The Still Small Voice

Sometimes the most valuable nuggets occur when a simple stone in the pathway is overturned, a breath of wind changes your direction, or a comment is shared off-the-cuff among friends.  Such a moment occurred this week.  In a conversation with friends, this statement was made that came from a long-term and very accurate memory:

“I still remember Miss Kathryn Kuhlman’s sermon about the still small voice of God,” Aileen Wilkerson said.  She then continued in a whispering voice of respect as the conversational din among the group lowered to near silence:

“I can still see Miss Kuhlman flowing across the circular Melodyland stage in her pink flowing dress. But it wasn’t made out of chiffon as I thought it was. I think she had six of those dresses.  In her sermon you could see how much she valued the voice of God and how many times it took the distraction of an earthquake and wind to recognize the importance of the still small voice.”
“I want all of you to see this video that I took at Melodyland,” Dr. Ralph Wilkerson interjected.  “It is of Miss Kuhlman responding to the laughter of God when it came upon the people that were healed by the Holy Spirit.”
Wilkerson’s daughter Debbie, who is quite an electronic wizard in her own right, quickly flipped on the video. There before our eyes was Kathryn Kuhlman giggling on the stage of Melodyland with Ralph Wilkerson standing beside her. Suddenly Miss Kuhlman backed away from the two microphones and gingerly sat on a chair behind her, still laughing with the lady who was just healed.
“With such an attractive personality she almost looks like a princess,” my wife Sandy commented.
As the video continued Miss Kuhlman suddenly jumped back up to the two microphones that were on the stage. Sandy put her hand over her face and giggled as she said, “Look! Miss Kuhlman is trying to cover both microphones with her hands. She looks socute.”
“We were broadcasting live over the radio so Miss Kuhlman didn’t know if the radio audience should hear the laughter or not,” Bro. Wilkerson commented. “Remember, this was the 60’s and things like laughter were never heard of in church. But notice she takes her hands off the microphones and gives a look of, ‘Okay, Holy Spirit, I will let them hear whatever You want them to hear.’ That is her listening to the still small voice of God.”
The scene that was just played out before the group that was present was awe-inspiring because of its delicacy, and the rarity of seeing such precise observation of such a great woman patriarch of God ~ and also hearing the insight from such intimate friends as the Wilkersons. Gershom Sikaala then broke the silence.
“When I was 9 1/2 years old and was living with my grandparents, I was offended so deeply by something that was said to me by a perturbed and distraught relative.  It troubled me so much that I ran aimlessly out of the house and into the African bush. I cried out for God or someone, whomever, to help me. It was out of that trouble and despair that I saw Jesus. I knew it was Jesus and I knew that He was truly my best friend.  It was the gentleness, quietness, and stillness that gave me security in knowing that He was the one person I could always depend on.”
At that point I saw a slight tear run down the corner of Gershom’s eye.  Since then I have learned that the more I obey the still small voice the more frequently and loudly He speaks. But if I choose to disobey or ignore Him I don’t even notice He is gone.
By gazowsky

