“Can I Follow You Mom?”

sis marilynn cropJust a wafer-thin boy, barely 6 or 7 years old, it’s hard to remember when he went to his mom, Sister Marilynn Gazowsky, who was working on her papers. “I just had a dream,” the boy said, “where everybody was caught up to the sky and I was left alone.” Sister Marilynn looked at her son, put her strong arm around him and said, “You’re blessed if God gave you that kind of a dream because it means you’re really special to Him.”
As a little boy he knew that his mom was also very special because every time they went to a large meeting she was always on the stage, either speaking to the audience or leading the choir. Sister Marilynn was once sitting in a stadium with over 20,000 people, when the main speaker got up to the microphone and the first thing he said was, “I see that my good friend Sister Marilynn is here.” The little boy beside her was shocked when 20,000 heads turned to look at his mom. “My mom sure is special to everyone,” the little boy contemplated.
This kind of thing happened so often in his life that as he grew the older boy realized if he didn’t want to be seen he would not sit by his mom, because she was recognized everywhere she went. It was like a spotlight was on her all the time. After he had grown more mature, the young man realized that this spotlight was actually the favor of God, and as a man he was facing choices and decisions about how he would spend his career.
His mom wanted him to follow in her footsteps, but this seemed too big of a hurdle for him to cross. He thought his chances of being a successful minister in the city of San Francisco were nearly impossible. But Sister Marilynn had done something that changed the young man’s life forever. She taught him to pray and talk to God ~ and that’s what makes someone special.
It was the greatest lesson he could’ve ever learned, because he later chose to follow his mother’s pathway and pastor the church she founded in San Francisco. And that decision is something the young man has had to face every day of his life since. While Sister Marilynn has now gone to be with Jesus, he suddenly finds himself alone with that important decision. He is still saying, “Can I follow you, mom?”
By gazowsky

Just A Word

I must be honest with you today. I am in the most stable condition and place that I have ever been in my entire life. It is the moment when all that you have to trust is only the word of God. If I look back in my own personal history, I realize the only events that I remember with pleasure are when God’s word over my life came to pass.
Last Sunday in church the Lord told me that at His moment He would give me a word for the congregation, and then He told me to sing a song. After that song you heard me give the word. I suddenly felt like I was the father of all of the single young women in our church and God’s word was calling their future husbands. You must know when God gives a word like this, it is surely going to come to pass!
So it is this week. Even though situations that surround us appear to point that everything is against us, it is at this point that we get to stand on God’s word alone. And believe me, standing on His word makes you the most stable person in the world! Jesus spoke to us and said, “My sheep know My voice and another they will not hear.” What this means is that God’s word puts you in a bubble of obedience to just what He is saying.
This bubble or cocoon protects you from all of the words from the outside that would come and try to poison, discombobulate, or confuse that word of God that you were standing on. I want to encourage you today to stand only upon His word. Let the bubble of His presence completely surround and protect you from anything that would try to distract or confuse you from listening to this word of God.
“Heaven and earth shall pass away but not one jot or tittle of His word shall pass away.” Amen and amen!
Pastor Richard Gazowsky
By gazowsky

