serves as the number one Christian station in Egypt. No one knew this beforehand! No one knew this destiny was on us today. In the midst of all of this glory, I, Pastor Richard Gazowsky, have only one thought in my mind. Can I just cuddle with you, Lord Jesus?

By gazowsky

Happening at a Place to Meet Jesus

Wednesday and Thursday July 16th-17th

Join us at A Place to Meet Jesus as we worship and enter into the presence of the Holy Spirit with Pastor Richard Gazowsky, Prophet Timothy Snodgrass, and Minister Gershom Sikaala. Special worship music by Jacquie Bahou.

Jacquie Worshipwed_thurs

Timothy Snodgrass

Timothy Snodgrass


Friday July 18th

Friday Night Youth Night: All teens and youth are encouraged to join us for fellowship and fun.


sunny 2014

Youth Pastor Sunny Gazowsky


Saturday and Sunday July 19-20


RDG 2014

Richard and Sandy Gazowsky

GS 2014

Gershom Sikaala

Timothy Snodgrass

By gazowsky

“… After All This, My Love Is Here Beside Me”


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Monday Morning Blog: “Being Willing To Think The Impossible Becoming Common”

By Richard Gazowsky

“And the two shall become one flesh.” This sacred Biblical statement has never meant so much to me as it did this past Friday night at the Supernatural Life conference with Gershom Sikaala and Timothy Snodgrass. When I married Sandy forty years ago, she won my affections by her ability to listen and understand me. I shared with her the things that excited me, gave my life meaning, and made me want to touch the literal heavens above.

In the early days of our marriage, like most other businessmen and pastors, I traveled alone. I would find myself in barren tungsten lit hotel rooms with the faint, stale smell of cigarettes, feeling sad because there was no one to share the adventure of my day with. I would call Sandy and the kids at home, but it just wasn’t the same. One night, flying out of Denver, my plane’s transfer to San Francisco was delayed because of weather. I arrived at the hotel lobby with the other stranded passengers and went up to the hotel receptionist. A woman that had also been on the flight, (who was not in a wholesome outfit,) slipped up beside me at the counter without any introduction told the receptionist, “Just put me in his room.” I was shocked and turned red in the face; I realized I was holding a moment in time that was a live bomb, ready to explode. I whirled around from the counter and walked out of the hotel swiftly! The cold wind felt so refreshing and so cleansing as the icy air bit against my skin. I walked quickly to the next hotel, and paid out of my own expenses for a room. Once in my room, I rushed to the phone and shared the events of my day with my love, Sandy. I told her how much I desperately missed her. As I laid down that night, I made a covenant with God that I would never travel without my family again. I realized Sandy was my protection; I could not live without my better half!

Sandy has traveled with me in many international adventures. She was there when I was pick pocketed in a street market in Vietnam. Sandy was by my side drinking coffee in a Paris cafe, buying shoes in a Milan boutique, walking through the underground caves of Cappadocia, and smuggling Bibles into communist China. She spent the night next to me in a crashed bus that went through a government checkpoint in Liberia, West Africa. She was beside me when a Mossad agent ripped the film out of my camera because I had taken pictures of a sensitive area, and stood beside me at a hotel counter where we discovered we owed nearly three hundred dollars for one long-distance phone call to my mother. She was there when God miraculously stopped the rain in Africa four nights in a row, and three times she joined me in donating our house to the Lord. She agreed with me to give our new cars away and also rejoiced as God gave us brand new cars paid in full. In every adventure, our love for each other has deepened.

Last Friday night, on the eleventh day of the seventh month of 2014, our love plunged deeper still. That night, we realized the exciting part of our life together is just beginning, and any mundane days are over! When Gershom Sikaala called me to the front of the church, along with other ministers, I realized, this is it! This is the moment we have been waiting for, when we will finally get to sail down the highest peak on God’s big roller coaster. At that pinnacle moment, little 4’11” Sandy slipped up next to me, and I put my arm around her as the presence of God flooded over us. It was such a wave of glory that my only response was sobs filled with joy and wonder. One thought burst out of my heart… After all this, my love is here beside me.

By gazowsky

“The Holy Spirit Health-Kit”


Monday Morning Blog: “Integrating Dreams And Visions And Prophecies For A Better Prophetic Understanding”

By Richard Gazowsky

iHealthKit is a new function that Apple is adding to the iPhone with the IOS 8 that is going to be released this coming October. This new feature has been described like this: “HealthKit is a feature that speaks with fitness and health apps to pull information from various apps into a single app called Health that centralizes results. The software features the capacity to integrate this information with healthcare systems such as the Mayo Clinic. It can present weight, activity, heart rate, and more (Boy Genius Report Inc.).” As you can see, Apple is turning the purpose of the notification center app of the iPhone into a strategic function that is used for many other things besides making a phone call.