Useless Warnings

I am learning that the most valuable part of my iPhone and iPad is the Notification Center. For that reason, when iOS 8 came out, Apple focused its introduction almost entirely upon the Notification Center. The reason it is so valuable to the operation of the iPhone is because it notifies you about fresh communications you are receiving concerning phone calls, emails, text messages, and all other types of notices ~ even down to operating applications. Once you become aware of how valuable the Notification Center is to your daily communications, you suddenly realize that you must turn off all useless warnings.
I realized that the Holy Spirit also has a very sophisticated notification center running inside my human interface, and it is powered by the Holy Spirit Himself. The trouble is, your personal interface has to filter through many notifications, which are sent to you by various flashes. For example: television news reports, newspaper articles, personal letters, phone calls from friends, people you meet along your daily life, and the list goes on and on. Matter-of-fact, all of these notifications could be put under the category of “worry.”
But remember that Jesus said, “Steep your life in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. Don’t worry about missing out. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met.” God has programmed your human interface, through the infilling of the Holy Ghost, to give you the most sophisticated notification center that has ever existed in the universe. Yet it is your human responsibility to turn off the notifications that are coming from your flesh.
I am personally discovering that it actually takes a lot of human and spiritual discipline to filter out all of the negative influences that bombard you with “useless warnings”. The real danger is that many of those warnings come from people who are just wasting your time, wanting you to worry about some problem that doesn’t really exist.
This is why the character of the Holy Spirit is like a dove that will instantly fly away with the slightest bit of resistance on your part. Because of this, it requires incredible skills of sensitivity and listening to catch the notifications the Holy Spirit is sending you. But what is even more amazing is how the Holy Spirit notifies you about events that haven’t even occurred and still remain to happen in your future.
A few days ago I woke up and was sitting in my room when the Lord said that I was to tell a particular person, who worked at a nearby place of business that they would receive a miracle if they would come to church at a certain time. Later that day I drove my car to that neighborhood and found a parking spot.
When I stepped out of the car my wife Sandy said, “There’s the person that the Lord talked to you about!” They were walking right by the front of the car, so I was able to go out and relay to them exactly the message that the Lord had told me to give them. It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit notifying me about events three hours before they occurred!
I found out that the secret to getting your personal notification center in operation is to turn off useless warnings ~ so that your spirit becomes clear to only hear the notifications that the Holy Spirit is giving you. This is vitally important turn off useless warnings.
By gazowsky

Dedication, The White Paper

This morning was different. I knew that God had woken me up at 4 a.m., but I was not sure what He wanted. After a period of aligning myself in contemplation, I remembered that my daughter Misty had asked to be awakened so she could see the sunrise. I woke her up and we drove to the top of Twin Peaks.

As we watched the golden glow of a spectacular sunrise over the city of San Francisco, the Lord spoke to me, “Return home and go back to sleep for I’m going to give you a dream.” I have learned through years of experience that the setup word is almost as important as the forthcoming word itself because it prepares you for the power of God’s words.

Still in my pajamas, I climbed into bed and immediately fell asleep. Instantly I was dreaming that I was in the sanctuary of our church, A Place To Meet Jesus. Everything was completely white, including the floor! Coming out of the foggy ceiling was a long cable with a microphone attached at the end. I somehow knew there were people in the church even though I didn’t see anyone sitting in the seats. I thought, “Wow! This place is as white as freshly fallen snow!”
I then walked up to the microphone and repented, asking God to forgive me for not being completely obedient in everything He had asked me to do. When I was done I looked beside me and there were other people waiting in line to do the same. At this point I woke up from my sleep.

God had spoken to me Sunday morning in church and said that He was going to give us 15 minutes of miracles on Tuesday night.  It wasn’t until that Tuesday morning that I realized what He meant. I knew then what God was giving to us as a church. It was the ability to be as clean and pure as a white sheet of paper. On this God can write whatever He wants ~ and that means anything can happen!

A few Sundays ago the prophet Vello Vaim prophesied that our sanctuary and building, A Place To Meet Jesus, needed to be dedicated. It is the perfect place and time to do it because Ralph Wilkerson, the founder of Melodyland (which was located next to Disneyland) is going to be here with us. A while ago the Lord told me He had chosen to finish the remodeling of our church with an architect whose vision is to build theme parks and churches like Disneyland. God also said that the architect is young and lives in China.

Through a series of precisely timed perfect miracles, I was able to meet a young architect in San Francisco, who is now in China awaiting her visa.  Soon she will begin the architectural drawings of San Francisco’s “Renaissance Cathedral.” It will be a wonderful place to meet Jesus at 1970 Ocean Ave, for I believe the building will last for 1000 years to declare the reign of Jesus Christ. And, as Timothy and Gershom would say, “Let’s do it in the ‘spirit of goof.'”