Becoming A Little Boy

I have learned that the test of faith can only happen in extreme circumstances, and I am experiencing one of those supreme situations as I write this blog. I also have discovered that there is a benefit in the experience of purification ~ which comes as the fire of the trial heats up and become so hot that it burns away the dross that is inside your spirit and flesh. This week the Lord spoke to me and said, “The only way for you to really be pure as the gold I described in the fire, is Richard, you need to become a little boy.”
I knew Jesus taught, “Verily I say unto you, except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” I knew that God was now requiring me, a 61-year-old adult, to become childlike, simple in my thinking. The contrasting element in my situation, is that the complexity of the trial I’m going through would naturally make me think I need to be more adult than I am! But then God sends the prophet Vello and he speaks to us and prophesies, “You need to have the peace that your heavenly Father has in heaven. Think like your father.”
When your earthly father promises to do something special for you, you don’t worry about it, prepare for it, or even waste sleep on it. You trust your father’s words because he said he would supply it. As I prayed I began to see God’s view of my situation and what God had told me through prophet Timothy ~ that God would supply a certain amount of finances to the church this year.
Then God spoke to me one day when I had just woken up and said, “I will meet every financial need you have this year.” Two weeks later He told me to transfer the money from our church’s account and put it in a certain account that will completely pay off the church’s responsibility. I knew these messages from God were honest, true, just ~ and God would elegantly do every single thing He said He would do.
The only problem I’m having is, I’m trying to be a wise intellectual adult and ask the question of “How, and why, God?” Two weeks ago the prophet Paul Cain met with me and said, “Richard, there’s a greater reward to those who do not ask ‘Why?’” Wow! This thinking was above anything that I have ever considered in my mind. But now I needed to face it head-on. I realized that for me to think like a child was to have complete trust in exactly what God told me.
My daughter Rocki said the Lord spoke to her and said for me to read Psalms 131. Wow! This chapter had so much power in it! David begins with, “Lord, my heart is not haughty, nor mine eyes lofty.” I realize sometimes we might inflate what God is going to do for us. But this year I’ve learned to stand upon just what He said and be accurate concerning His words. “Neither do I exercise myself in great matters, or in things too high for me. “Lord, I’ve learned as your little boy to keep my nose out of other people’s business ~ everything from politics to what my next-door neighbor is doing.
Surely I have behaved and quieted myself, as a child that is weaned of his mother:” This part of David’s prayer became so personal because he is talking about how much a child is dependent upon his mother for every ounce of nourishment. Lord, you told me to give no thought of what I should eat or what I should wear. Lately I have learned to wipe away those needs from my daily thinking ~ and just become dependent upon Your divine supply. Since I’ve struggled to release control to you God, I have been dressing and eating better than I have in my entire life!
I remember the prophecy that Daniel gave to the great king of Babylon, who was the mightiest man on earth at the time. Daniel warned the king that if he thought and took credit for all of the accomplishments done in his kingdom, God would humble him down to eat grass like an animal. This did happen, the king was humbled, and his hair grew like feathers for seven years. I would rather be a loved son who is held in the Father’s nurturing arms, than an animal that is kept in the backyard.
My total dependency upon the benevolence and love of my heavenly Father is my family’s inheritance. I don’t understand the complications, but my trust in His word saddles any intellectual misconception. All I know is I am loved and I love being loved. As I contemplated these thoughts, a Christmas song came on that told about how much the songwriter had loved his wife when she was young.
The song made me laugh with joy and then go to joyful tears because of Sandy’s new youth ~ my wife is getting younger every single day. That’s the gift of my Father ~ my children have youthful stunning appearances, and my own mind is sharper today with God’s help. Memories that I didn’t even know I had have come back to me.
What a wonderful life our heavenly Father gives us. I look forward to every day, every year, every moment that I get to live under His complete wonderful Fatherly care.
Pastor Richard Gazowsky
By gazowsky