So it is, as we become more mature and aware of how to better use the interface of the Holy Spirit that lives inside our tummies, you will begin to know that the function of the notification center that resides in your spirit is becoming the most active element in your spiritual life. This activity is a daily, hourly, even minute-by-minute activity you will experience every day. Which brings me to the spiritual function that is the center of our discussion: “HealthKit”.

First, let us discuss the functions of the Holy Spirit HealthKit that is actually inside your spirit. Jesus described it this way, “Therefore I say unto you, take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment? Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they? Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?” What the Lord is saying here is that you should turn all of your daily plans and health issues over to the Holy Spirit Notification Center. In other words, you don’t have to worry about one single health issue. I know it sounds too good to be true but you need to understand that this is the advanced ways of the Spirit. God wants to help you daily through your life, by allowing the Holy Spirit HealthKit to deal with every health issue.

Let me give you a simple example: I have dealt with the issue of being overweight for over 35 years. Finally it brought about a serious heart failure issue and a 14-day stay in the hospital. I have now lost over 70 pounds of excess weight, but continue to follow the doctor’s medication and dietary recommendations. But I am also learning to turn all of my health issues over to the Holy Spirit HealthKit. Instead of planning my diet intellectually, I am now listening to the Notification Center of the Holy Spirit. I only eat when He tells me to eat and what He tells me to eat. To the amazement of my family and I, I am slowly losing weight, getting more healthy, and eating less and less while not going through the former binges and desire to overeat. I admit that this does take practice and a constant willingness to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s guiding.

Recently somebody I have not seen for a few years looked at how “skinny” I was becoming and asked me, “What are you doing differently?” Since I had not been thinking about the subject of food at first I did not know how to respond. It used to be that food was always on my mind. Now I don’t think about it at all. Before, I used to plan on writing a weight-loss book when I finally felt I was successful at losing weight. Now I have no desire to talk about it because I turned that function of my life over to the Holy Spirit Notification Center. I am constantly amazed by the Holy Spirit’s ability and desire to daily guide my life in such apparently miniscule tasks that few people on earth would have an interest in guiding me on. Yet God with His great patience daily provides me with a food schedule.

I have only discussed the function of the HealthKit in helping you control one’s diet. But the spiritual function inside of you is much more capable than this. The Holy Spirit literally searches with all-seeing eyes your future health needs concerning exercise, diet, what foods you’re going to need to bring about health care cures of sickness you might face in the future. When you begin to see how wonderful the Holy Spirit’s HealthKit is, you will start releasing faith’s power in your life and you will find every day you will become healthier and healthier.

And remember, everything we are discussing here is explained explicitly in the word of God especially in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We all have heard stories of people who are super healthy, but now you know the secret and it is activated by your faith and belief in the word of God. Start today, by letting Him provide you with lunch. That’s all it takes, just a simple believe for a simple thing. But you are beginning the journey to turn on the Holy Spirit HealthKit in your life.

By gazowsky

“The New Phone Concept”


By Richard Gazowsky

When I was a young man I remember the phones used to be hooked up to what we called party lines. Every phone was connected to a cable and many phones were connected together so if you picked up the phone line other people could hear your phone call.

This was the way it used to be years ago in many churches. The only time it seemed you could talk to God was in a church service and almost everybody in the church kind of knew what your problems were. At this time the church was not aware of the powerful human interface and was waiting to be activated inside the tummy by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Then Christians around the world begin to realize that they could activate the Holy Spirit inside their tummy just as Jesus said in the word of God. The amazing thing about this revelation was that the same transformation that happened in the mobile phone industry is the same revelation that is happening inside, with our ability to pray and communicate with God Himself. In the early days to talk on the phone you had to be connected to a wire. And so it was, to talk to God He needed to be connected to a church service itself.

Now let me make something very clear. I am currently the pastor of a large church in San Francisco so I definitely feel the church itself is not being obsoleted. Instead, it is being brought to a new and much more important function in the body of Christ. The church was an originally designed by Christ to equip the body of Christ (all Christians) to do the work of the kingdom of God ~ the same works that Jesus did when He was on earth.

I have a good example to see how God is changing the church and its relationship to us. And that is how our relationship is changing with our banks. I work with Bank of America in my business relationship. It used to be that I would always have to go personally to the bank to do a transaction (especially one that was important). Now things have changed so much I can transfer money from an account simply by using my iPhone. I can even receive very complex instructions and training on how to use the new equipment at home by my iPhone!

Just this week I received a new credit card machine that connects to my iPhone so I can make credit card purchases for my company through my iPhone. The training for this new device was done completely as I was sitting at home in my living room while conversing with bank instructors on my iPhone. The bank was equipping me to do the work of the bank mobile app conveniently right from my own dwelling. But what God is doing in the church today is much more sophisticated and powerful than what banks are doing in their relationship with us.

God has placed an interface inside of you that is not only mobile, but is active wherever you are in the universe. You can communicate instantly with God Himself by simply using the access code, which is the name of Jesus. Jesus warned us to always use His name because it is the protection from robbery and thieves who try to come in by some other method or some other name. His name is the six-digit security code you need in every communication.