By gazowsky

“The Sound Of A Going ~ Defeating Insurmountable Odds”

My daughter Rocki Starr answered the phone and said, “Daddy, I’m at a place of prayer. Would you like to join me?” “Yes, “I replied with excitement burning in my heart as I thought of being in the Lord’s presence. I then added, “How about us going to the mountaintop and seeking Him all day long?” I could sense the same excitement in her youthful voice as she said, “Daddy, that’s so exciting! Come and pick me up and maybe Misty and mommy will want to go too!”

As I sat in the driver’s seat waiting for the family to pile into the car, for the first time in my life I felt the Lord’s excitement about meeting us at the place of prayer. I could hardly believe what I was feeling. You mean the God of the universe was excited about meeting us? As I was sitting there contemplating the immensity of the moment my cell phone rang. It was Dr. Ralph Wilkerson and his wife calling for a moment of Face Time fellowship.

I immediately blurted out my sense of all that I was feeling, at the excitement of God and His response to our planned meeting that day. Dr. Wilkerson, who is considered one of the fathers of the charismatic movement, has spent much of his spiritual life with close friends like Kathryn Kuhlman, Oral Roberts, and Benny Hinn to name a few. He responded with a laugh and said joyfully, “Richard, that’s the way He is! The closer you get to the Lord the more you will discover how excited He is to be with you.”

The wisdom that came out of Dr. Wilkerson’s mouth cut through all of the traditional religious formalism that was still lurking in my spirit concerning my personal intimacy with God Himself. As my family listened into my conversation with the Wilkersons through the car’s speakerphone, my thoughts went to the Lord, and how I was beginning to feel like a little tiny baby being cuddled in the arms of his father. Everything I was to experience with God would be comfortable to me. After all, He was my Creator.

When I got to the mountaintop that day I realized it was going to be special, and that there was some message Jesus was going to speak to me. Then it happened. He spoke quietly, “When you hear the going.” I instantly remembered the story of King David. After he had just become king of Israel he went into a valley and saw the massive army of the Philistines arrayed against him. The Lord then spoke to him and said, “Compass around behind this army and listen for the wind going through the tops of the mulberry trees, for I the Lord will go before you and you will defeat the army.”

I knew the Lord was speaking to me and that He was going to give me a sign of something “going through,” like a whisper, and it would mean that the victory had been given to us. While I was contemplating this my wife Sandy walked over from her place of prayer on the mountain and said to me, “Richard, did you hear that sudden rush of wind that just blew upon the mountain?” She had absolutely no idea of what the Lord had just been speaking to me about, so I knew her words were a confirmation that God was about ready to give us a sign that would signal that I must act at that moment to obtain the necessary victory.

There currently are many insurmountable odds that stand in front of all of us, that are resisting the great revival that God has promised us in San Francisco. Our group of faithful saints at “A Place To Meet Jesus” might be small in number, as David’s soldiers were on that historic day. But one thing I am doing is, “listening for the sound of a going.” On the mountain that day I also realized that it was a sign for you to become sensitive to the minute signs and signals that God is going to give you concerning your victory ~ and accomplishing the task of walking into it.

By gazowsky

“Perfect! The National Magnificent Obsession With Perfection”

In my mother’s generation there was a common expression that was used as a term of endearment or completion of a task. When someone did something good they would reply, “That’s swell!”  This expression was used by upwardly mobile youth and was communicated as a proof of relevance by the person that used it. It also reflected the nation’s heart about people’s desire to see their fellow man succeed in the midst of the rise of very negative and oppressive movements.

Then, in my generation there came the expression, “That’s cool!”  You would say the word “cool” and it meant approval, completion, or the task is done.  This word was also used by upwardly mobile youth that desired to show their relevance as concerning the time. But it also represented a view held by those around the world that they were not a part of the anti-movements (so prevalent in areas of their culture) that were attempting to remove perceived oppression by rebellion.