A Place To Meet Jesus ~ Where You Detox Your Thinking

One day many years ago God asked me to go to the top of a mountain in Southern California and said, “What do you want from Me?” At first I started making a list on a fresh new crisp piece of paper. But when I got to number 14, something in my anxious spirit was wrong. It finally hit me what the Lord was really asking. 
I slapped myself in the head, ripped up the piece of paper, fell to my knees on that mountain, and begged God to forgive me for such trifleness. I recalled in the Bible when God asked the ancient King Solomon this question and the young king answered, “Wisdom, my Lord, to guide Your people.” Now God was asking me the same question and I was giving him a senseless list of my daily needs. 
For the next four days I walked alone contemplating upon the top of this mountain. I was searching deeply through the vastly cluttered recesses of my heart for the thing that I was really wanting from God ~ that igniting reason for the searching desires in my inner spirit that I wanted from Him. Then the answer came to me just as clear as a crystal bell.
I answered, “Lord I want to bring people into Your presence.” At that moment on the mountain I felt the presence of God come down upon the ground all around the place where I was standing. Though He did not say anything, I knew my answer pleased Him. Later that evening when I saw my wife Sandy, she said, “Why did you ask the Lord for the gift of bringing people into His presence?”
I looked at Sandy’s innocent face and felt her deeply felt desire to know the reason for her husband’s request. I understood that for some it was like Jack In The Beanstalk trading the family’s only cow for just beans.
I held Sandy closely and said, “You see, honey, the presence of God detoxes people from every single thing that is bothering them. I believe this because all my life His presence has been fixing me. So I know if I can bring San Franciscan people into His presence it will fix everything for them too.”
King David is known as the greatest king of Israel. Matter-of-fact, Jesus was called the son of David, and David said these wonderful words, “Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in Thy presence is fulness of joy; at Thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore.” Every man and woman on earth is seeking in someway pleasures forevermore. And that’s exactly what the presence of God offers us.
Last Sunday morning in church I shared with you about the provisional patent that I have filed with the U.S. Patent Office ~ to build a physical tower that reaches into outer space. Think of how fun that adventure will be, to take an elevator into outer space, then step into your spacecraft and explore God’s wonderful universe! This is just the beginning of the kind of impossible dreams God is going to give to you.
I am sure when Christopher Columbus shared with his church his dream of going to the other side of the earth, some looked at him and thought that he was crazy. Today, what he thought was impossible you and I can do today with just the simple click of a credit card ~ then we can sleep under warm blankets and wake up the next day rested on the other side of the earth. Oh such wonder to have God give you the impossible dream! What one time was impossible today is your family’s summer vacation trip.
For many years the presidents of Zambia would not allow escalators to be installed in their country so the people of Zambia never knew what they were. Pastor Gershom Sikaala said this was because the president said, “Someone might get hurt if they fall backwards.”
This year it all changed because Zambia built its first escalator. Wow! It was a national craze to see this new technology! But not everyone was excited about this modern invention. Some thought it was impossible and others thought it could be evil. But all of these negative comments came from those who still lived in the African bush and never visited Zambian’s new escalator.
Can you imagine the day this year when the first Zambian from a dusty bush village saw his first escalator? He steps on it and wonders if it’s going to throw him off. Then, after much prayer and consideration, he takes his first ride to the second floor.
After he gets off he takes pictures of himself for his family and friends back in the bush ~ so he can prove to them that he actually rode the escalator. Later he rejoices and compliments himself for having enough courage to ride the escalator to the next floor. He’ll probably even want to write a song about what happened when he gets back home.
When the African native gets back home to his eagerly awaiting village and tells everyone about his journey up the escalator to the second floor ~ the village people sit with their eyes wide open as they listen to him share his unbelievable heart-stopping adventure. His village, family, and friends are like the hobbits listening to Frodo tell about his adventures to drop the ring in the top of Mount Mordor in Middle Earth.
Or wait a minute! Maybe the story is about you, when you tell your friends that you just went on an elevator to outer space! How you stepped inside a space bus and took your summer vacation in Pleiades!  
Let the presence of God detox you. Then go to the mall and ride the escalator!
By gazowsky