To clarify my point on the ever-growing importance of the church, let me compare it to the increased importance in my relationship to Bank of America. To properly do my work with Bank of America from my home, I require them to increase the security of my financial transactions. The bank provides me that security with the use of pass codes and passwords to enable me to pay my bills and have funds securely transferred to my accounts.

The church has exactly the same function in your spiritual life. Now, with our increased understanding of the technology of the Holy Spirit, it is possible for you to pray and have prayers answered without ever going to a physical church service. That’s because the church pastor, evangelists, prophets, teachers, and apostles are providing you with security that is the most important element in your daily spiritual interaction.

And for all of this fantastic service we are instructed by God merely to willingly give 10% of our incomes as a “tithe” to the Lord. So you see the church, just like banks, is not becoming obsolete but is actually becoming more important and relevant to our daily activities and interactions with each other.

Let’s take a moment and look at how simple phone communication has become over the last few years. You are no longer tied to a cord and you can communicate while driving your car with a hands-free device, or merely walking down the street. What’s amazing is that our spiritual communication with God by the power of the Holy Spirit is even more mobile than a physical iPhone. Your mobile communication with God occurs inside your tummy, for Jesus said, “Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” Here Jesus is telling us that the belly is the source of all spiritual power from God.

Let me explain to you clearly what this means. The Holy Spirit inside your tummy is the source of all new ideas, inventions, healings, finances, instructions, teachings, and the list goes on and on. In the past, pastors like myself have tried to make Christians understand that the church is the source of power. I know now that this thinking is flawed and was a big mistake. So what is the function of the church, and is it still necessary?

Matter-of-fact, I believe the church is more necessary now than it ever was. That’s why Jesus said that He has built His church hard by the gates of hell. The church’s function is similar to that of a bank. It provides security for each person that is using the power of the Holy Spirit. Christians that have been taught the proper function of a congregation are under an umbrella of security protection over their families, their businesses, their finances, and their children. These functions are extremely important because they build a strong family environment that continues its protection around your personal interface so He can operate in all of the functions that the Holy Spirit has assigned it to operate.

To illustrate this, I live in the city of San Francisco, which is famous for wickedness that has come out of it. Yet in this evil city I have been able to raise a family that loves Jesus and is just as pure as they can possibly be because we have been members of a proper functioning congregation that has the ministries of apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists upgrading it all the time.

The reason I am taking time to explain the function of the church is because I do not want you to be personally attacked by Satan, who will try to lie and convince you to disconnect from a local congregation because the power of the Holy Ghost is so independent. But the independence that exists in the Holy Spirit is totally important for you to function properly with the body of Christ, by this I mean the church.

Many times in the Bible we found kings who experienced great advancement in power and authority and then disconnected their selves from the council of the church. For instance, King Saul reigned for two years and then he quit listening to the prophet Samuel. Samuel told him that when he was small in his own eyes he listened to the counsel of the prophet. But when he became large with an ego he did his own will, which caused Samuel to make the famous quote, “Obedience is better than sacrifice”. The more powerful you become in the ways of the technology of the Holy Spirit, the more you need to become acutely aware of God’s safety and covering that He has placed over you through the church of Jesus Christ.

Though I can use my iPhone to communicate to somebody from almost anywhere on planet earth, I am also aware that the security of the phone can be broken and my phone calls can be listened to by others. Recently it was discovered that the US government can monitor and record our phone calls and messages. It makes sense that if the government can spy on us we must be careful because bad people can also. This is why God has provided you and I with the function of the church and all of its ministries so that they can provide training, encouragement, and especially protection for us so that things never have to go wrong.

Yes, the spiritual interface of the Holy Spirit inside your body is incredible because it empowers you with freedom and the ability to be mobile. But it also needs to have security, which comes from your constant connection and linking to a local church congregation. Even if you are extremely wealthy and you feel it would be a bother for you to be a member of a congregation, I am warning you that you are wrong. Every one of you needs to have church congregational interaction. And even if that interaction is done internationally, it must be there to cover you.

There are members of my congregation that live in Canada, Australia, Asia, Europe, and often move weekly from place to place. Each one of these people receives spiritual covering in the arrow area of apostolic prophetic, evangelistic pastoring, and teaching. All of these coverings are functioning and giving them a surety in their lives that leads to a bountiful future. Being mobile in your communication with God and your functioning of all of the defined applications He is giving you access to is extremely important. At the same time, make sure you are connected with God’s security.

One of the members of my church is currently living in Paris, France. Daily she communicates with me about spiritual issues that she is doing in France. My function with her is that of a pastor and to provide security covering. But of course that security is operated completely by the power of the Holy Spirit who’s all seeing eyes watch everything. If God tells me about something about a person, it is easy for me to just communicate what He told me and it is quickly taken care of.

Many of our old ideas about function, distance, and accessibility are changing daily by the power of God. Enjoy God’s new mobility that He is providing free to you and your family, because at the same time He is covering you with incredible security.

By gazowsky