I remember once being on the stage at a very conservative religious conference, where twenty thousand people were in attendance, when I said the word, “That’s cool!” The vast majority of the audience gave absolutely no response to the word because they did not understand what I meant. But after the meeting, as I walked through the convention center, I received numerous accolades and responses by people who also used the same expression, “Cool!”

The performance I had done on the stage has been far less remembered than that simple expression, which said much more and has linked me invisibly to the thousands of today’s forward-thinking leaders who were present at that conference. They still remember that expression.  That event happened almost 30 years ago but its effects are still ongoing today.

Over this last year I have heard a new expression, and have just now realized that it is being used by the upwardly mobile young people of today.  I heard it used by a receptionist at a five-star hotel, a waitress in a first-class restaurant, ~ and a barista at a Starbucks espresso machine ~ when she made me an exquisite grande misto, Jamaican Blue Mountain medium roast, specialty drink.  When the barista finished her meticulous task of mixing the coffee, milk and cream in precise proportions. she exclaimed, “Perfect!”

It was then I realized, in that one exact expressive moment, ~ and what I had heard coming out of the mouths of so many successful people, ~ was their spirit. It was desiring perfection and was aligning each person verbally with the will of the Spirit.  For does not the Word say, “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh?”

In the past, too many young people never sought after perfection because they thought they were expected to reach a predetermined standard. This was very unsettling because obeying such rules only led to young people being placed under the power of condemnation.  For this reason, many Christian young people today have rejected the religious rules of the church but have still maintained a private and very personal relationship with Jesus.

This is what I believe God is revealing to me. That there is a massive generation of young people who have discovered a new and Biblically-correct idea of perfection, ~ and it has nothing to do with rules or predetermined standards ~ but has everything to do with obedience. Obedience to the daily instructions of God, that He gives you personally, and results in a daily conclusion of satisfaction because you feel, “Perfect!”

This is what happened when our family went to a five-star hotel and the official representative selected a suite which matched the exact needs of all six of us. She had made sure it had been luxuriously prepared, right down to the expensive chocolates placed perfectly on the pillows, so she could present it to us with a triumphant, “Perfect!”

As the expression came out of her mouth I knew she was responding to what her employers had instructed her in their extensive training courses. And since she had obeyed their exact instructions, her exclamation of the word “Perfect!” expressed volumes more than a simple English definition.

At the Cheesecake Factory Restaurant in San Francisco, the waitress and her assistants placed all of the artistically-designed dishes in one dramatic presentation of eight settings.  She then stood back, after having made sure all the drinking cups had been topped off, folded her hands with a smile, and exulted, “Perfect!”

At a first-class rent-a-car counter, the young beautiful woman who was filling out my rental form asked me what type of car I wanted.  When I told her the make and the model, she located the exact car I requested and said elatedly, “Perfect!”

Without a doubt, experiences similar to what I have described have happened to all of you who are reading this, but did you fully recognize what was occurring? Out of their mouths their hearts were speaking, as almost a reflex, their secret desire to be in sync.  This means that people around the world are beginning to release an inner hunger for what Jesus desires in all of us: “I in them, and Thou in Me, that they may be made perfect in one; and that the world may know that Thou hast sent Me, and has loved them, as Thou hast loved Me.”

As you can see through these examples, upwardly mobile people around the globe are starting to express the desire that Jesus prayed to the Father when He prayed in the garden the night He was crucified.  This is so profound because it means that the world is aligning themselves with Jesus’ prayers for unity.

I am now discovering what a perfect day is like.  A perfect day is where I do exactly what the Lord instructs me to do, intends me to do, and desires me to do.  It is listening to the smallest breath of the wind and will of the Spirit that is directing me to align my course to lead me to ever more prosperous ports of destinations.  What an incredible journey, this mysterious adventure of exploration and discovery, ~ that is being revealed by the Father in heaven who created us and designed us with all the curiosity that is going to be satisfied by His pleasures forevermore!