Why Our Church Is Like Disneyland

A year ago the Lord spoke to me and said, “I have chosen an architect to redesign your church ‘A Place To Meet Jesus’ and you will know them because they will tell you their goal is to design Disneyland-style theme parks and churches. Two days later I was at the construction firm that is overseeing the remodeling of our sanctuary.
It was there I was introduced to a beautiful young Christian Chinese architect and she said the exact words that I previously mentioned. After fulfilling immigration issues and other things pertaining to her transfer to San Francisco, she is now our official architect and is designing our soon-to-be remodeled church.
It’s been over a year since that original word was given to me and I have thought and prayed a lot about why God would use the reference of Disneyland when describing our church. As a result of all this, last year we held a conference in Disneyland and my family and I have visited Disneyland numerous times. My favorite rides are The Little Mermaid and It’s A Small World!
When you walk into Disneyland the sign at the top of the entrance welcomes you to “The Happiest Place On Earth.” Actually that is not an exaggeration. If you’ve been to Disneyland very much you know that every Disney cast member is encouraged to literally increase your personal pleasure while you spend the day with them.
The additional advancement that we have at A Place To Meet Jesus is that we have placed Jesus in the center of this worship-themed church! Jesus only spoke using parables and without a parable He did not teach. So it is in every activity of our congregation’s experience ~ everything has a story.
This is why the Lord has connected us so close to the movie industry. So that we can share this happiness with the world. Ralph Wilkerson who pastored Melody Land (which was at the time the largest church in America and right across the street from the main entrance to Disneyland) called me this week.
“Richard,” he said, “the Lord showed me that He is drawing people to San Francisco at such a rate that your city is running out of housing space. This is a sign from God that a great revival is coming to your city. God told me to call you tonight and make sure you are ready for this divine visitation!”
Dr. Ralph has called me many times before, but this time his demeanor and words seemed so serious. After he was done he immediately hung up the phone with no salutation. I knew it was more than just fatherly word of encouragement but it was truly a word from God.
God’s house is “the happiest place on earth.” In the presence of the Lord are pleasures forevermore. I feel like an excited little kid as I look forward to church this Sunday, and I am actually more excited then if I was going to Disneyland ~ because I have found God’s presence is full of joy, healing, and answering every problem I have. And better than that is, if all of my problems are fixed He has an incredibly exciting vision for the future! Wow! How exciting can that be? “It’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!”
By gazowsky

Sailing Through A Minefield

In World War II one of the most effective weapons that the enemy had against us gaining back stolen lands, was minefields placed in the waters of captured ports. Their sinister purpose was to suddenly trigger a devastating explosion right below the surface of the water. They were usually set off by magnetic metal detonators that reacted to the iron hulls of our ships.
So it is in the spiritual world we are living in today. When you’re about to enter into your miraculous promised breakthroughs, satan uses similar devices to surprise and hurt you and set you off course. I had such a day when I was going in to possess the miraculous promise that God had promised me many years before.
It was a Friday, and God spoke to me that morning while I was still in bed and said, “Look out for the landmines that satan has placed in your pathway.” Almost as if on cue, 20 minutes later I received an email from a lawyer telling me I needed to give him a check for $8,000. The next moment we discovered that bees had built a nest outside our house and they had already stung some people.
I remembered that Jesus said if a man walks in darkness he stumbles but if he waits for the light to come on he will see clearly. It is truly this way when it comes to spiritual attacks coming against your person. Like a ship that is sailing through waters filled with explosive mines, we must move still and quietly and not do anything to attract attention to our ship.
This is so important in the spiritual realm. When you are verbally attacked do not respond if you can help it. If you do have to respond, agree with your adversary while they are in the way. Wait for the Lord to give you a proper blessing for your enemy, and then you can completely rectify the negative and cause your enemy to end up praising you.
Learning to use the spiritual attributes is so vital to your continued success. This is why one of the attributes of the fruits of the Spirit that is not talked about a lot is “long suffering.” This prepares you to endure the period of persecution as you wait for God’s redemption.
Let me tell you about a potential encounter that incurred on this fateful Friday. I sensed a dangerous person was nearby as my family was leaving a parking lot while headed to a large department store. This person was a dark black hole of gravitational pull that was so strong that everything would be sucked out of a person to just fulfill their current need for attention.
The Holy Spirit gently instructed me to walk through the crowds of people, quietly speak in tongues and keep my eyes peeled on the pathway that was right before me and never look around. I did this for nearly an hour and a half ~ passing by literally hundreds of people but not seeing anyone in particular. Then I was met by someone who said, “I’ve seen you a couple of times and so-and-so was looking to meet you. I watched them walk right by you, but they never saw you nor you them!”
I gently smiled for I knew in my heart that God had protected me from a sure-fire explosion that would’ve damaged my ability to successfully complete the destination that the Lord has put our church upon. We all must realize that the journey God has for you is so critical to the future of your family, city, and nation ~ that we must listen daily to His voice and negotiate our way through life by being led by just the wind of the Spirit.
By the end of that Friday I had passed by ten landmine attacks that had been set up by the enemy, but not one of them had exploded! We also discovered that it wasn’t bees, but hornets, that had built a nest outside our house ~ and they were much cheaper and easier to exterminate. And, by holding off a week later, I discovered that the lawyer’s need for $8,000 was an opportunity to receive an incredible blessing of finances from another company.
Silence and waiting on the Lord has many added benefits. It is time for us as a people to learn the ways of God: it’s the way you receive things, it’s the way God does things ~ and it’s the way to life eternal.
By gazowsky

