God, You’re My Greatest Distraction

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By Richard Gazowsky
I’m sure the word distraction is not the appropriate word, but it is the truth. I desire God to speak to me daily and to lead me in even the littlest of my decisions.  But every time He does so ~ I often act like it’s a distraction. What I am facing here is the perfect internal storm. My personal ego and desire is facing my unquenchable love for God. Oh, believe me, I’m wanting the Lord to win this battle.  But internally I constantly fool myself by masking my personal will and desire, in my misconceived thoughts that I am doing His perfect will. Oh, what a wretched man that I am!
I am very familiar with the power of a smart mouth, but You, oh, God, are far more full of cleverness and the ability to turn a phrase.  Yet You choose to be gentle and simple with me, as if You are talking to a little child. Yes, You treat me like “Hello Kitty,” the pure innocence of the little child’s playmate.  I did not know it was You at first because You talked so gently and kindly to me.  But the years of settling in on Your instructions have taught me that the gentle sure trust of Your divine simplicity is as safe as my mother’s cuddling arms when I was a child.
What I’m really trying to say, Lord, is “Thank You.”  Thank You for putting up with me when I treated Your words as if they were distractions. In truth, they were the main highways of my life that You were trying to steer me towards. I am not there yet, but my heart is racing with the excitement of a Olympiad champion facing his final ski jump, knowing that I’m about to leap into Your perfect will, which is God’s Hall of Fame, His gold metal, His championship ring of fire.
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3 comments on “God, You’re My Greatest Distraction

  1. The movie was a stumbling block for Pastor Gazowsky, in my opinion.
    It lead him away from doing what God called him to do, which is to preach the Gospel and win souls to the Lord.

    The devil wants to distract us from our calling and so he will try to get us to
    follow our egotistical desires.

    Pastor Gazowky has realized his mistakes and is paying for it in your mind, body and spirit, but he needs to give all his pain to God and stop whining about how wretched he feels.

    When we stray from our calling, we need to repent and get back to doing God’s business.

    The Bible is full of stories about falling preachers and prophets, who turned adversity into triumphs. .

    We are all just human beings and we make mistakes.

    Audience of One shows the world how a Pastor can become self deluded
    from following his ego and falling prey to lying demons, who promise
    great rewards, but only deliver disasters.

    The Pastor’s movie was never meant to be finished.

    The real movie that God wanted produced, was Audience of One.

    “There is no business like God’s business.”


  2. I just watched the audience of one documentary. I wonder what has become of the movie you are making. I want more info! How can we help? How can we learn more! Thanks in advance. My blog is gadgetcaffeine.com

  3. You are right on brother.

    John the Baptist said, “I must decrease and Christ must increase.”

    It’s not about us; it is about the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

    “He who lifts himself up, shall be brought down.”

    “He who humbles himself, shall be lifted up.”

    Praise the Lord.

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