By gazowsky

“Walking Through The Golden Halls of Power With Only The Cloak Of Favor”

One of the most auspicious events of personal faith, in spite of insurmountable obstacles, was the day when Moses walked through the golden halls of Egypt’s Royal Palace and requested that pharaoh let his entire slave workforce go free. Not only had Moses been a fugitive from justice for 40 years, but he was also a descendent of slaves ~ the same population in bondage that he was requesting to be liberated.
Any random palace guard could have killed Moses on the spot and probably been rewarded for the deed. But that day Moses walked through literally hundreds of potential life-threatening obstacles and never wavered concerning his task ~ to face the most powerful man in the world and request freedom for the entire workforce of his nation. The only protection that Moses could depend on was the invisible cloak of God’s divine favor.
Each of you who are reading these words is also receiving the same cloak of favor in your life. The whirlwind of glory that God is sending to the city of San Francisco is clothing every one of us with God’s divine favor. I am personally amazed by the power and glory of this invisible cloak. Not long ago, in a visit to a hospital ward, my family and I were surrounded by a whole staff of nurses and doctors, as they asked us openly about the Lord Jesus and how to get His divine favor.
Suddenly I looked at my daughter Rocky, as we walked my mother out of the ward and away from the attention of the adoring nurses, and said, “What just happened in there?” Rocky smiled at me with her beautifully kind face full of youthful wisdom and replied, “Daddy, they’re responding to God’s divine favor.” At that point one of the nurses rushed out to usher us to the car ~ so we could share more about the Lord with her.
Recently, Sandy and I were ushered into, by private invitation, one of the world’s most powerful ruling companies in the world. And there, to our surprise, we learned that the receptionist was filled with the Holy Spirit ~ and then, to our amazement, likewise the corporate executive we were having the appointment with. Here we were, in the golden halls of American power, and we found out that God had already placed the appropriate Spirit-filled people in position to handle the task that was set before us.
All of us, who are on this journey to do God’s perfect will in the Renaissance Revival that is occurring in the city of San Francisco, must realize that the Lord has set His pathway before us and He has prepared every step of the way. Remember, He is Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end ~ and also every Greek alphabet letter along the way.
Yes, the cloak of favor is invisible. It cannot be seen when you look at yourself in the mirror. And yet others are able to see it, they can feel it, and recognize it in their “knower”.  Something about you makes you attractive to everyone that is hungry for the presence of God. This is divine favor. It is given to you and you can use it in anyway you see fit.
But like all the great kings of old, be wise concerning God’s power and use it to give Him the glory. Choose to walk in humility, for if you’re not careful you will think people love and bless you because you’re just so smart, so clever, and so handsome (or beautiful). What a joke! When divine favor started happening to me I knew it was only due to God’s glory and His wonderful power.
I am still the same old Richard Gazowsky that I’ve always been. As a matter of fact, even saying my own name disgusts me because I know that anything that is happening to me is due to God’s bountiful loving favor. For my flesh is like the grass of the field that can quickly be cut down by God’s lawn mower that easily shears human pride down to size.
By gazowsky