“Fiery Dart Protection”

Some of the most important skills people need to develop is how to deal with conflict in the workplace, in the family, even in the church. These conflicts result many times from fiery darts, which are usually manifested as harmful words ~ or at least your initial perception is that they are.
This is why love is your most secret, but cleverly useful asset.  And it must always be used immediately: “Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him.” Agreeing is pouring love on the conflict, and this is where the nine fruits of the Spirit come into serious play in your daily life.
A few years ago the Lord spoke to me to hire a very influential law firm in San Francisco to go through our church’s corporate papers to make sure everything was in line. To my surprise when I received the final bill, it was $64,000! It literally took my breath away. The conflict and stress that could’ve occurred at that moment was a potential time bomb. But I agreed with the law firm’s bill, and to my surprise the Lord gave us the cash to pay the bill!
Years later the Lord gave many wealthy people the desire to donate money to our church. To my amazement I later found out that many of them hired firms to check us out and they found all of our papers were in proper order. Now I understood what God had done. What I thought was a conflict was actually a promotion.
If you do not learn how to handle conflict as a potential blessing, you’ll be stuck forever in the arena of poverty. This is why the apostle Paul said, “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.” Your love can wrap the person’s conflicting attack in faith that God is going to give you the answer to satisfy their pain.
The word “quench” means “to satisfy a desire or meet someone’s desperate need.” The most amazing aspect of the Holy Spirit is it’s ability to “search out all things, yea even the deep things of God.” This means the Holy Spirit knows the future and can literally show you what the conflicting person is planning to do and how to resolve their conflicts.
Now I’m sure any of you reasonably intelligent people can see immediately how powerful this gift of the Holy Spirit is. This is why I daily practice praying in other tongues under my breath ~ tuning all of the spiritual sensitivities in my spirit to hear the voiceprint of Jesus.
Conflict usually comes at a time of great promotion. The attacks are designed to cause confusion. This is why your most valuable asset is your ability to do nothing, say nothing ~ to literally not move in the dark. Jesus explained it this way, “Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world. But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him.”
Christ is literally saying, “Do not move in the dark.” When you are attacked, when you are presented with an impossible situation ~ do absolutely nothing! Cast every care upon Jesus for He cares for you. This is not hiding from the responsibility, but rather it is giving the responsibility to God. All you have to do is wait upon the Lord, entertaining His presence daily. Then, out of apparently nowhere, God’s answer will come!
To show you how true this word from Jesus is, I will share with you a time when I faced the most troubling conflict that a person ever can. And that was my own personal health. Years ago my weight had climbed to the point of 310 pounds. I could not sleep laying down in my own bed, but I had to sit up and try to sleep every night. My health had become so bad that 17 sores appeared on my swollen legs. If I stood in one place too long in my house, a puddle of oozing pus would form underneath my feet.
The conflict that I was feeling was overwhelming ~ like fiery darts or arrows sticking into my legs. For two nights I was not able to sleep so I walked around my own house trying to ease the pain. At that point the prophet Timothy Snodgrass was preaching for me at the church. After the service he visited me at my home and saw my condition. He then gave me a simple prophetic word that would take my conflict and turn it into a promotion.
“Brother Richard,” Timothy smiled warmly, “The Lord says to go to the free clinic at Haight and Ashberry. You will go in as a pauper but you will be moved to the room of a king.”  The next day Sandy took me to the free clinic. I walked up the stairs and immediately they transferred me to a hospital.
Then someone discovered that I had Kaiser insurance and by the next night I was placed in a private room in Kaiser Hospital. Kaiser means “King”. The next 14 days in that beautiful hospital room God literally changed my life. Yes, I lost weight, changed my lifestyle and many things. But most of all, I became closer to my family and extremely closer to my Jesus. So my message to you is simply: If you are in conflict, embrace God’s promotion.
By gazowsky

“Discovering Your Treasured Acting Role”

Nothing exhilarates me personally inside, than the joy of intercession before the Father, and this experience is increasingly acute when it comes to matching the role of an actor to the corresponding story part. When Jesus preached the gospel to the people on earth, He only communicated through a parable or a story. This simple example explains why Hollywood is so important to the future communication of the gospel to the people on planet earth.
Since you are called to this great task of communication, you realize how important it is for each one of you to find, locate, and enter into the perfect role in this exciting business. It’s actually simple if you approach it as a little child, are willing to hear the truth, and be honest with God’s voice in your own spirit. So here’s how.
Jesus put it this way, “But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you.” This is very similar to turning on the power of your smart phone, which is programmed after the pattern of the programming God put inside your body to operate the applications of the Holy Spirit. The difference is, your phone runs on electrical power but your Holy Spirit runs on spiritual power.
The Holy Spirit inside of you was specifically designed and programmed to literally bring you to the proper role at the proper time and to set your career in proper order. The search engine of the Holy Spirit “searches all things, yea, even the deep things of God.” This search engine is so detailed it is unlike Google, Bing, or any other physical search engine that you know, because the search engine of the Holy Spirit sees even the future and the secret things that every casting director is looking for.
The most exciting thing that I have seen in the industry is that every person in the position of power is already looking for the right members to fill every slot in their cast. This means they are already spiritually tuned in to you if you are that right person. Your job is simply to let them know as soon as possible if you’re not the right fit. You must always trust their decision not your own, and never, and I mean never, go by what you feel. You must listen to exactly what they’re saying, if it’s honest, and if you feel any small check in your spirit, turn and run and never look back.
The secret I am giving you is to never, ever waste time on a bad role. If you spiritually understand this concept of making the right hook up, then you’re ready for the second element of this Holy Spirit search engine: your personal appearance and presentation. 90% of a casting director’s decision is going to be made by what he personally hears and sees when he looks at you in your first presentation. With so much riding on just a few seconds, it is so important that you let the Holy Spirit guide you and prepare you for that magical moment.
The first key is so simple that most of you might ignore what I am saying. Jesus put it this way, “Therefore I say unto you, take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on.” What He’s saying is turn your mind off and turn on the applications of the Holy Spirit ~ that program in your tummy ~ for “out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water.” This programming is incredibly sophisticated and knows you’re clothes closet, knows your hair color, knows everything about you ~ and will take your wardrobe and make it ideal for that perfect meeting with your future casting director.
Thirdly, I must give you a strong word of caution. Do not let your flesh, or the lust of the flesh control any decision that you’re about ready to make. Read Romans, the eighth chapter, for more specific instructions on this. But note: your flesh is your enemy when it comes to your future role in Hollywood, and the Holy Spirit is your great connector.
Just as you did when you got your first smart phone, you must develop a personal pattern of operation of things of the Spirit. When I wake up in the morning while I’m still resting, I learn to turn off all of the applications that are running in my mind that are draining power from the Holy Spirit. Next I pray in tongues and listen to the still small voice of God and ask the Holy Spirit what I should focus on that day. This prayer in my spirit continues all daylong as I listen for slight gentle notifications that are given to me by the Holy Spirit.
Listening to the surprise notifications are incredibly important because many times they discern the future and the power of the connection that I am facing in the next few minutes. For example, I was meeting at the executive office of the president of one of the largest theatrical chains. Right before I walked into the meeting the Holy Spirit whispered to me to change the topic of conversation. When I walked into his office I did exactly that, and he responded with incredible joy and exuberance ~ and then he handed me the greatest gift that a man in my position could ever receive.
I walked out of that meeting and everyone with me was shocked by what had happened in just a few minutes. This was the power of the search engine of the Holy Spirit in full operation. You shall receive this power in your own life when you plug in to the power of the Holy Spirit operating in your tummy. This power could become so necessary in your life that you will find yourself “praying without ceasing.”
Next week I will talk about how to protect yourself from the fiery darts that will come against you.
By gazowsky