The Funnest Conference At The Happiest Place On Earth

Over a year ago our family went on a vacation to the Disneyland Park, which is called “The happiest place on earth.”  When we got to Disneyland we met Timothy and his family, and I knew that it would be more than just a vacation, but it would also be a prophetic act about the future. As we walked through the park enjoying the adventures and experiences, Timothy began to prophesy about a conference that we would be having in Disneyland.  At the time it seemed literally impossible and financially absurd to talk about such an adventure. But now, about exactly a year later, it was not only a reality but will become a legend in Christian history.
As a man of God who has watched the modern history of Christianity unfold before his eyes, I can now say that I am seeing accurate prophetic acts of God happen right before my eyes ~ fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord.” When God does something, it is so full of creative genius that it’s comprehensive weight of wisdom will take 13 days to observe and recognize ~ and years to realize. At least this is the message that God spoke to me at 4 a.m. in the morning on October 27th, the day of the conference.
The Lord shared with me, in my early morning prayer walk through Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, that I would need to wait for that specific amount of time to even begin to comprehend what He has done.
God changes us from the inside out.  So many times it is impossible to even observe what He has done until it actually happens. And even then you might be feeling uncomfortable with the changes until they are complete.
A week before the conference Timothy Snodgrass prophesied to me, “Be ready to fall on your face and make a mistake. But all you have to do is laugh!”  Nothing could have been more accurate than this word. I had ordered a luxury bus to take the precious saints of our church on a free bus ride to Disneyland for the conference departing  at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. But to everyone’s amazement the luxury bus turned out to be a limousine party bus that didn’t even have proper passenger seats, but benches along the walls with two poles in the center of the bus.
To be honest I didn’t even know that such a bus existed. When the bus arrived in Disneyland (which is an eight-hour drive from San Francisco) the poor saints of God were exhausted from spending the night trying to sit on benches with no seat belts while traveling through the windy steep Grapevine.  When I heard about what had happened I was devastated by my own mistake.  What kind of pastor was I to send my people on such a horrid journey?
But then I remembered Timothy’s prophesy and how accurate it was. So instead of weeping, my mourning was turned into joy and laughter. By the time I finished apologizing to the entire assembly at the conference we were all laughing hysterically ~ and that is how the conference opened!  It was just like the Lord said, “His ways are not like our ways.”
The Lord had told me in the morning that it would not be until Timothy spoke that the anointing would be released and imparted upon the people. But because of illness Timothy did not speak until the evening. Yet when he did it was extremely profound and accurate ~ even though the audience was laughing during his entire prophecy!
To hear Timothy’s prophetic message click here:
It appears that God is launching a fresh new Renaissance upon the earth that is filled with laughter ~ or as Timothy calls it, “The spirit of goof.”  You don’t have to even be plugged into the church world to know that Christianity is so filled with seriousness that it is hard to find a church where the people are free to laugh. It appears to me that God is now bringing a baptism of joy and laughter upon His house.
I am happy to say that at the end of the conference our gracious P.R. staff, hosted by Alexis, provided a brand new luxury bus with reclining seats for the saints of God to ride home to San Francisco.  The next morning I went to take care of some of the hotel bills at the lobby of the Grand Californian Hotel.  When the Disney employee received my church debit card to pay the bill, she looked at the card and said, “Is your company actually named A Place To Meet Jesus?”
I was busy filling out the forms but when I looked up I saw there were tears streaming down her innocent face. Her question impacted me with her spiritual hunger and I realized she was looking for a greater answer than merely what she was asking.
“Well, to be honest with you,” I said, “it’s not the name of a company but the name of the church I pastor.”
“What!” the young woman exclaimed as she burst into tears, “you mean there is actually a church called A Place To Meet Jesus?  I want to go there.  How can I attend?”  Her hunger was so genuine that I stumbled to find a response.
“Actually our church is not in Anaheim but is in San Francisco,” I said.
“Oh!” she responded happily, “I have friends that live in San Francisco.  What street is your church on?”
“Ocean Avenue.”
“You mean by the 7-11? You’re the big theater?”  By now the tears were openly flowing down her face. “You will definitely see me and my friends at your church.”
As I walked away from the counter I was very moved by the outflow of hunger from this young lady. It was then that the Lord reminded me of the ancient prophecy, “And many nations shall come, and say, ‘Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and He will teach us of His ways, and we will walk in His paths': for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.”
I felt a lump in my throat so I went to a quiet place by the fireplace of the Disney Grand Californian Hotel and silently wept tears of joy. I realized that something invisible was happening as a result of the impartation that had been given to me by Ralph Wilkerson after Timothy delivered his prophecy.  Oh how masterful are the ways of God!
By gazowsky

The Breath. Of His Touch ~ The Jesus Moment

When I was younger I asked the Lord this question, “Why did God call great men to mountains just to talk to them. Couldn’t You just talk to Abraham in his house?”  As I begin to grow in my maturity I found many times it was with great personal sacrifice that I was able to hear the Lord speak. But then I learned that God was setting up the moment. The difficulty was not on my part, but was He was concerned that I properly understood the message that He was about to give me.