The Prize

“Son, you’re now perfect.” The voice that was speaking to me was familiar in a way that causes a baby to stop crying when it hears the voice of its mother. But its message was completely unexpected. To an observing, intelligent, reasonably articulate person, I was completely discombobulated in my personal appearance and career performance.
I had been weeping for the last 30 minutes like a pregnant woman who is groaning at birth, mighty rivers of tears of repentance had cascaded down my face, cutting through my granite rock-like self-will, similar to the actions of the Colorado River forming the mighty fractured breach revealing a Grand Canyon of emptiness waiting for the redemption of His perfect will.
I am also aware that God chooses those persons of great resolve and capacity to bear the great volume of His objective. The recent revelation of my own narcissistic intentions woven in my own heart had taught me the necessity of crushing into powder my ever-present titanium will. This. I was finally convinced, was totally impossible for me ~ by my will own or actions to accomplish ~ so I finally turned it over to Him.
To some this may sound easy, and I must admit they are right. But when you place personal accomplishments, intelligence (no matter how it is obtained), and of course the greatest obstacle of all, pride, it becomes the rarest of all objectives that mankind can seek ~ and that is: perfection.
When my wife Sandy gave birth to our daughter Rocki Starr, she had been in labor for 8 hours. It was so intense to my sympathy pains that I could not face the groanings of labor with her. In a nearby hospital waiting room my fist pounded despairingly against the wall (where I am sure the plaster is probably still weak today). Oh the joy that was set before us in the fact that the beautiful little girl was our child!
As Sandy and I looked upon her face we saw elements of Sandy’s cuddling love in Rocki’s tiny smile, and traces of my choir directing skills in the motions of her craftily moving delicate hand. It came to me to name her Rocki Starr (memorializing her call to music). When Sandy and I saw a reflection of our personal attributes we knew she was an excellent mixture of us ~ “Perfection”. 
When gold is purified the goldsmith can see his own reflection in the gold like a mirror. This was why the Lord’s message to the Laodicean church of the last age was, “Buy of Me the gold that is tried in the fire.” You will find that fire is important.
Our second child was unique and different in every way ~ and our little angel was born premature. The labor was much shorter and when the tiny angel came out in the loving doctor’s steady hands, she was still in the unbroken water sack like an egg. Ancient religious insightful ones called this, a “veil born” baby.
I was familiar with the term because my mother, who was the founding pastor of our church in San Francisco, was also a veil-born baby. So we named her Misty (which means “to be covered”) and her middle name Déjà Vu (which means “we have been here before”).
And like I said, she was completely different from her sister in every way ~ but such an expression of our union as husband and wife! With the tiny 4.7 pound princess quietly sleeping on my chest I could see the traces of every feature of my wife and myself ~ down to the way she breathed when she slept. She was “perfect.”
My son had an astonishingly different story, for his birth was full of joy and revelry because we had two beautiful daughters but now we had a son. At the time I was personally struggling with many inherent difficulties that were a part of my personality. So when it came to the point of giving him a name, the last thing I wanted was a “mini me.” The struggle with my personal imperfections was overwhelming me. I just could not bring myself to name him a “junior,” so I chose to name him the bright Christian son of the lion, “Sunny San Yves” (my name Richard means “the lionhearted”).
Thirty years later it has gobsmacked me how totally complete the simple action of naming our children has been guiding our family to a place of maturity and fulfillment. My son has the physique of a model, while I have been plagued all of my adult life with being overweight. When I was a young man in my father’s house, my dad and my older brother would always mock me as a quitter and this personal flaw tormented me in my early days. But none of my children have inherited this flaw, especially my son who is known for his wisdom and steadfastness.
Sandy and I realized that God had made from our mix of DNA perfect specimens of us so our children were “perfect” (though each one was remarkably and uniquely different). Wow! What a unique revelation that man’s idea of perfection is to be without flaws, but God’s expectation and realization of perfection encompasses a whole deeper wisdom in freshness, uniqueness, and individuality.         
All this contemplation occurred to me while I was slumped down in my front row seat of the church I pastor, “A Place To Meet Jesus,” and the voice I heard in my heart was the Lord Himself. I heard that voice before when He told me He would stop the rain in Africa, and He did it four days in a row. 120 members of my congregation that had traveled with me to Africa witnessed it.
Like the young shepherd boy David, who by the power of the Lord had killed a lion and bear that were trying to eat his helpless sheep ~ the same voice from God was telling David that he could slay the giant Goliath. I also had come to personally know the voice of the Lord in my heart, and now that voice was telling me, “Son, you’re perfect”. But more importantly to the congregational members that were in church around me, was the fact that I heard the Lord say, “The funding will be in the bank to pay off the church’s mortgage”. And the repossessors were already at the door of our church!
Through the prophets God has spoken publicly to our church over last few years and said that He was going to remove us from the bondage of being in debt. And what I realized through this process was that the removing of debt was much more than just financial management ~ just as removing slavery from America was much more than the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation document. To the despair of Abraham Lincoln 600,000 young American men had to die.
Through much of my professional life I have known personally, ghostwritten books for, and have intimately questioned many famous men of God about the question of truly hearing His voice in a time of great crisis. This lifelong search became a personal inquisition and caused me to even question my own intellect and it’s ability to comprehend such a great concept of God’s view of “perfection”.
At this point, still slumped down in my church seat, I closed my eyes, cuddled the presence of the Lord like a little boy, and felt the warm glow of His glory.  It was then I knew everything was going to just be all right.                     
Then I remembered why we find that fire is important ~ for fire is the purifier.
Pastor Richard Gazowsky
By gazowsky

“It’s Time For Pruning”

Yesterday I was in praying in the house of the prophet Timothy Snodgrass, and as I was looking out his back window I noticed his olive tree bearing new fruit. The Lord spoke to me and said, “Go take a closer look at the olive tree.” When I stood next to it I noticed that there were some branches that were growing but had no fruit, while other branches were loaded with new fruit.
The Lord spoke to me very plainly and said, “Now is the time to cut all the branches that do not bear fruit.”  I knew in the kingdom of God the timing of the event is many times more important than what the event is. What the Lord was clearly saying is now is the perfect time to cut off non-fruit bearing branches because it will not affect the tree or hurt anything. Just the dead branch will be gone and it will not be drawing from the root unnecessary growth.
I believe that this prophetic word is for all of us. If you’re a schoolteacher, a manager at a company, a pastor of a church, a father of the family, and any other type of leader ~ the Lord is saying this is the moment and the time to stop all unnecessary activity that is drawing from you good growth.
When we allow wasted activity to occur in our organizations we can actually cause the death of our own organization by allowing these wasted activities to draw from the financial prosperity of everybody. When God gives His eloquent and timely word He is such a gentleman that He gives you the perfect timing to cut things off when it will cause the least amount of disturbance within the organization. This is the blessing and wonder of God and His ways.
If you have been attending our services at “A Place To Meet Jesus” you know I have been teaching about the ways of God, because understanding His ways is understanding His wisdom over your life. When you learn to understand how God operates, then you are brought into complete perfection in everything in your life and family. God desires for your life to be prosperous every single day. That means every day is better than the previous day. It’s amazing how this happens when you hear and listen to the still small voice of God that He is speaking to you.
You can test this voice right now by asking the Lord about every activity that you are involved in, and by looking at the activity to see if it bears fruit.  I did this myself. I looked at the Monday morning blog and saw that it was not bearing good fruit so I cut it off! Follow my example and look at each thing you do and look at the fruit that comes from that activity. See if it is bearing really good fruit to your life, your organization, your ministry, or whatever activity you’re doing.
Don’t allow the voice of tradition to tell you, “But that’s the way it’s done and that’s the way it’s always going to be done.” That is the voice of death! Moses said there are two pathways before you ~ life and death ~ and he said to choose life.
By gazowsky