One time the Lord told me to fast for 40 days. After the long period of self-denial Jesus still hadn’t spoken to me, so I went to the top of an 8,000 foot mountain in Southern California to pray. The first day He was silent, the second day He hadn’t responded and the third day I was still waiting for Him to speak. On the fourth day I felt the Lord call me to a lonely climb on the back side of the mountain. It was very steep and dangerous and since I was overweight at the time it further increased my inability to maneuver. After about two hours I found myself stuck on the edge of the cliff with a 50-foot drop below, and a 25-foot climb above me. I had nowhere to go but up.

At that exact moment the Lord finally began to speak, and it was through a prophetic and physical sign based on what was happening at that moment on the mountain. I knew that on my physical journey through life I was going to come to a point where the situation appeared to be so bad that I could not turn around but only move forward into His perfect will. This message on that mountain was so simple ~ but so clear. For 20 years it has motivated me to keep on climbing and never give up no matter how impossible and how dangerous the events and situations might appear to be around me.

Though the message I received on the side of that cliff took only a few hours to receive it has stayed with me up to the present day and will continue to keep me on future pathways towards His perfect will. On that historic day, when I finally reached the top of that mountain past the cliff edge and all the difficulties involved, God’s message to me was very easy, fun, and I laughed for the rest of the day.

The point I am hoping you receive is that God’s message to you has a lot to do with the time and place you receive it. Remember the earth was created with just one word: Let there be “light”. God’s natural environment is all you need to create the answer to all of your problems. Many times His word is backed up by the physical situation and circumstances you are experiencing the moment you hear His word. I call this the “Jesus moment.”

This week in the Renaissance Revival we have been having “Jesus moments” that are so different and unique that not one service has any resemblance to any previous one. The services are singularly unusual not because of purposeful planning. It is just the divine direction of the Spirit. God is moving in ways that can only be described as the confusion you feel when you are walking through a whirlwind No wonder for 14 years people throughout our ministry received dreams and visions on this subject. God was telling us the whirlwind was coming. Well guess what it’s here.

This week our whole church is going to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa for a prophetic conference. This is a chance for you to have a Jesus moment! Timothy Snodgrass is going to prophesy at a level that you have never heard before and each one of you will receive a message for your life’s destiny that could be the launching of your future! Don’t miss it. You’re each going to come to a place on the exciting cliff of life where there is no turning back but only upwards towards greatness! Gershom Sikaala, a young Zambian who operates in signs, wonders and miracles, will be joined by his renowned American mentor Ralph Wilkerson. This is the first time in history these three have ever ministered together and it is going to be a true “Jesus moment”!

Listen to the words of the great prophet Isaiah: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.” Many times the sophisticated wisdom of God takes us on that journey to childlike simplicity. This is where the real miracles occur.

Don’t miss your moment of genuine life-changing miracles! This is Pastor Richard talking.  Most of you have known me since my childhood, and one thing I have done consistently is tell you the truth. In an honest, no-holds-barred way, believe me! Don’t you dare think. “Oh, I’ll do it later,” or “I’ll receive my miracle in a different place when it’s a little more convenient!” This is your time for a Jesus moment!

By gazowsky

Small Beginning, But Lasting Power

This week I was blessed to interview some Spanish ladies who live in the central coast of California. They shared with me the story of their intercession and praying for California, which led to the visit of Gershom to their town. I am amazed at how patient and small the beginning of this great revival was. I am a millionaire as a result of the Scripture that says, “Despise not the day of small things.”

Now the churches in the central coast area around Santa Maria are experiencing phenomenal church growth ~ and much of this is happening because of intercession of these ladies.  Their prayerful open-ended requests brought Gershom Sikaala from Zambia, Africa to California ~ and to the Maranda Ranch for seven days of God’s glory.

A phenomenon that stuns me is that I realized that the seven nights of glory were actually physically small events, and by all fleshly standards through the eyes of a critic, not much happened.  By this I mean, I talked to critics about the incident and to them it was almost a non-event.  Of course they admitted it happened, but they would not concede to its impact.  But then I talked to the Spanish ladies, their relatives, and their friends…

Suddenly I discovered that under the spiritual structure of Santa Maria there was a granite-solid volcano of revival pushing to the surface of every church in the region.  The seeds that were planted in the hearts of Californians by Gershom were unstoppable. And some were so powerful that they are already affecting nations outside of the U.S!

I have seen the same phenomenon happen in the ministry of Timothy Snodgrass. Because the words he has prophesied have truly been words from God, they have not “returned again void.”  We are seeing a rare phenomenon that I believe is going to explode at Disneyland on  October 27.  Don’t miss that special day at the Disney Grand Hotel!

By gazowsky

The Secret To Starting Your Day

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I wake up in the morning my mind is in a dark place. It reminds me of the famous words of Moses where he said, “I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore choose life.” It’s in that waking moment when I’m laying in bed, still mentally coming out of my state of sleeping, that I make my first choice of what I’m going to think about. It’s at this critical time that I need to stop and choose my thought patterns ~ are they life or death, blessing or cursing?
For years I never thought much about the morning time. I just climbed out of bed and whatever came before me was the way my day went. I didn’t understand that I had a choice on how my day would turn out. Instead, I acted as if it was a random occurrence in my life. But with age comes wisdom, and I began to realize that I can actually determine how successful my day will be by determining how I begin the morning and learning to start it out right with blessing. All this really changed in my own personal experience when the Lord called me to start praying at 4 a.m. in the morning.
For 14 years I woke up every day and went to a special place of prayer. This developed a habit of prayer in my life, and it also taught me how important the morning was to start every day properly.  But it was just the beginning of the lesson. I found that much of my morning wake up time was becoming ritualistic and was not an actual relationship with God Himself. It was more of a cadence that led to repetition, which obviously is very boring when it comes to the relationship with a person ~ especially when that person is God.
One day the Lord interrupted my daily ritual and told me to stop praying in the morning. At first I was lost as to what I should do. But I quickly discovered that He wanted me to talk to Him throughout the day. I realized that “praying without ceasing” was the goal God wanted for me ~ to be in constant day-long communion with Him. It was at this point of seeking His presence that I began to see how vital the first few moments of waking were in my daily life.
At first I was confused. I would ask myself, “Why am I thinking such horribly, worrisome thoughts when I wake up?” I conferred with some ministers and prophet friends of mine about this issue.  They shared with me how crucial it was to realize that our flesh has evil pre-programmed into it, and if we’re not careful it can just take over. It is important at the very start of the day to physically gird up the loins of your mind and get your thoughts thinking down the right pathway.
Again, as Moses instructed, set your thoughts on life and not on death. But like most people, you might think, ‘Well, it’s important that I look at both sides of the picture. That’s the biggest mistake you could ever make. Only Satan wants you to think at all about death. Jesus brings you nothing but life. That means any choice you make to think negative, cursing thoughts is bringing you toward death. You must make a choice from your waking moments of the day to think all day long only about life.
I am telling you, since I’ve started doing this every day gets better and better. No wonder the Lord said in Isaiah, “Of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end.” When you get in the flow of life and the daily way of thinking God intended, you will find that every day you will “rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.” This is truly the way to live, this is the way to start a day ~ this is the way to wake up.
By gazowsky